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it's that time again school and college are starting back I'll still be around between work and college.

Going, Going, Gone!

Slugger Manny Ramirez's stormy relationship with the Boston Red Sox is over. Ramirez has been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Red Sox will pay the remaining $7 million of Ramirez's contract owed for this season,'s Peter Gammons reported. Outfielder Jason Bay is going to Boston and the Pittsburgh Pirates get four minor leaguers as part of the three-way deal.

It's probabley for the best Manny is a good player but given that he wanted out if Boston would have held on to him he may have stopped playing and they still miss the playoffs And Ken Griffey Jr. got traded to the White Sox.


e3 08

I got to say E3 was pretty awesome this year It sucks I missed Microsoft's conference but I got to Watch Nintendo and Sony Live, They both have some really good games coming out and Nintendo is coming out with new controllers and ad-dons for your wii remote, I wish I had the money so I could have all 3 systems well if you missed E3 you should definitely watch the recorded stream it's worth your time.

Memorial Day

I think we should all take time to remember what It cost to be free. I know a lot of people do not support the war in Iraq or in Afghanistan, but we need to support or troops no matter what, and all those that have died in past wars. Freedom is not free. Because of there sacrifice maybe we can always live a free life.