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GTA: Vice City always entrertains, and anv version of Civilization sucks me in.
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I don't think it's surprising, really. It's been in development for too long and changing developers would not have helped. This one is for nostaglia purposes only.
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Many, many games. Too many to list in fact.

Basically this, I have a lot of crappy games that I got fairly cheap that I was going to play for a laugh, but I have since realised I have no time for them, so am going to sell them. I've barely played any of my Wii games I've really only finished Super Mario Galaxy. I also have somewhere in the region of 50 PS2 games that I've not even touched.
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I'll admit that the switching between planes can be a little imprecise at times, but in a well designed level it is far less obvious. I think is't great and had a good time with it.
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The key is being fast, accurate and pull the first lever at the right time from there you should be fine. Some of the GoW puzzles needed really accurate timing, which I found difficult at first.
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It sure does matter...I have spoken.
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Best: Heavy Rain (flawed masterpiece), MGS4(masterpiece) Worst: Terminator Salvation (won it in a competition and it was bad).
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It's at least slightly less sci-fi game cliche, that's about it.
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Best: Mass Effect 2/Heavy Rain can barely split them Worst: Probbaly have a few candidates but haven't got around to playing any of them, Alpha Protocol stands out although have only played the opening.