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megatonB is back! and kicking! :)

Good Morning! Good Afternoon! And Good Evening to all the Gamespotters from different time zones in the world! I am proudly saying that I'm back in my Gamespot posting business after some 8 months or so. A LOT has happened since I last posted, from game playthroughs, to different things that happened in school, to my being a musician. :) And I'm glad I finally found some time to post here in my fave game site again. Boy am I feeling excited in posting again :)).


First things first, GAMES:

Well lately I've been REALLY bored playing PSP games. So I went "treasure hunting" over our ancient PC stuff and lookie what I found!

Diablo II! and...

Diablo 2! :)

Neverwinter Nights!

I even found a copy of FreeSpace 2 and Warcraft II. But the 2 games above are what I plan on starting.

As for my PS2, I decided to buy a copy of Grandia III.

Grandia 3 Cover

and so far I am liking it :D.


So that is all for now folks, and as for my comeback. Lemme treat you a nice FAIL picture from ;)

Just a blog to let ya'll know im still active :D

Well once again its been a long time since I last blogged. Reason: too much school works... It's true that Highschool life is not as easy as school used to be and I'm only at 1st year! I dunno what horrors await me in 2n

It is a nifty addition to your PSP collection if you know how to create music and/or a solo musician who is in need of a customized backing track. In fact, Beaterator has already helped me make some songs now! :) That's what been keeping me busy besides the school works. It really is a helpful tool that allows you to make your own songs (to sing with), tracks (to play instruments with), or if you just wanna create a music mash :lol:.


There's also a site which has been keeping me busy lately:

facebookanyone? :D

Yeah... Facebook.. If you want, you can add me: :D just remember to leave a message with your request so i will know who you are :).


So thats it for today... We already have tests on Monday so that means its gonna be next week again before I post another blog post :(. Ok guys... see ya! ;)

Reason for my absence :)

Hello everyone! Are you having a nice Friday? Well I am having fun :). I've been absent from GS for a while because of all the school works I've been doing, I rarely even get the time to rest! Sigh high-school's pretty tiring xD. But its alright cuz I'm a little more active in sports now, I play basketball and badminton frequently, then when I come home I take a nap... then wake up at 8pm then go WTF?! :lol:


In my gaming activities though, I've been playing a lot of Dissidia and a bit of Chrono Cross lately. In Dissidia I've finished the Shade Impulse mode and got Cloud, Sephiroth, Squall, and Zidane to level 100 :). In Chrono Cross however, I've only just killed the mama komodo and got back to arni, and you guys know what happen already, right? So I'm not gonna narrate it anymore to those who haven't played it yet :D. But seriously, I'm a little pissed off, I've already been really far on the game when I was playing it on my PS1 before then it broke, now I have to start over :(.


Well that's all for today, I'm off to enjoying the rest of my vacation now! See ya guys later :P.

I finished Final Fantasy IX already...

Heya people! I just finished Final Fantasy IX minutes ago, and the time is? 2:06am UAE time O_O. Well I started playing 9pm and ended at 2am. Have you guys ever had this you-wanna-stop-playing-but-you-can't-get-enough-of-the-game feeling? Well I had that that's why I've been playing for 5 hours STRAIGHT. Ok... enough with the time issue... This is what I can say about FF9:


It's so freaking GREAT that I can't even say anything else! The story had me wanting for more, just like what SE did to me with all other FF games, but I dunno, FF9 has REALLY made me 500% more addicted to Final Fantasy... Its just so great! Story, soundtrack, story, gameplay, story, visuals... and oh did I say story? In my opinion, FF9 deserves a exaggeration with story, I mean, c'mon! You MUST know what I mean if you've been playing FFs! Because of that, this game deserves a nice score of 10/10... just like all the other FFs I played ^_^.

Oh and btw... I still haven't beaten Ozma, I'm gonna try fighting it tomorrow when I have the time.

But as they say it... All good things must come to an end :(. But now, I don't really know what to play next in the mainline FF... should it be Final Fantasy II, IV, V, or VIII? LoL I don't know what to friggin play next! :lol:


But despite my happiness on beating FF9... There's also a sad event that has happened in our family, my Auntie who is in the Phils has sadly passed away... Because of that my mom and dad had to go back to the Phils for 5 days while I stay here in the UAE. I know this is asking for much but, lets all pray for my Aunt's soul. May she rest in peace...


And as I end my post for today, I wanna give you all a nice, cool, pic:

Spacebook, anyone? Add me up! :lol:

Finally on Disc 4 of of FF9... oh and I levelled up!

I don't know if my absence for a week is obvious, but ok, I'll say it now xD. I've been too busy to blog because of playing, I've been playing Final Fantasy IX day and night lately xD. And my work has payed off cuz now I'm in Disc 4 and doing some optional things before I face Kuja (dun dun duuuuunn). And while playing through the game, I can't help but think that this FF is as good as the mighty FF7, I played both, and I really can't decide now on which FF is better, so I'm putting them in a tie :D. I really liked FF9's shift to its cla$$ic gameplay (the inclusion of the different kinds of mages, especially) while still maintaining visuals good enough to be a PS2 game (I just can't get enough of the CGs! It makes me think that I'm playing a PS2 game minus the voice-overs. To show my love for this game, maybe I'll make a review of it soon ^_^.


Still in the FF topic, I think when I finish FF9, I'll play Final Fantasy V Advance which I said last 2 posts that I rented along with IV and VI, I returned it now and bought myself used copies and then returned my friend's GBA. Well now I downloaded an emulator (its legal, I think) for my PSP because I don't want to always bring my broken GBA and my PSP whenever we go out xD. And also, my sister bought a Nintendo DS, we made a deal that whenever she gets bored with it I'll let her borrow my PSP and she'll let me borrow her DS :D, so then I can play the DS remakes of FF3 AND FF4! My only problem now is looking for cartridges xD.


Ok I know this pic has nothing to do with the my next topic but wadaheck! I found it funny! :lol:


Ok... As I end today's blog, I was thinking about doing a special blog on Facebook next post, so please keep tuned :D.

Got Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy IX :)

Ok... I said last post that I was gonna look for Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy IX copies, right? Well I got them both now :) ! I remember playing these two games back when I was, like, 7 or 8. Before, I can't finish Chrono Cross cuz the 2nd CD is broken and it just hangs :(, then I can't finish Final Fantasy IX coz I was soooo under-levelled and I got so frustrated and decided not to continue it :| lol (I was level 4 I think when I fought the 3rd Black Waltz :D). But now.... I can finally finish BOTH! WOOT! *goes and calls everyone to come over for a party xD* I am currently in the 2nd CD in FF9 (in the Ramuh part) and I haven't started Chrono Cross YET. I decided to play FF9 than FF8 but I am gonna play FF8 too as soon as I finish FF9 :).


Uhh... And we don't have school until September 23. Word has it that someone in my c.l.a.s.s. is positive with 'the' flu. Yep, the friggin swine flu, I don't know yet if its true but it sounds like it. So because of the loooong vacation... I STILL HAVE MORE TIME FOR MY GAMES! Yay! :).


And thats it for today's blog ^_^. Pretty short, huh?

Oh and look at this:

LoL, wadaya think? Megaman + Final Fantasy (and Chrono, lol) = ? Haha, I think its hilarious! :lol:

I GOT DISSIDIA!!! WOOT! *plays classic FF games*

Yep! ^_^ I finally got *it*! I've been waiting for this game for a year already! And its FINALLY in my hands! Oh maaaaaan I'm so happy! I can't stop jumping up until now due to absurd happiness :lol:. Now who's the first character I used? I used the Warrior of Light first then when I had enough PP i bought Sephiroth and played several quick battles using him xD. All hail Sephiroth! Master of Villains! xD


In another note, I felt pretty nostalgic playing as some of the Dissidia characters so I dug up my old PSOne CD case and got Final Fantasy VIII. Then I went to borrow my friend's unused GBA and rented Final Fantasy 4-6 (which I played before on my now broken GBA). Ahh, feels SOOOO good to play the cIa$sics ^_^. Then, while replaying the other FF games, I am currently looking for old Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy IX copies which I can play in my PC emulator too ^_^ (that's legal, right? I had a PSOne before). Now all I need to play are FFT DS, FF3 and FF10 and I had completed playing all the FF games I need to play :D. BTW... I KNOW I'm a geek, you don't need to tell that to me anymore :p.


As for my absence, I haven't been able to blog because of internet problems and my cIasses, its really a bummer because the internet is so laggy and cl$$es are a bit hectic. But now until Sept. 3 we are on vacation :p, but the reason is pretty scary. The heck! 7 of my cla$$mates have fever! daym! That's why the school decided to suspend the cIasses and then they gave us a TON of homework xD.


Well, thats all for now. See ya guys soon ^_^.

yep, Cloud sure got pwned xD

Street Fighter Legend of Chun Li... crappy?

I'm back here in the UAE and I just arrived from school a bit earlier, we arrived just the other day. And on the airplane back here, I watched Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li unfortunately. Honestly, its one of the crappiest movies based on a game, I watched the 90s' Street Fighter (the one where Van Damme acted as guile) and that the latter was actually better! What I hated so much in Legend of Chun Li was the actors/actresses, I mean, C'MON! CHUN-LI IS OBVIOUSLY ASIAN! And BISON WAS SUPPOSED TO BE, like, AWESOME! But what hapened? No Psycho Crushers, no Psycho Drives, no special moves (except Chun Li's "fireball" which looked like a pink beachball). Vega was in the movie, but seriously, Taboo? AFAIK, Vega was supposed to look French and he was supposed to be one of the quickest characters in the series, but Chun-li pwned him! LoL! Oh and Balrog, Gen and Charlie... I don't even want to talk about it anymore o_o. This movie COULD have been good, IF it WASN'T a Street Fighter movie... Now who's with me?


In video games, though, I'm stil playing these games in my PSP:

1. Lumines

2. DJ Max Portable 2

3. Street Fighter Alpha 3

4. Darkstalkers Chronicle

5. Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles (yeah I got it in the Phils in a bargain :D)

6. (still) Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection

And THESE are my most awaited games :D.


2. Tekken 6

3. Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny

4. Persona


Hmmm, a funny pic? Ok ok... o_o

EDIT: I changed the pic cuz of some issues

Haha xD xD xD

I got DarkStalkers! ^_^ Oh and I deleted my last post.

I recently got DarkStalkers Chronicle for the PSP and it IS a good game, Capcom really is great when making fighting games ^_^. I also have Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max and I am planning to get Power Stone next :D.


Oh and the last post, yeah, the one where I was so foolish... To everyone who read that, I'm REALLLLY sorry, I don't know if I was in my right mind to post something like that, it just went to my mind like a long lost hatred :-|. Once again, I'm REALLY sorry :(... From the bottom of my heart...


Well enough with the sadness and all, I wanna end this post quickly cuz I have nothing more to say... And ending my post isn't complete without a funny pic! So here is our funny pic entry for today! ^_^

Hope you like it! LoL! :lol:

Need help in choosing a PSP game to buy :D

Its actually my first time posting about what game I should buy... I just can't pick from all the games I see. I'm really excited for Tekken 6, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, and Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, but for the meanwhile, I need a game to play :D.

Now the question is WHAT KIND OF GAME DO I WANT? Well, I want RPGs and 2d side-scrolling games, as of now my fave games for the PSP are:

1. Crisis Core: FF7

2. Maverick Hunter X

3. Tekken 5: DR

4. Megaman Powered Up


So now I need some help picking up a game, which of these games should I get?

1. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

2. Darkstalkers

3. Gurumin

4. Popolo Crois

Oh and some more info: I don't like GTA games, I like fighting games, I don't have any friends with a gaming touch that I have (lol), and I like games that last for like 80 hours but doesn't get boring.

I hope you can give me an idea on what game to get, I am getting a bit bored with my other games but I am still playing DJ Max Portable 2 :p.


In the meanwhile, look at this!:

LoL! xD