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platformers are supposed to be linear. A platformer is supposed to be about getting from point A to point B, while jumping over and avoiding obstacles, in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Platformers shouldn't be about non-linear open-world exploration.

Says who?

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You have no idea about the franchise

You're a casual player who doesn't understand it's depth

Learn something about it before you say it hasn't changed.

Should people be condemned for playing the game casually? If changes and improvements can only be appreciated by people who delve very deeply into and devote significant amounts of time to the game, can more casual players who are only playing for fun really be blamed for not noticing those improvements?

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Heh, sorry. You gave me your skype name literally the same day I left town for Myrtle Beach, and I don't have wifi right now, just using up all my phone's data. I'll add your contact when I get back home, though even then, I only use skype every few nights. I just don't enjoy conversations as much when they're not in person.

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Until a game is released for the console that is worth throwing four hundred dollars away for, I very easily can continue ignoring it.

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I think you're finally old enough to hear this.

Friends aren't real. They never were. They were just lies made up by your parents to get you to behave.

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Tactile, as in you have to touch buttons?

Exactly. Best button pressing EVER.

lol, tactile wasn't the right word. That's how I describe The Wonderful 101, and the feeling from Other M is pretty similar. It's a game that makes you feel like you're actually doing something. When you're using all of your skills in Other M, you're switching the controller back and forth constantly, dodging and aiming and shooting. It's physically frenetic and incredibly engrossing.

You don't HAVE to play the game like that, but if you do, it's a ton of fun.

I've never heard of anyone playing while constantly switching between first and third person before. The mechanic always felt so clumsy to me, I never bothered unless I had to.

Other M's opening sections are terrible, particularly Sector 1. The visuals are atrocious, as much artistically as technically, Samus is slow and weak, so she's no fun to play as, the boss fights are all small and repetitive. It's the only part of the game that has any exploration or puzzle solving, but it does both in a monotonous, boring, linear manner. Any time I've tried replaying the game, I've had trouble forcing myself to get through those sections. Later on, when you're able to sprint from room to room, constantly dodging and firing and running, battling huge boss monsters, the game actually becomes very fun to play.

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Hotline Miami might be my new favorite game ever.

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Much of its popularity, at least initially, came about because of the characters it featured. The idea of a sort of battle royale between everyone's favorite characters to see who's truly the best is something that's made people fangasm over forever. Nintendo took that idea and made it into an actual game, one that through its simplicity, allows anyone to jump in and play without having to learn any advanced combos or controls, along with the gameplay being constantly varied by the stages and items. And, just like Mario Kart, its focus on local multiplayer and having fun with friends is something that anyone can get behind.

Whether it's a good game is a different discussion, but there shouldn't be any confusion regarding why it's become popular.

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Speaking of forgetting things, I seem to forget about gamespot an awful lot.

Me too. Just not much reason for coming around anymore.