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The Deal is done....I got the PS4!!

Ok guys call me crazy but i really wanted a PS4...and i just got one. I decided to trade my PS3(which i got back in 2008.) for it. I traded over 30 ps3 games and my PSvita to get one. I dont really regret my decision even though, right now, i only have COD AW and NBA 2k15 for PS4. SO what do you guys think of my trade/upgrade? What games for PS4 should i get next??

Why I Don't need a PS4 or a XBOX 0 right now

Well you know i have been a gamer since I was 6 years old and im in my mid twenties now. Anyways I own a PS3 and a Wii U. I find the games on both systems to be excellent. As for the new hardware out......I really dont like Xbox 1, 360 or 0(Yea i call it 0 lol). However I do sort of want a PS4. The problem is theres really no reason to buy it right now. I have over 20 PS3 games and quite a few WII U and Wii games. I have plenty to keep me busy. So i mean if you agree or disagree with me please comment below. BTW i have a PS VITA and 3dsXL.

My Video Game Empire

Ok so due to regular employment and other things (all legal don't worry) I have been able to buy more games and more game systems. I currently have a Wii U and A Ps3. There's a lot of completion there, but I still end up playing my old Ps3 more lol. I bought a PS Vita today, and i must confess I am really impressed with it thus far. The 3dsxl is really cool, but I am tired of the 3d thing. No that doesn't mean i will buy a 2ds....ok maybe i will later.

Sidebar: I beat BLack OPs 2 earlier today. The Ending was so lame ah man. I shouldn't have let the boss go. Anyways I have a lot of games for each of my systems except the PS VIta. Also i don't think hoarding applies to video games. :P I have 22 ps3 games and that's maybe 2 or 3 to many. I only say that cause my PS3 is running out memory

Do I have too many games?

I recently got a Wii U late last year. The system is great, i love the NEW(is it still new) SUper Mario Bros. WIi U. I beat the game. Nintendo land is also really good. However since i missed out on the Wii ive gotten more Wii games than Wii U Games so far(2-3).

I also own a PS3 so i am trying to balance out playing that, the Wii U, and my 3DS.....its not easy. I thought of having a day dedicated to just one system but that just seems silly.


Hey guys, sorry for the hiatus....i was unable to login to my account for a while....but im happy to be back.

Old vs. New Video games

Ok I am a really big video game player, but I have to admit, video games are not what they used to be. Sure they look better than ever, but for some reason, I find the older games, of say about 8 to 10 years ago, a lot more addictive.

There have been some great games to come out recently, Like God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2….these games are excellent. These are great games. That received high scores from reviewers. I have no problem with those games. It just seems to me in general most games aren't as good as the ones from the 90s and the early 2000s. I could play those games all day…I could even play the ones for the PS2 or mid 2000s games for a while.

It seems to me that the video game industry is more popular than ever, for whatever reason its on the decline. Almost every big game out now is a sequel: Killzone 2, Halo Reach, etc. The games don't seem as creative as the old games, as much I have so many new favorite games, that are very creative. Little Big Planet is a great game, because it's a new breed of platforming. There were a lot of old games, that paved the way for the games of today. Games like Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, Street Fighter 2, Goldenye 007, and the excellent Zelda Ocarina of Time. These games had much higher replay values to me than 80% of all the games I have bought for this new generation.

There were a few games I really liked for the PS2 era. Final Fantasy X being my favorite. Tekken 5 and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas are also some favorites. Lets examine where these beloved franchises are today. First there's Role Playing Juggernaut, Final Fantasy. There's no doubt FF7 and FFX are 2 of the best if not the best. They released a sequel to FFX, called FFX-2, that many fans hated, but was actually a good game. Then they made the next regular one, FFXII, which I didn't like due to its cheap difficulty. You really needed luck to be successful in that game. The game still wasn't bad tho. Then they released FF13, one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history. The game is too new and fresh for its own good. I started out liking it, now I don't even want to play it. Its like it has some of the FF12, and all the lows lol. Ok then theres Tekken 5 to Tekken 6. Tekken 6 is good, I have no real complaints…and I like where that franchise is going. GTA San andreas was one of the best games of all time, I loved the atmosphere, and the RPG elements. GTA 4 on the other hand, was a big step backword. Sure the graphics were awesome, and the game was huge…but it wasn't a great game. It has boring missions, and there aren't really any RPG elements.

In conclusion there are still a lot of great games coming out. I've played many many games in my lifetime, and I know for a fact that games are lacking in replay value or they are half a**ed these days. Big up to the game companies makin the good games, and shame on those who just cash in on past games success.

After all these years i finally.....

I'll keep this short guys, but anyway...Up until now i've had rough goings with the opposite sex. Well really its been that way all my life. However, i met up with this gurl...and well shes perfect, or about as perfect as u can get for me.....She really likes me too.....I pray my search for a quality woman is over. Wish us luck!

Eminem discograpphy

Eminem Discograpy

The Solo Albums

Eminem is the greatest white rapper of all time, and one of the most entertaining. The Disc ranking is where I feel the album ranks in order.

Recovery: This album features Em at his lyrical best. I'm not sure if he felt he could do better and he needed to step it up, or if he was off the drugs…but this album is really good. For the first time Em raps without all the gimics of the past, which should earn him new fans, but may turn off longtime fans. The album has its great songs, but everything is good; from Cold Wind Blows, to the great Untitled track. My personal favorite is No Love with Lil Wayne. Not Afraid is great too, as Is the high tempo song with Pink. Overall its nice to see Em is reinventing himself and spitting that hot fire.

Discography Rank: 2

Relapse Refill: A list of bonus tracks from Relapse. He's basically the same as he is on that album, but these are some good songs. Buffalo Bill is crazy and disturbing, but the rest of the album is fairly entertaining. Elevator is the best song of the bunch besides Drake's Forever. Overall it seemed like Em should have put one of these songs on the album. Drop the Bomb on Em is a good diss track, but feels out of place.

D.R. 6

Relapse: After a 5 year hiatus from solo albums, Em returns. This album feels forced, but its good nonetheless. Em is trying too hard to be "Slimshady" instead of just letting it flow like he did on his first album. He basically raps like a serial killer, like on 3 AM, Same Song & Dance, and Stay Wide Awake. The production isn't bad, but hes rapped on much better. The Dr. Dre beats just aren't all that….The usual party track We Made You is great, as is the last song Underground, where he attacks everything he can. De Ja Vu and Beatiful are great songs also, but they could have been spaced apart. Overall it's a great come back for Em.

D.R # 5

Encore: It seems like Em was beginning to run out of things to say after 3 great albums. This one isn't as interesting as the others, even if the production is good. Em said himself later that he was "on drugs" when he made this. Some songs are just plain silly like My 1st song, and Rain Man. Some are really good though, like Mosh, Yellow Brick Road, Just Lose It and A** Like That. Mockingbird is a great song dedicated to his daughter. The album ends on a good note with Encore, but again it just isn't on the level of the first 3 albums.

D.R. #7

The Eminem Show: An interesting album. It seems he was finally contemplating what to do with his super stardom. That's evident on the first song, White America, where he really questions his own success. The album has the best production of any Em album to date. There are some really really great songs like Cleanin Out My Closet,Without Me, Sing for the Moment, and Till I Collapse. The latter might as well be called Em at his lyrical best. Theres some filler as in the case with MMLP and not so much with SSLP, but it's a solid album.

D.R.: #3

The Marhall Mathers LP: Em's 2nd album is his best to date overall. Its more of what made SSLP successful but everything is better. Better lyrics, more interesting songs. Stan is a ****c, as well as the Real Slimshady, and The Way I Am. Theres some other really good songs like the self titled track and Im Back. The beats are really good, and lyrically Em doesn't disappoint. Some of the songs are kind of borderline filler. Kim is just disturbing and was best left off the album…its horribly disgusting and disturbing. This is a great album, like the better meal of a really good 2 day dinner.

D.R.: #1

The SLimshady LP: Em's debut album is solid in all aspects. The beats are really good but very basic. The subject is crazy…you can see why so many people were hating on him early on. Theres great songs like My Name Is, Guilty Conscience, Just Don' Give A F***. Then theres the disturbing 97' Bonnie & Clyde where he talks with his daughter after murdering her mother(Kim). His jokes and metaphors are really funny to crazy…a great way to start his career with Dr. Dre.

Discography Rank: # 4

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