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HTC - 1 X - bought!!!

Yeah so finally bought HTC 1 X this weekend. I must say it cost me a bomb but its worth every penny. Its got 1.5 gigs quad core processor, amazing camera, speaker is Beats by Dr. Dre plus its got Android 4.0 ICS optimized for the HTC. I am really impressed by the quality of the screen as well. I went to the store to actually buy Galaxy S2 but when I saw this baby and compared it to the S2, 1x blew S2 outta tha park. I couldnt wait for the S3so now I am very happy with my recent purchase.

On the gaming front, I am playing Rage, F.E.A.R and Arkham City. Plus I have been buying loads of PS3 games for which I am gonna do a seprate blog.

Rage is an excellent game, I know a lot people complained that it's too linear and does not play like an RPG fused with FPS but I am not an RPG player so this one's for me. Also it has been compared to Bioshock and Borderlands due to the apocalyptic enviornment in the game. Anyhow, I am thouroughly enjoying it and am almost to the end of the game.

As I said I will do a seprate blog on the games that I bot for my PS3 plus the games I have beaten so far on it.

Till then take care and do let me know what games are you guys currently playing.

God Of War IV announced!!!

Yup, thats true sony has officially announced God of War IV a.k.a God of War : Ascension to be released in 2013. This one is exclusively for the PS3 nothing so far for the Vita. There's a leaked trailer available online now.

Go check it out. Now that's some really cool exciting news. ;)

God of War: Ascension

My Birthday!!!!

Hey people been a long time since I blogged, so yesterday was my bday..........I turned a year older (24). Starting to feel old now since I am a year away from 25. Hehe

Anyways had a lot of fun. Gonna party tonight as well since its friday. TGIF. :)

On the gaming front, been buying loads of ps3 titles ever since I got a ps3. I will blog about the games I got and have finished.

Until then take care people and have a nice day :)

Got Promoted to.....

Radiant Silvergun.

Just googled it to find out what it means. Apparently it was a video game originally released for Sega Saturn. Umm, Cool.

Been watching alot of Beavis and Butthead these days. The old series I have on DVD's and been watching the new one as well. Love them. What about you guys......?

Bought PS3!!!!

Finally after 5 years of release I have bought the PS3..... 320 GB version packed with the move controller and stuff.......and the 1st game that I bought is none other than God Of War 3......

Suggest some other cool exclusive games for PS3, other than GTA, Uncharted, Resistance and Killzone (Have already ordered them online)

Gta V !!!

Finally rockstar annoced it, GTA V and the trailer's coming out next week. Worth the wait for this game. I am excited what about you guys????

Dead Island help

Hey people, hope everyone's doing great!!!!

I have been playing dead island for a while now and overall I would say it's a cool game but man so many glitche's and bugs make's it feel like an unfinished product. The worst is I came across a very bad glitch due to which I am stuck and I am not able to progress.

I am stuck at the level where you meet a shaman and he tells you to kill zombies to prove yourself worthy enough. The bug is that the zombie's get stuck in the hut, therefore they dont come out. It's soooooooo frustrating. Dang!!!!!

Almost 76% into the game and then you encounter this kind of stupid bug. If anyone has the complete save file or save file after 76% completion, please send it to me so that I can finish this game and place it in my shelf to eat dust for eon's.

Oh BTW I am looking for the PC save file ;) any help would be appreciated.....

Thanks and take care people!!!!!

Bought A Car !!!!!!! :)

So I finally bought my 1st car with my own money. M so xited rite now....... I traded in my old heap of junk........and walked away with a brand new car.......Its a hyundai car and was well within my budget with all the bells and whistles.......

I am feeling so awesome rite now............. :)