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Did I do this right?


I think this means you're a replicant?
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While I'm happy for the Saints and their Super Bowl win, towards the end of the game I was actually hoping for the Colts to pull it out, if only because I think it would have been great for Jared Allen's chances on the cover of Madden 11.

After all, had the Saints lost and Reggie Wayne continued to be absent from the game as he was most of the night, both Drew and Reggie would have taken huge voting hits. After all, who would have vote for a Super Bowl loser in Brees or a guy like Wayne who basically disappeared in the big game? That would have clearly opened the doors up to Allen who absolutely deserves the cover for reasons I've discussed elswhere.

As it turned out, however, I don't see there's any way that Brees doesn't win this thing running away.

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Conan vs. Jay Leno

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A very sad story indeed. I remember Homer and I met Gaines at the NFL Draft event that EA Sports threw a few years ago. Really nice kid, even when I kidded him about the absolutely hideous sweater he was wearing that night.

As a Bears fan, it's an unfortunate loss for the team, but as a Gaines Adams fan, it's a sadder loss for the world.

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I graduated from Auburn. Do I need to even explain why this year (and particularly, this year's national champion) was so painful?

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Incidentally, if you haven't seen it yet, Sony has released the full feature list for MLB 10: The Show. As in previous years, it's a huge list of additions and tweaks. I'm most interested in the new pitching drills (I always play as a SP in RTTS mode) and the new catcher mode as well. From the looks of it, Sony put a big focus on online play this year too, which I know was a problem in MLB 09.

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I would like them to let you take your Road to the Show player online and join teams and let you play your position. That would rock! Waiting for your turn to bat would kind of suck but still, it could be pretty sick! And yeah, animations for reaching over the walls and stuff on pop ups that are right on the edge. That's annoying!

On one level I like the idea and think there would be a segment of folks who would play it online but I think for the casual baseball fan it would be excruciating, not just waiting to bat, but waiting for a ball to come your way when fielding or, if you played late relief, waiting for your chance to come into the game.
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Dwarves should not sound like they come from Missouri.

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Is there any entrances in the game? Or when you select your fight does it go straight to tale of the tape like in the demo?

Also how many fighters are in the game? I heard 80, then 82 with preorder, and on this magazine I heard over 95?

Thank you very much in advance.


No entrances, it goes straight to tale of the tape and then the Bruce Buffer introductions. You can find the full list of fighters here.

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We've finally received retail code of THQ's upcoming UFC Undisputed 2009. Look for our review of the game early next week. Until then, if you've got questions about the game, check out this post on the GS sports blog, or post your question here. I'll do my best to answer as many as possible ahead of the game's Tuesday release.