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What Western Developers should learn from the Metal Gear Franchise

Here is my first ever Blog on gamespot so pardon me if it isnt exactly top notch stuff filled with errors and dinosaurs. I saw the new Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer and oh my was i curious, which open my mind for what i think is an interesting discourse.

It is fair to say at this point, some of us are suffering from video game fatigue, perhaps due to our constant encounter with trends in franchise we love like the sequel virus, microtransactions, cinematics, lack of innovation in most sequels etc. A few good example would be Crysis3, Battlefield 4 which are supposed to be the defination of a peak into what next generation gaming would bring us, problem is they SUCK!!....Ok, no they do not suck but they look boring, technical marvel but no soul.BF4

Technically amazing except....eeerr whats missing..

I think this same question must have come accross to gamers at this point about, what is happening to the industry, why are new games feeling like old ones. There are some exceptions to this rule however, and when i looked into what made them great, i saw a trend. A trend that few developers/publishers perhaps understand, like Rockstar for example but its not just about the fact Rockstar realizes they cannot annualize the GTA franchise but its how much innovation goes into the Metal Gear franchise by Kojima studious.

I looked at the Metal Gear series and started to pinpoint why each game just felt so interesting and why the series still sustain its relevance in the industry even till today, there is a trend of gap between each tittle and more importantly, there is always a gameplay element that is always introduced into each entry that makes it standout on its own as different from the previous. I would like to engage gamers on a discourse about the Metal Gear franchise and why a lot of western developers can learn from Kojima.

In a recent interview with Kojima himself, he pointed about the element of suprising the audience, which for the most part is true. The memories we get from the suprise package in the box are the reasons we become more attatched to a particular series (Mass Effect) and more reason we yearn for sequels.

I made a direct look into each Metal Gear that i had played ever since i was introduced to the franchise on the PSone and behold, each game does feel unique in its own right

Metal Gear Solid


This was it for me, the first time i ever realized i had to change the controller to defeat a BOSS. Metal Gear set a tone that while it strives for authenticity, it isnt scared to introduce strange suprising elements that overall added to the experience.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


Here is where i started to notice the trend of change, despite the backlash from fans, the franchise ditched its main hero for a Rookie that had his own unique persona that we later saw develop into his own full fledged game MSG Rising.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


 Cannot even say much other than, Face Camo, Full medical operation, The Boss, The End, The Sorrow, The Fear, The Pain and The Fury...Oooh and eating snakes!

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot


The finale and an epic one at that with so much added to it that when returning to Shadow Moses you are made to see what it used to be like in its PSone days and what it is now....Talk about franchise growth and oohh dont tell me you dont like that OctoCamo being able to adapt to every pattern in the environment!!!

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker


Attack of the Snake clones, while i do not share the sentiment, some claim this is the best entry in the franchise. What i got from peace walker was a very different outlook or take on the MGS franchise, again notice how you do not get a copy and paste

Metal Gear Rising; Revengeance


While some may be quick to discredit this, we cannot deny it brought something unique to the table; BLADE MODE!!

Metal Gear Solid 5: The phantom pain


Flying Flaming helicopter eating Whale!!! :o

I do hope that after looking through the entries in this franchise, it would open a box of ponder as it did mine and sorry if my writting is bad :p

DMC Artwork 85% done

So i got the new DMC and fell into the category of the few who actually enjoyed the game and saw sense to the reboot. Liked it so much i decided to make up a nice fan art for the game :p