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Damn, How long has it been?

So.....This is akward. Hell, I don't even know if anybody on my friends list still comes here.

If you happen to STILL be in this site, I decided to come back after God knows how long.

I might make a new account though,so I'll send a link later


Okay...I seriously can't believe this...People are crying like 5-year old girls just because the Mass Effect 3 ending sucked....DO YOU PEOPLE EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU'RE SAYING

My friend has Mass Effect 3.I go over his house to play it.I think it's a fantastic game.I'll admit the ending was pretty lousy.I'M NOT ANGRY ABOUT IT,SOME GAMES HAVE "meh" ENDINGS.Take Sonic Generations for example,I loved the game,but I felt the ending was pretty lame,especially when Sonic says *SPOILER ALERT,GO TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH TO AVOID IT..!!!!* "Enjoy your future,it's gonna be great!" really?Last I checked,you get arrested because people that you were Shadow (SA2) you for the first time ever,say "Damn" (Shadow the Hedgehog),GET KILLED!(Sonic 06),Turn into a werewolf thing (Sonic Unleashed)

But I digress.I didn't like the ending.BUT AT LEAST I ACTUALLY HAVE A LIFE TO NOT REPORT IT TO THE FTC!!!!"El_Spiko" you are the biggest idiot I've ever seen.

Now because of that idiot,he started a petition to GET A BETTER ENDING THROUGH DLC!!

It's official,Mass Effect has the worst fanbase ever beating Halo,Call of Duty,Sonic, and Megaman

Something weird with fighting games

Me and my buddy Angelo noticed something about ourselves in fighting games.We're both super different with it too

In any fighting game that has a ninja character (excluding Yoshimitsu in SoulCalibur) he beats.And it isn't a coincidence either,he beats me whether he's Ibuki from Street Fighter,Raven from Tekken,or any palette swap ninja in Mortal Kombat. And I specifically beat him if I'm boxing character,whether I'm Dudley from Street Fighter (not Balrog because Balrog is GUTTERTRASH...hehe Dudley reference),or Steve Fox from Tekken (Which is ironic because I hate using Steve).

I'm probably just going insane but hey,at least I finally Bought Street Fighter III:Third Strike Online Edition...and yes it's awesome

so if you think I'm insane...WELLL THEN...I don't blame you.but anywhoo I can't think of anything else to write sooo.....GUTTERTRASH


He guys I'm back from the cave of my room after playing non-stop Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter 3 with my friends (that and watching The Great Clement's LPs)

anyWHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....Well I have nothing to say. uhh...well Dudley's my favorite character in the Street Fighter series...What?I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY!!

well it IS the weekend,so I'll try to stay on

so yeah and I'm finally changing my avatar to....something,you'll see when I post it

Sorry about Lack of Activity :(

Hey guys I'm not dead (at least last I checked I wasn't)

anyways I'm sorry for my lack of activity the reason for it was because I've been grounded

see in school I have 2 C's now that may not sound like a big deal but I'm an honors student,I normally get B+ to A+ grades

the good news is I have successfully brought my grade up to a B in one of them (Language Arts) I'm still working on Science,but we have a homework assignment that's worth a quiz,as long as I don't do anything stupid,I'm okay.

On a brighter note,I'm allowed online in the weekends so we have that

I'll be creating a Sonic Generations review (finally) and I'll probably try and post Part 2 of the TEAM EPIC!! finale,My excuse is that Wesker has a big bedroom that he has to clean

so that's the update so bye-bye!


I finally got Sonic Generations and OH MY GOD THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!

you know I S ranked the first level on my first try,kinda sad but whatever

anywhoo,although this game is awesome so far,I still prefer Sonic Advenutre 2 Battle over it,I dunno,its just me

anyways,maybe I'll make a review to it one day,maybe

Top 10 GOOD (not bad) Sonic Characters

The Sonic the Hedgehog universe is filled with many faces.Some you want to punch in the face,others you want as the President.Many people blame the large cast of Sonic characters to be the reason why he's had so many bad games,I personally don't believe (I just think Sonic Team started getting careless).Anywhoo I'm going to talk about the 10 Sonic characters who kick the most ass.I'll also post their theme song,if they have one.STARTING WITH....

10.Silver the Hedgehog-First Appearance-Sonic 06

Theme Song:Dreams of an Absolution

Many people feel that because Silver first appeared in the worst Sonic game EVER!That he's a terrible character.That's not true,he's a pretty cool character,I like his personality,and they had a good IDEA with his gameplay (the execution was terrible,rendering him the worst main character in Sonic 06).Hailing from the future,Silver goes back in time to kill Sonic because he believes that Sonic is the Iblis Trigger,some weird lava monster that pretty much destroys the world.And since Sonic 06's story is removed from the timeline,he shouldn't exist.But hey,he has telekinesis powers,THAT'S FREAKIN AWESOME!!

9.Chaos-First Appearance-Sonic Adventure

Chaos battle giant.png

Techinically,Chaos doesn't have a theme song,so here's his boss theme for Chaos 0,2,and 4

I guess you wouldn't consider Chaos a character,more of just a boss,but Chaos does have a backstory and motivations.He was originally a cute wittle chao,then he touched the Master Emerald and became this water monster thing.Originally,he was a friendly guardian to the Chao and Master Emerald.Then something happened (which I will not spoil)and now he comes back evil wanting the Chaos Emeralds for power and wants to kill everyone for threating the Master Emerald and killing Chao (yes KILLING Chao)But ya know,he becomes nice again and is willing to go back sealed inside the Master Emerald.Well that sucks,he was cool!

8.Miles "Tails" Prower-First Appearance-Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Theme Song (in Sonic Adventure 1):Believe in Myself

Sonic's sidekick and best friend.Tails was the first new character in the entire Sonicseries.An Expert mechanic,Tails is arguably the smartest character in the series,probably next to Dr.Eggman himself.Tails can spin his 2 tails like propeller blades to temporarily fly and catch up with Sonic.And for people who say he sounds like a girl,his voice actors are kids,his character is 12 years old,what'd you expect?

7.Metal Sonic-First Appearance-Sonic CD

Metal Sonic doesn't have an official theme song,so here's One Winged Angel

The evil metal counter-part of Sonic the Hedgehog made by Dr.Eggman.Not to be confused with Silver Sonic from Sonic 2 or MECHA Sonic from Sonic 3.Metal Sonic is probably the most powerful out of the 3.He never talks (except in Sonic Heroes).He is just as fast as Sonic and more powerful in terms of strength.And yet he still gets blown to bits,twice actually!

6.Blaze the Cat-First Appearance-Sonic Rush

Blaze also doesn't have an official theme song

Blaze the Cat is probably the only female character in the Sonic Series that doesn't get me P.O.'ed.She's not a pink hedgehog stalking Sonic or a human princess making out with him.She has the same abilities as Sonic and even has her own SUPER FORM,Burning Blaze.Whether she's a princess from another dimention (Sonic Rush) or from the future (Sonic 06) Blaze is an awesome character and is,well AWESOME!

5.Dr. Robotnik/Eggman-First Appearance-You tell me

Theme Song (in SA2)-E.G.G.M.A.N.

And the halfway point is the evil doctor himself!!Dr. Eggman (or Robotnik,it's up to you)is an evil scientist who wants to take over the world,he also kidnaps animals and turns them into robots.He has IQ of 300 and he never stops trying to take over the world,even after CONSTANTLY being defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog,he always comes back.That's why I like Eggman,because he's so persistent and never EVER gives up

4.Knuckles the Echidna-First Appearance-Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Theme Song (WHICH IS AWESOME!!)-Unknown from M.E.

I have awesome memories of Knuckles,he used to be myfavorite Sonic character when I was 5.I remember arguing with my friend who was better,Knuckles or Sonic.But unlike Sonic,Knuckles doesn't chuckle :P:P:P:P:P:P.Knuckles is the last of the Echidna tribe and is the guardian of the Master Emerald.He has super strength abilities along being able to dig for treasure.However he is extremely gullible,always being tricked by Dr.Eggman thinking Sonic is the bad guy.Knuckles is a big idiot

Knuckles:SHUT UP!!

3.E-102 Gamma-First Appearance-Sonic Adventure

Theme Song (which is the best theme in SA1):

The character with the most personality in SA1....was a robot.A robot created by Dr.Eggman with a pink flicky inside him.Originally a cold-hearted robot,after a conversation with Amy and a look in the eyes by a blue flicky with her,Gamma learns to love (awwwwwww).Now considering Eggman an enemy,he looks for his "brothers" (other E-100 robots) to "save" them (and by save them.I mean blow them to bits to make the animal inside them free) after a blow from E-101 Beta and blowing Beta up,he dies a tragic death,freeing the flickies inside him and Beta.It's sad to see that he dies in this ending

guy #2:but he comes back in Sonic Battle

That doesn't count.But it was happy to see the flicky alive and well.Yep we'll never see him again


SHUT UP.Maybe give him new powers


*I shoot the guy*

2.Sonic The Hedgehog-First Appearance-Super Mario Bros.

Theme Song (in SA1):It Doesn't Matter

And #2 is the blue blur himself,SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!He his able to run at the speed of sound with ease and is the mascot for SEGA.First appearing in 1991 left the good ol' red plumber in the dust,the 2 have battle since in terms of popularity.In many favoriteSoniccharacter polls,Sonic is usually the winner.But not here the winner in this list is the toughest,coolest,most epic character in the series.Some call him a hero,others...evil.The #1 spot goes to....

1.Big the Cat-First Appearance-Sonic Adventure

I'm kidding of course.THE REAL WINNER IS....

1.Shadow the Hedgehog-First Appearance-Sonic Adventure 2

Theme Song (note that I'm using the theme for Shadow the Hedgehog THE GAME,I find All Hail Shadow from Sonic 06 lame):I Am All of Me

Told it was someone cool.I mean who likes Big the Cat?And yes Shadow the Hedgehog is my favorite Sonic character of all time.First appearing in Sonic Adventure 2,Shadow was first advertised as an evil Sonic.He wanted revenge on the world for killing his best friend, Maria.Shadow is almost as fast as Sonic using these weird roller blade...hover boots thingys.Shadow can use Chaos Control to slow down time and kick-ass and even has his own super form,Super Shadow.Nowadays,Shadow is less of a villain and more Anti-Hero,just hanging out with Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega.Shadow has arguably the best back story in the entire series and even had his own (terrible) spin-off title Shadow the Hedgehog.

Well there you have it and before I go look at this

That had nothing to do with anything,I just wanted to show

and also who is your favorite Sonic character?go ahead and say it in the comment section


HEY EVERYBODY MY POWER'S BACK....okay it's been back since Friday night but it's back

so I've been doing stuff,tried out Payday:The Heist....ehh,it's alright

I've been also playing tons of MGS and Sonic games

oh yeah MW3 is out is Arma-FREAKIN'-geddon!!!!I still wish I had a GOOD COPY of MGS3

well that's the update I'll be making a new top 10 in bit it's about my 10 favorite Sonic characters.

so see ya in teh forums

big snowstorm in New England

You probably heard about the huge snowstorm that hit New England.And that about 3 million people are hit.Well...I'M ONE OF THOSE 3 MILLION.My family's okay but we don't have any power or internet,the only reason I'm typing right now is because our library has internet (it's crappy,but it'll do).

It said that it'll take a week for the power to restore

well this week won't be fun

Top 10 Comical reliefs

A game that is serious needs an occasional idiot.It's common sense.So I'm laying the 10 best people that you can get a good laugh at.

10.E-123 Omega-Sonic the Hedgehog Series

Omega here is a cold-hearted jerk-face who really hates Dr.Eggman or anything assiociated with Eggman.So when killing robots he just sounds hilarious saying "ANNHILATE,ANNHILATE,CHARGE,FIRE FIRE!!!WORTHLESS CONSUMER MODELS!!!unfortunately he was only funny in Sonic Heroes,in Sonic 06 he's a computer.A SLOW ONE AT THAT!They had the nerve to change his voice actor Jon St. John (The voice actor for Duke Nukem) for *chills* Maddie Blaustein

9.Navi-Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time

okay,you're probably angry at this puffball that must die but hey, when playing tennis with Ganon,I kinda smiled hearing "HEY,LISTEN!!!"but seriously Navi,SHUT UP!!!!

8.Kefka-Final Fantasy series

A insane magician who becomes a ruler,kills everyone,BECOME'S A GOD!!and can make me laugh?deal.

7.Nazis-Medal of Honor:Frontline

*please insert me shooting drunk Nazis picture here*

If a Nazi doesn't catch you,they do pretty stupid stuff when they think they're alone,get drunk,smoke,sing,dance,die!

6.The Carmines-Gears of War series

Anthony Carmine

Ben Carmine

2nd worst soldiers ever.we'll get to the worst soldier ever later

5.THIS GUY-Phoenix Wright series


4.The End-Metal Gear Solid 3

The End-"I will defeat the legendary Snake an-OH MY HEART!*dies*

3.Letz Shake-No More Heroes

you know how sad this person is?No More Heroes is known for epic boss battles,wanna know how awesome #5 Letz Shake is,YOU DON'T FIGHT HIM!Instead him and his nuke thing gets sliced in half by some random guy who wants to fight you.sad,just sad

2.Big the Cat-Sonic the Hedghog series


and now the moment you were waiting for,the funniest idiot ever and the #1 worst soldier ever!!

1.Johnny "Akiba" Sasaki-Metal Gear Solid series

this idiot here is just plain stupid.Johnny here is a running gag in the MGS series,in the first 3 gameshe was a guard who had terrible Diarreha problems that happen always at random (except in the 3rd game,that wasn't him,it was his grandpa since it was 1964 in 3)then Hideo and the boys at Konami decided to make him a main character in the 4th game as the 3rd member of Meryl's unit Rat Patrol.And he still has diarreha problems along with beinga clutz,a terrible soldier (a soldier for 10 years and you still forget to turn off safety?!),and getting constantly slapped and punched by Meryl herself.and he gets to retain his stomach problems