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G0ING ALL CAPS, or am I?


Just kidding.


I indeed am.

Well, I just thought why not post an update about stuff and stuff
Lets start with some awesome games

Well, Borderlands. I played it, didnt fell in love with it like with GTA and Fallout 3 though so I decided not to get it. Did purchase Episodes from LC, which is definetly awesome. The cool things are batting people off bikes, base jumping and seeing missions from another perspective, like the whole diamond chase and the kidnapping of Roman.

Ive also been playing lots of old games I just had lying around like Rainbow 6 Vegas, Crackdown and Rockstar Presents Tabletennis. These are games that are still great to pick up again.

Games that i'm looking forward to,
Unlike most friends, Modern Warfare 2 is not on my OMGWTFBBQ!!11!! list. I played 1 for a few weeks and I just didn't had that feeling. I didn't suck at at, but it was just not my type of game, Im more the tactical shooter instead of rusher, so games like Rainbow 6 are always high on my list. Not that MW isn't tactical, but teammates usually just rush in.

Games that are on my awesome-0- list are
Crackdown 2.
Why? Because one was just great. There are obstacles everywhere, but you can just jump over them. A small building or skyscraper, you just needed to jump of the top.

Dead Rising 2.
Why? Because one was just great. There where lawnmower, lego heads, fake mega blasters, real mega blasters and dishes just waiting to be used on a zombie. And I love Vegas games. Just the lights, the buildings, the chique restaurants and the all day long buffets, Las Vegas is the city you fly over on a vacuum cleaner on your dreams. Or am I the only one? Oh, okay.

Bioshock 2.
Why? Because the mix of awesome plasmids which make your hands emit electricity, shoot bees and set water on fire can only get better. This game combines an underwater Utopia and playing as your biggest enemy from the first game with lots of great looking enemy's and innovative gameplay

So, those three games are on my wishlist and will have a great impact on my grades, in a bad way.

A summary

Im just posting the RSV2 maps i've completed on realistic

There we go

Three Kings Casino

Will post updates as story develops...

Unfair MSP prices in different regions.

After looking up the prices of Microsoft Points in the different regions (Wikipedia page here) I saw another example of the amount of money Microsoft makes by ripping off people outside of the United States. If you look at the page you can see that the second and especially the 5 region is being ripped off big time. Now there are some explanations given for the higher price because of the fact that in the USA the taxes aren't being raised on the purchase of the points itself in the store, but the taxes are beingreductedwhen making a purchase with these points in the online store, so the points aren't expensive, but the purchases in the online store are.

But after looking up the prices, I found that Microsoft also found a way to come around these taxes. They make the purchases for people in the USA cheaper, so that even when the taxes are raised in the onlinestore, the products are just as expensive as in the other regions. So this again makes the purchases cheaper than in the other regions, because there is the same amount of Microsoft points beingspendon the products, beyond the fact that the Microsoft points are cheaper in the other regions.

So, a quick summary,

In region 2 are the taxes for online purchases being raised on the purchase of the Microsoft points in the 'real life'store. And in the USA the taxes are being raised on the purchase in the online store. But Microsoft makes the product in the USA version of the online store cheaper so that the purchase cost the same amount of Microsoft Points as in the other regions online stores, except for the fact that the other regions already paid taxes over the purchase, and are paying the same price for it.

So we pay for the taxes in our region, and the same price for it that USAusers pay that includes the taxes raised on the online store purchases.

So without living in the USA we pay for their taxes to, just so Microsoft can make more money because we need to buy Microsoft points more frequently.

. I shoud have bought a PS3.

Just something quick

In a player review, never ever compare the game with a game you do like.

Don't say : "Gears of war ia a lot of fun, but COD and Halo are just better because of the XP system"

You need to look at the game, and what is new or what is cool and wat is not cool, but you dont need to compare it to another game you do like, you aren't going to win any over if you are LVL7 and you write a bad review with lousy arguments.

NXE, my buns!

Things that annoy me right away about the NXE,

You cant look at your active downloads,
You cant shut people up trough your xbox guide,
you cant watch your recent players list

And the marketplace in the Netherlands still lacks content, I mean its fun to pay 10$ for a song of Tiesto i of course never heard before as the main/only export product of the Netherlands but still.

Now I'm on this tirade anyways i have some things to say about Gears of war 2
The chainsaw doesn't stun when you shoot it, so basically the lancer is stronger up close and far away compared to the shotgun.
You cant shut people up, which is incredibly enjoining (yeah this is a double argument)
Sometimes matchmaking takes hours,
and last but least(laughing already?), the chainsaw(and now?)
So, people please!, if you cant make your own kills, don't follow me around the whole match just so you can steal my downs, and please, and i really mean please, don't wait around the corner or run after me with the chainsaw revved, cause it isn't as much for for the person who only got killed by chainsaws in the last 4 matches.

That was it,

Your's Sincerely.

Je suis back,


I kinda started another gamespot/twitter/everything account, but i got bored.

The reason why i started over, whas because i just fineshed everything on xbox achievements, gamespot tags, and way more. so now i'm just back on my maxynators.


Im totally back in the Gears mood, im now focusing on the chainsaw achievement and im getting that old 2006 gears feeling back, dont get me wrong, i suck balls in this game, but still.

I bought my xbox/gears package end 2006, at first i kinda owned for a month or 3/4 but then i stopped playing for about a year, then i played halo3 non stop, then viva pinata(?).
I dont know why, but now in the holiday, im in the mood to play gears a lot more then at first. Its frustrating that i suck balls now because i used to be really good in this. But time still teaches, i just need to be patient and wait for my ownage to head back to my place. Cant wait for GoW2 now i nosed into the game and know the do's and dont's.

So, can't wait for November 7!

(and i indeed change my mind fast, first only played Halo, now im going to buy GoW2. Watevah)

Spatah Mops

If you read this

i'm still alive.

Sorry, just needed to start this with a joke.

What am i up to these days?
Nothing, im just playing halo3 the whole day, but it gets boring after a while.
No GoW, no GH3A' or saints row, Just halo.

This probaly is my shortest blog ever, but i dont give a damn.

Need some new xbl motto's?

Live to win.

I play with 1 hand.

Memento Audere Semper.

or just something like,

I Own.



or something else totally dumb, xD.

Spatah Max.

A direct comeback, Right?

in my last post i told everybody i was hoping to get back in the Gamespot scene, well while i was writing my second blog a few days after the comeback blog and suddenly... my router blows up, xD? smoke out of the back, and it was steaming hot. After almost 4 weeks without internet. I got reconnected today and im now officially back for a weekly blogpost. If i'm making some faults, spellcheck gets boring after almost 100 blogs. I mean, im now 14, live in the Netherlands and i only get one English class a week.,.,

Well, after i saw my trusted Google homepage, i went to, and youtube. I thought to see major changes, but after 4 weeks the top 5 almost was the same, the same songs on different places. But the whole Disney scene exploded, more (dirty) Miley pictures, a new album and in the top 15 3 Hollywood records, (wich is owned by Disney). 7 things, to be honest she say's 10 things why she hate/loves Nick Jonas, (oops did i actually say that!?) the 'guy'. first i forgot my password, i totally freaked out, but after trying 30 passwords, i finaly got in. 2 days ago i say some person from g4 on Cnn Europe, wich whas hillarious, a 50 yr old gay reading whats on the cueboards, g4: everybody wants to play Ac/Dc on Rock Band 2, Cnn: yea, Ac/Dc2 will will be in my livingroom!, is this the same as Little Big Planet?. Omg, hillarious Ac/Dc2? please read whats on the cueboard, dont make up your own stuff.. But E3 ended 2 days ago, so here goes my chance to get totally back into gaming, until GDC ofcourse... no wonderfull uploads, except for more and more videos of Whatthebuckshow whose making fun of MIley Cyrus and her 'Hannah Montscandels', wich actually never gets old. Still no Esmee Denters, is it so hard to make quality videos and actually post 'em?

Well, not much about gaming cause no good games released lately. But Saints Row 2 and GoW2 are coming up... in SR2 you can make your own gang, customise cribs and characters more then ever!

My comercial this week...?

Well i bought Saints Row a few weeks ago for 10euro, (13$) and the flyer for SR2 sad, "The Saints are coming..." wich means you cant screw up Stillwater just as hard as New Orleans i think...

I admit, that was cruell


Maxynator out.

Again, i'll spellcheck later.

To long, Way to long.

Well, i was just browsing trough Wikipedia again. I love to start at the artice of the day and end up something that doesn't have anything uncommon with the article i started with.

And from one thing to another, i end up at Jeff Gerestmann, Then after finishing reading the page's I suddenly realize something... I have that blogging mood again. So beyond the fact nobody will ever read this i guess i think this is a great moment to get back in time to when i was a Gamespot addict.

First of all, when i read the Jeff Gerestmann page i saw wat an establishing efect he had on the site. He was fired for wat i think, was because he wrote bad review while the site had made sneek-peak deals with the publishers (we give a good revieuw if you get us first looks). And suddenly when someone doenst believe in the spirit of deals he broke trought his job barriere and wrote the revieuw the game deserved. It was bad, really really bad. In cover mode you could get killed easier then when you are running directly into a grenade you fellow teammates trew at you(?), but not to get to far away from the point here, Alex Navarrow, Ryan Davis, Brad Shoemaker, and multiple others suddenly go and leave. Why is that? they al liked eachother, but not more then their jobs. So maybe, to make a point they went away because they also didn't believe in those deals.

Thats That.

. Trust me, u will here from me soon. Ive been away way to long to let this comeback get away again.



Im to lazy to spell check now:)

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