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Game of the Year and P.O.S of the Year

Game of the Year


AC 2 and AC:BH were my 2009 and 2010 GOTYS respectivley. AC:R is simply miles beyond them (no pun intended) Great graphics, gripping story and ana mzing OST that i highly recommend you downlaod. This game is a perfect lead up to AC3 aswell as future installments,Ubisot you did it again.

RUNNER UP-Batman Arkham City

P.O.S of the Year

Skyrim-ps3 (WTF IS THIS SH!T ?!)

Yep. Thats it. Thats an accurate visual representation of Skyrim. Broken. Its broken.So many problems, so many glitches, and jsut overall a boring game that hasnt got much improvement from an already sh!t engine that casued these probelms in the past. The games is just another P.O.S from Glitchthesda studios. Not even gogin to waste my time


So there yo uhave it, 2011 is closed.

till we meet again :)

2011 Awards and Dishonors - Third Times A Charm?

Heya guys, so its finally here, I know i didnt meet the deadline, but i spent new years with someone special and thusly didnt have time for this.

Without further ado, lets get into it !


Dark Souls- PS3

Simply amazing, a tidbit easier but much longer (thats what she said) darker, and simply much more fun!


This one is a toss up, between Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 (which i just started playing 2 hours ag)

But i guess, it would have to be Uncharted 3 the lighting and animations are simply amazing!


Simple,Assassins creed revelations. Holy sh!t this ost is simply outstanding the main theem is used and remixed so many times itsan amzing theme. Its many uses add to the emotional factor of the game, i love it.


Spider man Edge Of Time. Naturally the human eye is sttratced to the colour blue, which this game is littered with. The defeated spdiey aswell as the heroic 2099 in his eye come together to get a gripping boxart,o and its a cool game aswell :p

Now the dishonors... :/


Socom Special forces: Holy crap! The eltie dificulty in this game is broken!!!!! Enemies take 4 headshots to kill! 4 HEADSHOTS!!! A headshot is supposed to be a OHK, o well atleast i managed to platinum it.


Brink-Not even going to wsate my time


You saw this one coming, Skyrim, another P.O.S by Glitchthesda studios. Again not eev ngoing to waste my time

Staytuned for the reveal of Game of the year and P.O.S OF the year


The Game Of The Year!

OK folks here it is, the award for 2010 GAME OF THE YEAR goes to...


Great game, wondeful sequel awsome ending, good multiplayer. Clearly this years best. And i also give this game, the PRIME SEAL OF BAD ASSERY

Game Of The Year Contenders

Ok enough with the Re-Reviews, the list of GOTY contenders are up(in no papritcular order)



3:Star Wars The Force UNleashed 2

its out of these three, these are My goty contenders

Comment on what are your game of the year contenders and ill post both My goty and Public goty on december the 15th, so get votting!

Re-Review:Star Wars:The Force Unleashed II

Let me start of bying saying, im not the biggest starwars fan. i lvoe the movies, i used to collect the toys and love the lego games. To me the force unleashed 1, felt like it was missing somthing. the story was spectacular, and reminded me alot of episdoe 3, but the gameplay was shallow and way to complex, which left something to be disiered.


This game is the ebst thing about star wars for me. Ilove this game, more than any starwars thing combined! The story is spectacular and compelling, even though its bassically an intergalactic love sotry, but thats fine by me.The endings, both of them, are really nice and emottional espeacially the lightside ending. the darksdie ending reminded me of episode 3s ending. The gameplay at first i didnt like at all, kamino was the best part for me (both visists) everyhting in between was good, but i didnt feel like replaying all of it. The foinal boss fight is my favourite level, as the dialouge exchange is so sentimental and relaly holds you in on the fight. The gameplay remains unchanged , atleast in retorspect, the dual lightsabers area a nice change, but ultimatly are just cosmetic, the force pwoers are the same with a few new ones , and they all have the same destructability as before. the difficulty has been made fair and not cheap like the first game.The garaphcis are rally great and give each level its own mini story, i naddition to the normal story.

This game is a sequel to ame that was bad, wit himprovments to gameplay and little new additions AS IT SHOULD BE! All in all, this is a fantastic game, not long enough to recommend the $100 price tag, but long enough for a wonderful rental. May the force be with you...

Original Socre: 7.5/10

Game Of The Year Score:9.4/10

Re-Review:Halo Reach

Sorry guys I havnt posted this for awhile, last weeks of school intense work had to be done, but now it sholidays! YAY! Moving on...


At first i wasn't looking foward to Halo Reach becasue of its ridiculus price tag, 120 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS!!! but i evenetully got the limited edition fopr around 45$. At first this game wasnt very appealing with its psp ghosted graphics and a horrible first level design, i literlly hated it. But i stuck with and it was amazing especially the end sequence in which you are the last survivour, and it was very touching how it said CURRENT OBJECTIVE: Surive. that really got to me, and made me realiaze how big this war was. and ive never played halo games in the same way. The online component wasnt that interesting for me, you know just the usaul, campers here, 12 years old screaming a their crapiness, a little over achievers their, a pinch of suiciders here. However, the local multiplayer is FAN-TASTIC! its jsut so fun to get 3 friends over, and play 4 splitscreen. SO MUCH FUN! The new weapons and improvments to gameplay are a welcome change, and a set back to the original shooters with health, none of that red screen business.I understand that Reachw as the spartan programs main base of operations, so i understand that it has better weapons and technology, as it was ineveitably destroyed. So the unsc had to start from scratch wth new weaponsa nd tech. The firefight mode was in full effect here, with customizable options that makes thing twice as fun. i just love spawning only elites with swords , and going into a good old star wars duel (with the music of anakin vs obiwan plaaying )

Overall Reach is definatly inthe top 3 contenders for my Game Of The Year, mobilize and get this spartans!

Origanal Score: 8/10

Game Of The Year Score: 9.1/10

Re-Review: Transformers:War For Cybetron

As many of you gusy know, Im a huge Trans-fan and i bought this game day one(In Australia, we get Jazz and Shockwave ON PURCHASE ;) ) Origannly i thought this was game of the year for me and I played the hell out of it. It was a great game, with epic campagin, wondeful graphics and a superb gameplay style. It was the perfect game...

WAS the eprfect game.

As i played though it again a while back i reliezed the many flaws that turns this major masterpiece, into a minor masterpiece. How? Simple theres a downside to most things in the game. The campagin is the best part for me, and still is. The campagin was of decent lenght and clocked in at about 12 hours for me. However, althought long the campagin didnt have much replay value. I mean this in the context of; same enemy types and almost 50% of the guns being useless aswell as aclifhanger ending that was about 20 seconds. The mulitplayer was the worst part of the game, its slow and lagy as hell. the game only freezed and crashed on my during multiplayer. The soundtarck was steller in this game,espeacilly the end credits theme.Howevr one particular theme was reused a but too much. If you rememrb the soundtarck that plays when your escaping as optimus on that falling highway and the one on the final Trypticon fight? Yea that one, but damm was it epic.

Bottom this game is still a real blast to play, and a good time killer. Prepare to have a good time, Autobots rollout!!

Original Score: 9.7

Game Of The Year Score: 8.5

Stay tuned for the next re-review of Halo Reach

My Game Of The Year Re-reviews

as many of you gamers know,(quite obviously) there have been alot of great spectacular games released this year. My faovurite are well known games including Halo:Reach,Transformers War For cybertron and Lost Planet 2. Throughtou the course of this week I am going to review most of these games. However they'll be reviewed here not on there respective pages. So stay tunned kids,peace.

HELP ME DECIDE TO GET DEMONS SOULS (espiacally the difficulty)

help me t odecide to get demons souls or not

im looking into thsi game, but the difficulty sounds deterring. i dunno if any of you have played and it finshed it, would you recommend to me.

ps: i found halo legendary to be medium same witt odst, armored core 4 i nevver really finsihed, i also hated alone in the dar kfor its CHEAP dificulty


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