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Something I decided to just randomly write.

It?s been a while since I have written anything on this website, but here goes nothing.

I have noticed lately that a lot of people are purchasing games that are older. Let me explain what I mean. A lot of people I know are slowly turning back a generation or two to older consoles and platforms, such as the original Nintendo 64 or the Playstation. In fact many stores such as Game Traders and even Cash Converters are often selling games from the previous consoles, with stores making a fair amount from these purchases.

Now it can be debated as to the reasons that these purchases are taking place. Firstly it could be because many of these games are often regarded as collector?s items. One person I know purposely bought himself a Gameboy Advance just so he can play some of the older Gameboy games. He could have purchased a Nintendo DS or whatever else is new for portable gaming platforms, however he instead degenerated himself to an older level. There is nothing more satisfying than having an old game such as Pokemon Yellow/Red/Blue in your hands after all those years whilst everyone else you know probably traded it in for a piece of crap that they will only enjoy whilst they play it and then trade it in for the next best thing.

The other reason for this change is possibly because older games are more enjoyable than the games of the newer generation, as well as the newer platforms slightly deviating away to become more household entertainment packages as opposed to being something to simply play your video games on. People would prefer to have the enjoyment of a classic good old game, rather than something that is repetitive like Call of Duty, and that is why older games are probably going to become more popular.

On second thoughts no I'll stay and play.

Video gaming is a form of addiction that cannot be broken no matter how much you try to. Trying to break yourself from the gaming industry is like keeping the ring from Gollum, it is both a bad idea for two reasons. Firstly you are more than likely to go on a suicidal rampage where you kill lots of people that you blame for taking the game in the first place even though they have no relation to you whatsoever. The second reason is that you will shrivel up into a grey depressed creature that constantly spends hours at a time looking up redtube as a substitute.

Last month I made the decision to leave the industry and I was given the two options I give to you today. Now because I dislike the concept of prison or being electrocuted or lethal injection, I opted for the second option, and as a result my big figure turned into a thin grey hairy creature that looked at his X-box like someone looks at the ring. I can tell you right now that you have more chance of going over your internet cap by watching pornography on the internet than you do playing a game of Call of Duty or Halo. Interestingly you also have more chance to cap your internet by simply going on msn than the combination of both redtube and COD/Halo. And yes I know this from experience.

So why have I returned? Is it because I got bored of seeing naked woman dancing about on the screen or the temptation was to great? The reason is because I came to terms with some of the realizations of my life, however I will not go into depth as it will probably end up like a scene in 'Flying High/Airplane' where someone decides to commit suicide on account of heaving to hear such a boring story. Like Logan and his alamantium skin, gaming is in fact part of my genetic anatomy. I am sure that if you bothered to get a microscope and look closely at my genetic structure, I am pretty sure you will discover a small little Mario figure dancing about.

However there are some aspects of my dismissal from gaming I will be maintaining. Regardless of what someone will no doubt say about me I will be only playing games with certain names on it, and the only reason that I am playing a game with another name on the label is simply because I was a bit of an idiot and bought it out of amusement or it was a gift from someone.

By Panda

My Departure From The Gaming Industry (Sort of)

It is official, I have quit hardcore gaming, I made an oath to myself that I would finish what games I currently own and call it quits temporarily, only purchasing games that have either 'Fallout, Assassin, Splinter or Brink' in them.

It's not that I do not believe that the gaming industry is deteriorating, on the contrary, to some extent I believe that the gaming industry is becoming more successful than Hollywood at present. More male's spend time playing either COD or Halo rather than going to the movies, and for good reason.

The modern day movie lacks originality, these days movies are either remakes of something John Wayne starred in about 50 years ago. Or they decide to make a film version of a comic book or anime which is destined to be panned and shunned by those hardcore fans of that particular series.

And to be honest television doesn't do much better either. In the past television consisted of good quality and the shows at least had somewhat of a decent plot, however these days the plot consists of sex, porn, drugs, more sex and finally someone dying for no particular reason whatsoever.

This is why gaming is somewhat more appealing; take for example Aliens Vs Predator. This is a game series that is based on a comic series. A movie was based on the comics directed by the same person that does the Resident Evil series, the results were about 1 hour of boredom and popcorn eventually been thrown at the screen (if you attended the same movie theatre as me you would have seen this amount of anger being displayed). Now look at the game, violent, gory, reasonably good plot (sort of like the movie revamped) and praised by a large number of critics. Why? Because the game allows you to be that character, you and the character are one and are able to play out the game as you see fit, or until an invisible design border decides that you're having too much fun.

I do not regret my decision of quitting hardcore gaming, and to be honest I am looking forward to it after so many years of it. The games I have chosen to play are series that I have grown up with such as Splinter Cell, and Assassin's Creed (Brink and Fallout I have other reasons for, reasons that would take longer then it took to write this blog). I will admit that I grew up with Resident Evil as well, however I fear that the series has finally reached the milestone of perfection, and the departure of zombies is a fear that many fans and I share in common, so chances are I will not get it.

Instead I will be a gaming guru, one of those people that will do extensive research on a game, watch YouTube footage, and read up on forums about the problems and attempt to come up with my own conclusions as to fixing them. If you think this is heretical of me, or rather that I am a traitor to my own kinsmen, kindly take up your sword on November 16 and fight me, I shall prove otherwise, however I do not regret my decision, I will stick by it, and I have even taken an oath witnessed by my pet dog that I will not go into hardcore gaming.

Crime Games Are Like Racing Games, Getting Old and Wrinkly?

When you think gangster, do you think of drugged up, gun crazy Tony Montana or do you think of Michael Corleone. Both franchises are highly successful and have paved a road for further crime films to follow. Now if I were to ask you what you were to think if I asked about gangster games, I think the only real answer you can come up with is GTA (Grand Theft Auto).

Not that I have anything against the series, I find running around some random city killing people in various violent ways very entertaining at times. However if you look at it from the plotline would it seem a little bit repetitive.

The game like the films its storyline is inspired from, paved a way for others to follow, however unlike the films whose plots vary greatly to some extent, I feel that the genre in gaming has not followed similar lines.

When you first look at a game, the primary thing that is revealed is the plotline. In many of the crime games that I have played and read about, the plotlines usually involve either revenge that escalates into a campaign to control the city. The one exception is True Crime: Streets of LA, which involves a story of revenge and then somehow becomes mixed up with John Carpenter's 'Big Trouble in Little China'.

The next thing about these games is the style. It is often very replica of GTA with the only difference being different cities. The sub-plots and side missions are often the same, going from one person, dressed in a hoodie or tux that appears to be loitering, to going around and either killing drug dealers, corrupt policemen or racing. The graphics may get better but the style of the game just continuously remains standard.

Not that I dislike crime games, this is not a private war trying to say "Give peace a chance and throw this game in the bin", this is nothing like that. Like my previous blog this is a plea for change. This doesn't mean you should do what the creators of the Saint's Row franchise did and add a zombie mode, which is just plain stupid, if not terrible on their part, even if it does give your crime spree a break and allow you to indulge in your zombie killing hobbies.

I would like to be able to play a crime game, and say "My God this isn't repetitive! This is wonderful". GTA IV from what friends of mine have shown me is rather great and I will admit is appealing, but they should do more. I would like them to actually allow you to walk into every building and try and swindle a cut from them. I would like it to actually be realistic and addictive like watching the first season of 'Underbelly'.

I hope that such a game comes out soon, and that it will have me hooked on it as much as a leach holds on till he discovers he can't take much more blood.

By Matthew Stephens

A Perfect Zombie World

What would bethe perfect 'Zombie' game? There are a vast number of games with the zombie sub-genre, spanning over various other major genres of gaming, over the various different consoles in existence. However has there ever been a perfect zombie game. I am quite a fan of the genre, both in gaming but also in literature and film, and tend to enjoy the role playing perspective of a character in a time where the world is currently suffering from a Zombie Apocalypse. However in my opinion, up to date there has been no such thing as a perfect game, showing the war against the undead.

Firstly there is the famous 'Resident Evil' series. This 'Capcom' published series bringing with it a new definition of survival horror. Basically before you pissed your pants and decided to sit in a corner and cry, after playing fear, in the 90's Resident evil allowed that option at an earlier age. The awkward camera angles as well as sound effects and game-play were designed for the specific purpose of scaring all form of unwanted waste from your body. However as time has gone on, the series has somewhat gone into decline, particularly with the series manoeuvring into the action-adventure category. Resident Evil 4is the one exception where it maintained some of its horror traditions; however Resident Evil 5 basically ended that reign of terror.

Next is the Left for Dead series, which to be honest isn't really about zombies, but more along the lines of rabies infested humans that have the problem of bulimia. In addition to that, you have three friends who do bugger all, to help. Graphics also seem to be similar to that of something that was made in the early 2000's before they realized that their graphics engines were slightly better. So if you like shooting people that are throwing up and acting like they have the rage virus then this is the game for you, but I want to make it quite clear it is in no way using the traditional form of zombie.

Fallout 3 uses a similar approach to the above. Although not an undead themed game, it does have moments when the undead decide to make a cameo. These are fast manoeuvrable ghouls that use a high pitch scream and charge at you not out of hunger, but out of annoyance that you are currently walking in their sewer pipe disturbing their daily meal of manure and urine. Again the ancient traditions of the undead are not used in this game, and are instead drawing inspiration from both the effects of radiation, and that of the Dawn of the Dead remake.

If by now you have not realized, I am a bit of a traditionalist, someone that believes that the older, slower zombie is terrifying. Although one would claim that a group of fast moving spewing zombies are scary as hell, a quick machine gun along the knee caps is all you need so they are on the floor and then just a couple sliced from a melee weapon and they are gone. No the traditional zombie is by far scarier, first coming one by one, then multiplying to the point where you have no other option to run, unless of course you are trying to win the congressional medal of honour in heaven in which case feel free to stay behind and become some undead persons human parmigiana.

Therefore you are now probably thinking what is this all about. The point I am trying to get at, is that in reality there has never really been a good zombie orientated game. Of course this is just my opinion, but there are probably some of you out there that might agree with my view.

So therefore what I would view as a good zombie horror game. Firstly it has to be about survival, the basic human mechanics, such as scavenging for food, ammunition and other supplies has to be implanted into the game. Second there should be some degree of freedom, restricted only by regions which are dependent on different chapters that the character should be playing in. Finally the player must have to deal with the human emotions and psychological states of both the other characters in the game, similar to LFD only less dull and boring. If you have ever read the comic series 'The Walking Dead' or even the novel World War Z, issues and themes, as well as similar scenarios should be placed in this game. I believe then, to some degree the perfect zombie oriented game would bee created. Let us hope that somewhere in this universe, preferably in between now and the next 20 years, someone finally has the magic light bulb activated and implements some of the things that I have suggested could help make the series more interactive and gripping.

A Short Opinion on the Vietnam War in Gaming

Games in with the plot setting of 1960's to 1975 Vietnam have always had a long history of failure, both critically and in the eyes of the general gaming population. This is largely due to a large variety of critical errors and flaws that these games retain.

Firstly there is Conflict Vietnam. Basically a continuation of the series but with a Vietnam twist. The plot was reasonable but not what I would call gripping. It basically felt like a combination of Stanley Kubrick'sFull Metal Jacket mixed with Oliver Stone's Platoon. With that been said the graphics were shocking and game play was lacking creativity.

Second there is Shell-shock Nam 67. I would list it as one of the crappiest games in history. The graphics look like someone took adump and used a paintbrush to form the ground, and crayola for foliage, and the plot just seems to repeat the same notion that soldiers will keep returning to Vietnam.

Third and finally there is Battlefield Vietnam. This is one of the few games I enjoy that are revolved around the scene. Although the graphics are poor, this is understandable due to the strength of the computers it was played on. In addition to that there was no plot, but merely following its predecessors in continuing the traditional Capture Point A etc. I will casually admit it was difficult for some to remove me from the computer while playing this game.

So why am I writing this you wonder? Simple, in the past 48 hours I have been monitoring trailers and information in regards to Call of Duty 7: Black Ops. Originally the speculation was the game would be set in Vietnam, however in the end it turns out the game is primarily set on the focus of secret operations that the United Stated undertook around the world in Communist influenced countries.

The scenes in what I suspect is based on Vietnam look staggering and even if it is only just a trailer, make me believe that this is a game, with the setting of that time period that I have been waiting years to be released. Hopefully the game itself lives up to the hype that the trailer has caused.

Written By Matthew Stephens