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the arrival of ps3

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many of my friends are convinced that the ps3 is average at best and that microsoft is the future.

i write this blog to say that sony is the future. the facts dont lie, ps2 and psp alone are outselling the 360 in japan and that despite rumours about the ps3 shortage, i am 100% positive that the ps3 will destroy microsoft. it might not have the best online capabilities, but thats not why we buy consoles, we buy them for their games, and ps3 will definitely have better games than 360.

psp launch

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i am so excited cuase sony just anounced the official launch date for the psp and advent children. i am thinking of pre-ordering advent children

sony psp

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I believe after reading many reviews on both new hand-held consoles that the psp far surpasses the nintendo ds. One reason i prefer the psp to the ds is that i cant wait to see FF7: Advent Children. As soon as i heard that it would be released on the psp i immediately pre-ordered the psp. I do think the gaming quality (graphics, gameplay, etc.) will be better on the psp and the ds will appeal to a younger crowd