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Seriously I can't wait for it Mass Effect, and SC IV they're my most anticipated games dear god please come out.

My sig

Well got the first idiot to send me an angry message about my sig. Theese idiots call themselves democrats and then tell me to die and call me names and completely udge me based on a simple political belief well this is for all of you thinking about sending me an angry message.

1. Most of my family has served in the US army for this country so don't think I hate America because I will too.

2. I don't oppose freedom of expression I love the rights I have in the US of A.

3. I'm not a Stalinist I'm simply a communist in that I believe everyone is equal and a social class as it is today should not exist. Taxes lowered for the upperclass. Our citizens pay out their asses for medical care that anyone should be entitled to if their life is in danger( exvept the people sitting in Guantanomo with some of the world's best ******* medical care for free While citizens who are not enemies of this country rot in the streets. Draft dodgers sleep in the white house. Veterans sleep in the streets our country needs to be turned around immediately.

4. Read this before you send me an angry message so maybe you'll think twice before making yourself look like a complete jackass and an idiot.

WOOOO New Record

I got 2 ToS violations within one hour of each other. If you viewed the Should same sex couples be allowed to adopt you probably saw some of the gay abshing homophobic jackasses in posting in it. So I posted 2 responses one was a ToS violations. Then I made a thread too see how many of you disliked the ignorant bastards you see a lot online got another ToS violation. This is odd they can post their ignorance in the forums, but I can't start a thread to see if the general population dislikes these idiots. Brilliant.