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Well haven't written a blog in a while so I thought I might as well cause i'm bored out of my mind.

Got myself a PS3, which I do like but it definitely needs more games that aren't multiplatform,but it does have some good exclusives like Ratchet and Clank,Uncharted and MGS(when it comes out). Then I bought a 360 with a hard drive off my mate, for a pretty good price, I got it mainly for the exclusives which are good. So just wondering which ones I should get and should I get x-box live???I've got Halo 3,DOA4 and N3. I was also wondering if it's worth getting a Wii just for SSBB, Mario Galaxy and a no. of others such as No More Heroes???

I really enjoyed COD4 and I found the story very good in the single player just didn't last long enough,the sniping mission was amazing to play and I found the multiplayer online really good because I haven't really played by games online before I got my PS3. I found Halo 3 really good as well, even though some people think it isn't that good. I've found Pro Evo 2008 online really bad with the lag I hope the next one addresses these issues. Got GTA4 which is awesome, I just love it how you can fly out the windscreen, so I try and launch Niko into the sea, oh and i like the story as well and the game in general. Lol.

If anyone wants to add me on PSN,my name is Mopless as I need more friends online. Lol.

Pro Evolution Soccer 5

This game is so good and making you feel brillant when you score but when its the boring 0-0 draws it gets me so frustrated.

Just thought I'd let you know

God Of War!

Completed it on normal the other day. Well good ending!

Now I just got to complete it on God Mode but that is going to be hard

Any one done that?

Wish me luck

New Coldplay Album!

Their new album is brillant I suggest you buy if you like any of Coldplay's other stuff, had my maths exam today and I think it when better than what I thought it would do.

French Listening Exam!

I had my first proper GCSE exam today, I think I did all right but that's probably because I thought it was easier compared to the practise papers I had been doing.

Knee Now!

Bit late again!

Down the park again, I was playing Basketball this time and I hit sometimes back of the foot and went over on my knees and skidded. My right knee was already messed up so that didnt help.

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