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Thank you greaterjay and Mathurin...

i'm writing my paper right this moment and it's turning out very well. i was kinda worried about the page minimum at first, but your input has given more than enough material for five pages. thanks a lot. i'll be presenting this paper in front of a class of about 150 students, i'm really grateful for the help. ^_^

Please help me...

i have a 5-page term paper to write comparing lifestyles in big cities, such as Las Vegas, and small (not necessarily rural) towns. So, i'm gonna conduct a little survey, and i'd greatly appreciate any feedback (answers don't have to be elaborate; simple answers are just fine; also, you don't have to answer all the questions). This is a pretty big chunk of my grade, so i'd be extremely grateful for your help! Thanks! ^_^

Questions for those who live (or have lived) in Vegas (or any other big city, i.e. NYC, Chicago, etc.):

How long have you lived in the city?

Is tourism (if present) a good thing or an inconvenience to residents and why?

What do you think about the 24-hour life?

Opinion of citylife (good vs. bad; convenient vs. inconvenient; comfortable vs. uncomfortable; etc.) and reason for your opinion (again, a simple response is good enough):

Question for those who have lived in a small city or town:

Name of city or town:

How long did you live (or have you lived) there?

Opinion of the way of life (good vs. bad; convenient vs. inconvenient; comfortable vs. uncomfortable; etc.) and reason for your opinion (again, a simple response is good enough):

Poem - "To Mother's Children"

To Mother's Children*

We are the children of a most loving Mother,
but pain, neglect and anguish she suffers,
crumbling beneath Father's emotionless face and
withering, by a wave of his merciless hands,
from a fatal plague that has no cure,
a plague, known as age, all must endure.

But we, her ungrateful children, provide her no solace,
we give no comfort when Mother's tears fall as
she violently sighs and grumbles in woe
then quakes and trembles in one final throe,
even her frustration, a flaring eruption,
is quickly cooled in a cold, clouded ocean.

For we, Mother's children, bleed her generous heart,
we ravage her beauty and we tear her apart,
but Mother loves us, her children, and gives
all she has so her ungrateful children may live.
Without her, we cannot last; however,
our sweet Mother cannot last forever.

*Inspired by Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal and Paris Spleen

poems by me

These are a couple of my assignments for my Creative Writing class.  Tell me whatcha think.


Memory Lost

A tranquil ocean beneath a clear sky,

Vividly reflecting images of the past.

The sun shining radiantly,

Watching over the shimmering expanse.

A cold wind!

Dark clouds abruptly stampede across the heavens.

The reflections shattered in the rippling sea,

The images sink below its gloomy surface.

Unfamiliar swells grow into waves of uncertainty,

The sun veiled by the thunderous maelstrom.

All self vanishes,

As darkness swallows the chaotic waters.



Time stands frozen,

As still as the towering trees,

In the woods where the wise owl waits.

Patiently, the wise owl waits

For the Night, which will never fall,

To shade the Earth with its dark shroud.

Patiently, the wise owl waits

For the Moon, which will never rise,

To light the Sky with its soothing luster.

Patiently, the wise owl waits

For the Stars, which will never shine,

To glorify the Heavens with their distant gleam.

Alas, the wise owl waits in vain

Beneath the Sun, which will never set

And relieve the World of its fiery radiance.

For Time stands frozen,

As motionless as the majestic mountains,

In the woods where the wise owl waits.

True love...

what is it?  It may be a corny topic, but it's a serious one.  Is it something that's automatic, or is it something you need to work at?

Hey people...

i haven't been on in a really long time, and i just wan't everyone to know i'm still alive.  i'm just dealing with life at the moment:  one more year of high school, STILL need my driver's license, look for college.  also, my girlfriend most likely won't be going to my school next year, and that's buggin' the hell outta me.  anyway, that's what's up with me.