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1. Facebook - Social Media

2. Twitter - Social Media

3. Wechat - For communication

4. Kakao - For communication

5. Nike Workout - Everyday workout

6. Cooking Chef - Cooking meals

7. FHM - Checking the latest trends in gadgets and happenings around the metro. Of course, girls.

8. Chat Roullette - Chat

9. Instagram - Vain posts by my girlfriend

10. Linezeta - Overall gaming experience. This baby is all I need for playing.

Linezeta is the only game I play in my Android. The rest all for my daily activities :)

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I played a lot of games before in my Android phone. Different genres. I’m still looking for a game that features a lot of robots and action. A game that will let me think about different strategies on how to defeat my enemy. Not just point and shoot. Linezeta really hits the spot. A new game that I saw just last week. It allows me to store a lot of Gundam like robots (really awesome lol) that I can use anytime I want for battle. Never a dull moment. Always action.

If you’re into robots like Gundam or Transformers, this will blow you.