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Level 100

Wow. Reached quite a milestone today; Level 100 (Master of the Universe). Not sure, but I think I might be the first to get there.

27/07/10 - Level 96

Wow, 5 months since my last blog post. Not that there's much to report, just been pluuging away at some of the larger guides. Now Level 96.. I'm Agent Fox Mulder! Nice.

21/02/10 - Goseiger descends

Bit late, but Tensou Sentai Goseiger started this week. I've only seen the first episode in pure Japanese at the moment, so I don't know all the details, but it looks decent enough. I can tell already that it's going to take some getting used to though. On the other hand, Shinkenger ended the week before and was a really good finale to that series. Before this turns into a Sentai blog, I'll just say I also finished the first arc of Gingaman and started DaiRanger... again. Now for something English... Eastenders Live that aired in Friday. I usually only watch Eastenders to take the mickey out of the characters and/or situations, but I was genuinely interested in how it'd work. Aside from a few fluffed lines, background noise and no one ever walking from the inside of a building to the outside in one sequence, it was surprisingly good and the live stunt at the end was well done. The revelation on who killed Archie was a suprise; who'd have thought... Wellard back from the grave! For some reason the submissions total on the profile pages, well mine anyway, seems to be a bit messed up of late. Maybe it's just lagging behind a bit. Oh, and I also reached Level 89 the other day, not that we care about such things around here.

01/02/10 - New month, new level

Reached Level 88 today, mainly due to writing reviews of all the shows I've been watching lately plus sorting out the newer guides. Now the obligatory what-I've-been-watching bit to pad out the blog so it doesn't look like I only post about levels: Started watching Gingaman from Super Sentai this week. It's a bit slow at the moment but it's early days and I've seen it's Power Rangers counterpart so I know there's some good stuff to come. Kamen Rider Double is really good at the moment. Kamen Rider Accel's debut was good, although I can do without his bike transformation thing. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger reaches it's finale this week. The past few episode have really been interesting, with the introduction of the 33 year old series' first female Red Ranger who's come to replace the male Red Ranger. Plus there's the final climactic battle with the Gedoshu to look forward to. I must get around to watching the new episode of Skins again. The Series 4 premiere crept up on me quite quick this year so I've not really followed it properly. So, yeah, that's what I've been watching. See you at 89... only kidding! Maybe...

28/12/09 - Level 86 and 60,000

Just in time for the New Year, I reached Level 86 and 60,000 subs today. Would have been sooner, but I've had to endure 2 weeks Internet-free after moving house. It's been snowing here on and off for a week now (got to love global warming and the irony of it snowing during that climate change conference), so I've had time to finish watching Battlestar Galactica again, for the third time. That show just gets better and better everytime. Also, Kamen Rider Decade, which I didn't entirely understand the first time around, which is sad seen as I'm the KR editor. And I've been working on the Countdown guide (only 18 more seasons to go!) and a few others in between. Anyway, a late Merry Christmas and an slightly early Happy New Year! Now Level 86 (3%). I'm going on holiday until next year now!

24/11/09 - Level 85

Passed Level 85 on Sunday. Took a while thanks to not submitting for over a week during the most recent site breakdown. Still missing around 9% from before that though. Just over half way through adding episodes to the Countdown guide. Only 30 more seasons to go! Now Level 85 (22%)

19/10/09 - Level 84

Reached Level 84 and passed 55,000 subs today, thanks to doing a lot of work on Deal Or No Deal and Countdown this week. Yay! Now Level 84 (0.6%)

13/10/09 - New editorship... just

After a strange glitch which meant I became editor and was then immediately retired, which nilla_chelle01 very kindy sorted out, I am now the editor for Countdown. It's easily my largest guide with 60 seasons and 5000 episodes. That should be fun! Now Level 83 (74%).