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Disappointed with NOLF2

After the finish of NOLF1, I immediately went and installed NOLF2 figuring that it would be just as enjoyable. So far, it has been a bit of a disappointment. It does not have the same charm of the first one starting with the voice of Cate. In the first game, Cate sounds like a scottish lass, whereas in the second one, the new voice over actress is asleep at the wheel. There aren't as many cut scenes as the first game so far and all in all, I just feel that too much has changed. It does not feel like a Cate Archer game. Maybe I am nitpicking, but it just does not feel like the same series. Hopefully it gets better.

KOTOR is turning out to be a nice surprise. I played for a little bit six months ago, but was a bit disinterested and shelved it. I am now seeing why I was disappointed. I skipped a bunch of the side quests that added depth and character to the story. So far, it has been a real treat. Far more so than NOLF2.

I have also gotten back into GTA: SA where I have finally gotten past the N.O.E. mission. That only took four weeks on and off. I am now working on Wuzi's mission sin Las Venturas. I also have to finish the Area 69 missions and Zero's missions, but I may wait until I get it on the PC to do Zero's missions.

Was anyone else surprised at how bad Maurice Clarett did at the combines. After shooting off his mouth and trying to sue the pants off of everyone, he performed so crappy that he will be lucky to get drafted the first day of the draft. On the other hand, Mike Williams performed remarkably and will definitely get drafted.