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Review: Futurama: Bender's Big Score

Spoilers ahoy! THE GOOD: Everything hung together well. The animation and acting were up to their usual excellent standards. Pretty much all the main characters got to shine (in fact, Hermes probably got more to do in this movie than he did in the last couple of seasons. Lots of appearances by favorites, but done non-gratuitously (if this were a certain other show, we'd've gotten three minutes of Randy rambling on about soda and cookies, or Dean Epsilon ogling Dwight and Cubert. Thankfully, we had characters show up when they had a reason to. As for this episode ruining the ending of JB... well, we didn't see EVERY MOMENT of those twelve years, did we? I liked the other reveals, like why New York got blown up the first time (who wants to bet that sometime in the next three movies, we get to see the reason for Sweden's later attack?), and how Seymour got fossilized. THE BAD: Okay... I WAS disappointed that the ending of TDHAIP got handwaved and Fry and Leela are back to Season 3. Also, I could have lived without the dull songs. THE UGLY: Sprunging. Actually, pretty much anything involving the Nudarians. *shudder*

Heroes, 11-26-07

Happy belated birthday to me! Yay, Alejandro's dead! Poor Ando... he's spent the whole season being the guy left holding the bag. Mohinder, for a brilliant geneticist, you are SUCH a dumbass. Peter... wouldn't stopping the virus actually DOOM Caitlin, since the timeline she's trapped in would cease to exist? Claire pwns Sparky McPsycho without throwing a punch... though I would've liked a punch thrown in for fun. Sylar's back to being the lovable slimeball we all missed. Tick tick tick tick tick. Looks like Peter and Hiro are about to have the classic Marvel "Fight that could have easily been avoided by one minute of talking it out reasonably". Should be fun.

Comic Reviews: 11-22-07

As promised, I'm reviewing this week's comics. Needless to say, if you haven't read them tyourself, there are spoilers below. Action Comics #859 Superman and the Legion of Superheroes, pt. 2 Superman returns to the future to find it a grim place where Earth has turned all fascistic, the Legion is outlawed, and Mordru is raising an army of zombied to ravage the universe... wait, that last one happened fifteen years ago, but the other two are true. Anyway. This issue gives us the Legion Founders vs. a group of buffed-up rejects, Gary Frank's art (which is generally good except for his habit of making everyone look hollow-cheeked), and creepy revisionist history. It's pretty good, but doesn't advance things much, so... [8/10] Brave & the Bold #8 This is more of an ad for Waid's Flash than it is a real story. Wally, Linda, Dash and Violet... oops, I mean Jai and Iris, visit the Chief and the Doom Patrol in an attempt to save the kids from having to go through puberty in the span of a sneezing fit, the kids wander around and get spooked by the freaky Doom Patrol, Metamorpho shows up for no real reason, and nothing important happens. A rare miss for this title and creative team. George Perez's art and Waid's fun dialogue make this a borderline win. [6.5/10] Checkmate #20 Fall of the Wall, pt. 3 Don't let the cover fool you; we don't egt much Suicide Squad action in this one, and most of these guys don't even show up. This one's all about surprise revelations and political maneuvering. If you like that (I do), this is your book. Bennett's art is able but not spectacular. [8/10] Countdown to Infinite Crisis #23 This issue revolves around Superman Prime, who seems to get even more emo and insane with every issue, torturing the near-omnipotent imp Mxyzptlk. Superwhiner remains irritating, but Mxy and the Earth-3 Zatanna really shine. We also get a brief, pointless interlude with Black Mary and Eclipso, and a cute Mxy origin. The art's starting to improve, thanks to having Giffen doing layouts again. Squeaks in with a [7/10] Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #8 In an early Valentines' Day story, Bouncing Boy competes with Starfinger for the love of Triplicate Girl. It's cute, fluffy, and harmless, and uses one of my favorite villains from the series, the Eurotrash version of Starfinger. The art's more anime-inspired than usual for this series, but it works here. [7/10] Shadowpact #19 A severe lack of Willingham kills the book this week, as we're treated to a stilted script and an anticlimactic end to the Warlock's Daughter arc. Uninsprired art and over-heavy inking don't help. Hopefully, Bill's back soon. [4.5/10] Countdown: Search for Ray Palmer #4 (Earth 19: Gotham by Gaslight) Once again, our heroes JUST missed Ray. Basically, like the others, this is an excuse to explore one of the new Earths, this time a victorian-era world. Not much interesting here, except for a 19th-century Blue Beetle. Art isn't anything great. [4/10]

Thoughts: Heroes, 11/19/09

Random impressions: I knew it. HRG is so awesome, even death can't stop him. I guess Matt didn't really learn much from his dad, if he's this quick to abuse his powers. West is slightly less lame this week. Ever since Kensei/Adam suddenly showed up in the future, I ahd a feeling he was Kaito's killler... he DOES have the most motive. Elle is Bob's daughter? Never guessed that... looks like powers tend to be random, if a pro and a flyer can give birth to a regenerator and a transmuter can father an electrokinetic. Mohinder is really gullible, isn't he? First Sylar fools him for several episodes, then he completely sells out to Bob. Yeesh. Felt myself tearing up during the Hirp/Kaito sequences. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Missed Sylar the last couple of weeks. when he's around, even the Runny-Mascara-of-DOOM Twins don't seem as dull. How the hell are they going to wrap all this up in two episodes?

Let's try this again

Well, it's been a while, but I wanna try playing with this blog thing again. So, expect the following in the near future (if I remember anyway) "Heroes" reviews every Monday night Comic book capsule reviews every week (posted as I finish reading them) General thoughts (when I feel like it) General thoughts: The writer's strike: Definitely pro-writer here, since I aspire to be one myself someday. Cartoon Network: Is slowly killing itself. Why are they wasting two hours of Toonami on reruns of a ten-year-old show? Are the ratings really THAT much higher? Chowder: Breath of fresh air on a mostly-stale network. Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: so tedious that I can't bring myself to finish it. This is the first time I felt this way about a Zelda game since Majora's Mask. I really don't like having to do the same thing over and over again.

Beam him up, God...

James Doohan passed away today at the far-too-young age of 85. We all reemember him, of course, from his role in Homeboys from Outer Space... and, apparently, he was in some obscure sci-fi show from the 60s. I realy didn't do too much research. The point is, he will be missed.

Stop me if you heard this one...

Hey, free blog! I didn't even know I had this! Cool! OK, the basics: my handle's McMarbles, I'm a major animation/sci-fi fan, I utterly despise reality shows, and people who use chat-speak on message boards bug the hell out of me. If you want me to read your post, then make it halfway readable. Anyway, I don't know how often I'll be updating. I'm only doing it now because I'm bored and because I'm sick of being a Weatherman. I prefer Al Roker to Willard Scott anyway.