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Sorry about the last post, guys.

I was kinda pissed, because I really love dogs, and it really stroke me in the heart seen that video about the police shouting down the dog.

Nevertheless, I'm being exposed to all these manifests around the world, and it really took me off the real world for almost a month.

Truth to be told, I might be to old to go after a revolution. To seek the end of the economic neo liberalism.

I don't agree. I find sad that me, a musician by heart, have to spend 40 hours of my week developing software for oil companies.

Before the start of Turkish and Brazilian, I was taking 3 different types of medicine to fight my depression.

After seeing the little spark that might lead people in my home country (Brazil) to better health, education, mobility and jobs, it was like a switch being turned off. That switch was called depression.

Well, my euphoric state made me forget about my job, my band, my games, etc. I believe that, just now, all things started to settle.

I realized that changes are slow, but steady, and I'm pretty happy to understand that yes, the world might be a better place for the kids that I still don't have.

I don't need to hammer down this idea on everybody. Giving up things that I need and things that I like will not speed up the process that I'm so eager to see. I want to work less for money. Work more for art and the well been of poor people.

But the revolution is owned more by the younger, rather than the "old geezers" like me.

My current world still needs me to work 40 hours a week, and seek better jobs so I can be considered "rich", and have time to help the poor and my society.

Sorry if I was I pure pain in the a$$.

Gamespot went MS on me

Today I started participating more about the E3 discussions.

Just to, again, get my comments invisible.

An user since 2006.

A person that doesn't install AdBlock exactly to support you.

That's how you repay me.

It was because I started posting "You're a Social Media employee, 3-days-old-account" to the fakes that you're website allowed? Really.

Very, very disappointed.

Last of Uses rage about the 8/10

Well, I don't, ever, complain about notes and reviews.

I don't think people remember that in the past, without internet, we had only newspaper, magazine and local store reviews.

And everytime the name of the reviewer would be written, in bold letters, next to the review. Video stores would have shelves with  recommendantions, grouped by the person recommending.

That way, after a few tries, you would notice which reviewers has a similiar taste to yours, and which don't.

I find absolutely ridiculous people here demanding consistence on the scores. "Gamespot" doesn't review games. Journalists, who work for Gamespot do.

Gonna give you some examples: 

Last of Us - 
GS: Tom Mc Shea - 8
Polygon: Philip Kollar - 7.5

I hate GTA. Really. By far, the most overrated game series of all times.
Justin Calvert gave it a 10. Do I agree with him? Hell no. Do I think is morally obliged to think like me? No. The only difference is that I will think twice when this particular reviewer gives a high score.
GTA4 has no theme, no setting. And gets a 10.

Now look Red Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed. Batman AC. Prototype. Infamous... They are not 10s. Same sandbox. compleling setting, nice side quests as well... Am I complaining about consistence. No. Most of these games were reviewed by different people.

MGS4. I never saw such a broken controller scheme like this game... Cutscenes every 5 minutes. Sometimes I thought, when playing, that Kojima would enter the room, knock the controller of my hand, and say "Now you sit and watch a girl frying an egg". I totally disagree with the 10 the reviewer gave it. But this is cool about opinions. 

GS (and probably the majority of other sites) rating system is not adamant to all games. Is just a number the reviewer, in his opinion, picked, following a very loose criteria.

I like gamespot better. But people should use the time they spent been rude, and click on the metacritic link. Check the best sites grades, play the demo, and make up your OWN OPINION.

ACM - Problem Solved?

Well, I can't criticize MS so much about going Digital...

I went to a GAME store today, and was intending to buy Assassin's Creed 2 and 3.

But ended up buying both for £20, and buying an used Ni No Kuni.... :(

No time to play it, but consumer reflex... Thing that doesn't happen digitally.

Well, back to the marathon. Still working since my last blog entry, but the night awaits...


But the title about this post.

I paid for the AC copies. But am I waiting for a hefty online pass? I'll not get stressed by that now. I know AC2 probably have little content locked. When I reach AC3, well... I know that one has a pretty stupid DRM


And sorry for so much edits in this post. For now on, my AC saga will be called ACM.

Let the hidden blade deaths began!

AC Platinum Marathon - Intro

Everybody loves to bash the Assassin's Creed franchise.

And I can understand why. From an action sandbox that crossed the line between what could be fantasized about religion to an every-year series. The first entry was a really good game, which allowed the good (or bad) tsunami of 3rd person sandboxes. Playing AC1 again brings Batman AC (funny coincidence), Infamous or Prototype memories to my thumb.

I have AC1/AC Revelations (same disk PS3 version), and AC Brotherhood.

Today I'm solving this collection problem, and will buy (let me enjoy pre-owned while I can) AC2 and AC3.

The objective of this review/marathon is to get Platinum on all games on PS3.

Fortunatelly I played AC1 and AC2 on PC, out-Steam, so I'll have to replay them again. Ow, I have to play them again, what a PROBLEM!!!! Actually isn't, both great games.

I'm already on Jerusalem on AC1. Makes me feel so good to mention a holy city in a game context. I'm not a religious person, but to think that a game defied the religion conception that faith can't be discussed is awesome.

It's a shame that the series got more known for "Desmond can be anyone in the past", or "Which is the new history cameo", than the multicultural and multireligion take.

This drive comes when I'm really engaged to the Borgias TV Series as well... Nobody can convince me that AC2 series wasn't one of the reasons why Borgias was released and is making this huge success.

Wish me good luck, and let the Brotherhood be with me!

About EA exec says Xbox One/PS4 are a generation ahead of top-spec PCs

EA an MS meeting pre presentation

EA Exec: So... You want us on the presentation... But, is this better than a high-end PC?
MS Enginner: Ah, hum... eh... Of course it is!
EA Exec: Ok... But how?
MS Enginner: Well, we have adopted electronics!
EA Exec: But even my calculator has eletronics...
MS Enginner: Calm down! AND an integrated (this sucks, this sucks, what should I say) suck!
EA Exec: Suck?!
MS Enginner: Sorry sir, SOC, SOC!
EA Exec: Ah... Ok... And what is a SOC?
MS Enginner: It... stands... of course... for... systems-on-a..... CHIP! Yes! systems-on-a-chip architecture!
EA Exec: Sounds cool. Best feature I ever heard since Blast Processing on the Genesis... Bravo. And what SOC does?
MS Enginner: Well, it unleashes magnitudes more...
EA Exec: With more...
MS Enginner: Yes, it unleashes magnitudes more...
EA Exec: With more, kid, speak properly!
MS Enginner: WITH more magnitudes more compute...
EA Exec: (...Forget it...)
MS Enginner: ... and graphics power than the current generation of consoles!
EA Exec: Well, translate that to me.
MS Enginner: Bottom line, SOC is a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market becau... and their ...
EA Exec: Calm down, you were going to say "because". Finish that sentence, please.
MS Enginner: Sir, you must be attending too many sports games and getting a bit deaf.
EA Exec: That's true. Please, continue.
MS Enginner: ... and the live service layer create one of the most compelling platforms to reimagine game mechanics
EA Exec: Live service layer. Like, a PC webservice?
MS Enginner: Hum... Yes, but better!
EA Exec: How?
MS Enginner: Because of SOC sir, please, pay attention!
EA Exec: Sorry, sorry. And architecture, game mechanics, what is this?
MS Enginner: They are kind of the same thing sir.
EA Exec: Ok then. Peggy, did you wrote everything down?
EA PR: Yes sir. Doesn't make any sense to me, but...
EA Exec: Kkkk, like gamers know anything about electronics!?
EA PR: That's tru-ue!
EA Exec, EA PR, MS Enginner: Kkkkkk!

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