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Join our WarGaming Clan!!!

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Hello Fellow Commanders

The 116th Panzer Division is looking for mature and friendly commanders!
Every week we host training sessions. On Saturday we have the clan meeting.

We are a war-gaming clan focused on WWII and contemporary military FPS/RTS/ and FPSMMO games.

Currently we are deployed in:

  • World of Tanks
  • Company of Heroes
  • Shogun 2
  • IL2 Cliffs of Dover
  • Red Orchestra : Heroes of Stalingrad upon its release in Q3 2011.
  • Battleground Europe
  • Battlefield 3 : upon its release.

(We also like to have a good time while doing so)

We are a multi-gaming clan but vCoH is our core game and we welcome new players to the game as well as experienced players.

Our requirements for membership are simple.

  • When you want to play a match with clan-mates you are on teamspeak.
  • Have a positive mental attitude and be respectful of others.

Come by and visit The 116th Panzer Division Website . Leave a message on the guest forums you are interested in joining or feel free to drop by our teamspeak3 server. (address port 4143 pass stug)

My Youtube page is up and running again!!!

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So after having my youtube channle with 8 million + views over 50+ videos for over 4 years few month ago it was haxed and closed

so I made new channle not so long ago and making new videos!

but I do need new subers

Its very educational channel so please take few mins and come over it and if you like please subsriber!

it will means alot to me and help!!!

Thank you all!!

My youtube link

New Year Comes With New Job!!!

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Well I started to work for one good company this year.

I really love it ... its have to do with marketing and advertising and I dont have to sell anything.. ! and all I have to do .. is sit at home or anywhere near PC for about 10-20min per day and money just will accumulate on my card !!!

I just love it

A guy From GS won!!!

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A guy from gamespot won a place to be in Top 11 lamest Blogs on the net ahahaa

all other 10 can be found here

I just can't spot rofling... lol

The Stuff I have Ordered on 28th

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well... here is some things that I have ordered on 28th...

too bad.. I didnt recived the video card in my last order so I had to order new one..

and I couldn't order all the stuff I wanted.. but here is some things I have ordered..


video card HIS HD 4870 1GB vRAM

  Samsung 22"  2ms Widescreen LCD

Keyboared Logitech G11

Mice RAZER Copperhead Tempest Blue

And some black round cables to replace them in the case...

should get this stuff any  day now


 I was told that I would have only about 400-500$ I could spend
but I ended up paying 655$ for all that.. lol

Never got My Last Order... :(

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welll I am sure you remeber I did blog on that I ordered video card..

well the newegg never got my money order that I have send them.. so .. I didnt got the video card... 


the good thing is that I  have kept the recipt from money order so I have send it to westernunion and I hope that they will refund the moeny... well in theory they have to do it....


so I am now 250$ short.. and video cardless :(



 will keep you updated on how things go...


and Have a nice Holydays guys!

My Gaming Rig Is Almost Done!!!

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Well Finlly I have ordered the video card today!!!

altho it would take about 10 days to get it to me but still I ill try to wait haha

so.. I have ordered  HIS 4850 IceQ 4 1GB GDDR3 CrossFire Supported

So.. very very soon I will blast off and pown people online with my new rig lol j/k


Working on a New Gaming Rig

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Well after almsot of year planing, thinking and wishing

I have finaly started building my new gaming rig.

its not finish yet.. I am still missing video card and few extras but here are some specs

Case = Antec 1200

MoBo = ASUS P5Q Pro

CPU = Q6600

Heatsink = Sunbeam CR-CCTF

Ram = G.SKILL 4GBs PC2 8000


Hard Drive/s = Western Digital 640GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0GB/s

Optical Drives = SAMSUNG 20X DVD±R DVD Burner with LightScribe

add ons

inside case fan = Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F 120mm Case Fan

side panel fan = Antec 120mm Blue LED Fan

and the last thing I will need to buy and power up my machin is

video card = HD 4870

and after that... if i will like I will get sound card more hard drives umm and God knows what els.. lol

P.S pics coming soon... when i put it together :)

And here comes better pics