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And the time goes on...

Well, well exber reminded me that I haven't posted anything in my blog for a looong time, so here I'am :P

The last two months were very exhausting for me, mainly because of my University, I had a tons of exams, but soon this will end, and hopefully I've passed everything. I think that first year of studies is always the most difficult, because they want to check you out if you are worth anything to be on famous University:P For now I know that I've passed 3/4 of my exams so it's not so bad, we will see what's next :) Because of exams I haven't been playing too much, as I remember I've played Fallout 3 on my PS3 and I'm stuck on 33 hours, but as soon as I will get any free time I will get back to it and finish. Fallout 3 is great game, the world created by Bethesda is preety suggestive and post-apocaliptic climate is done well. I've also played Metal Gear Peace Walker, and well I must say it's much, much better than Portable Ops, story-line, gameplay, everything is better.

As for music I'm addicted to Empire of the Sun, right now, especially to their "We are the people" and "Standing on the shore", it's sooo great! I can't stop listening to them :) Can't wait for their new album, and what's best they come to Poland this holidays!:)

As for the holidays, well I'm going to mountains at the begining of July, and next month I'm going with my girlfriend visit Krakow for whole week and then (if we won't spare whole money:P) we're planning to go camping by our favourite lake.

That's all for now peeps:)

My birthday :)

Well, today is my 19th birthday and I'm so happy to got so many wishes today :) I've never got so much in my life, I don't know if my friends got crazy or something but I've got tons of them today what really surprised me. Also I want to thank SCF, who made me a great surprise on DMCU board 8)

Okay enough of talking about wishes let's get on to my present which is Limited Edition of Uncharted 2 8) Whow it's looking awesome, I remember playing the first one but U2 is a huge step forward in graphics 8) The gameplay is amazing, also the story-line seems to be more interesting, there are many cut-scenes that are even more interesting than most of high budget films 8) Probably from tomorrow I will start to play U2 online also, so if you want to play just add me to your PSN friend list my PSN ID is matcio.

As you may see last time, I've changed my avatar on Billy Corgan (leader of Smashing Pumkins band), he's my favourite singer all the time and also my journal header have changed from old good Chrono Cross, to one of the pictures from the booklet ofSmashing Pumkins album - "Machina - the machines of God". This is my favourite band, I can't stop listening SP, and by the way last time I've bought nearly every orginal compact disc from Smashing Pumpkins, just for my collection. I'm waiting for the newest SP album "Teargarden" which will include 47(!) songs. The songs will be realeased periodicaly, 4 at once. If Billy words are true we will get first 4 songs at this year Hallowen 8) So I keep my thumbs and can't wait8)

And I think that's all from me :)

PS3 - finally!:D

Two weeks ago I finally bought an PS3 8)

I'm really happy about getting it under my roof.

I got it along with 250GBB HDD, 2Sixaxis controllers (one is still in a box), Spider Man 3 on Blu Ray, Blu Ray remote, DMC4, Uncharted and Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion: GOTY.

I have also get 32LCD Sony Bravia :)

Photos of my new stuff 8):

My Christmas!

This year Christmas is totally awesome, you never guess what I've got, because I got an...Wii! Yea I was totally shocked when I find a new Wii under my Christmas tree, I got it with Super Mario Galaxy :) Well the Wii-remote is totally awesome it's cool designed and and I love it's sensor bar is so easy to controll, Wii sports totally owns, especially boxing that is so fun to play. But what's the best is Super Mario Galaxy, that game is totally genius, graphics is really cool, but the gameplay is reaaly BIG FUN! It's a long time since I played so great platformer as Mario 8) After CHristmas I think I will buy Gamecube pad and Memory Card with some games, because I've never had Nintendo console(only GBA) and now I've got great oportunity to play older games from GC such as Zelda :) I'm really happy, ok it's not a PS3 but my parents told that first we must buy an LCD and than we get a PS3, so the PS3 will be mine at May 2008 :) For now I've got a Wii and I'm really happy about it 8)
Also I've got an Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time for PS2, and totally kicking ass board game called "Runebound" with expansion set in one box :)
Cool Christmas yeah I wish you to have the same fun as I this year! 8)

Here's my Wii :)

FF XII preorder

Well today I made an preorder for FFXII, as a promotion I will get a poster with the game after a launch.

Well now I must wait till 23 February to get my hands on this great game. 8)

Happy New Year!

Well we got a New Year! :) So I wish you all Happy New Year!!! Okay I show two my best photos of fireworks that I made with my digital camera yesterday.

Christmas time :)

Yup finally we got a Christmas :) Ahh great I will rest some time now. Well as a present I got an IPod and Kingdom Hearts II :D

Beat RE4

Phew finally I beat RE4. It take me 30 hours.  It was a great game with so many cool ideas. The battle on knives with Krauser was awesome 8)

 After finishing I unblocked only Movie Browser, Seperate Ways, Maltida, Infinite Launcher, Proffesional Mode. And that's all!
What with Mercenaries, bonus costumes and Assigment Ada???


My birthday and RE4!

Yeah today I got birthday and I get RE48) I played it 3 hours for now and I can only say that it's awesome!:D It's hard, I died in action in village free times, the man with chainsaw is horrible... brr I go to play a little longer:)


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