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Loved the ending. Very similar to Prince of Persia (2008), where the hero sacrifices the point of the whole quest out of love -- the emotions of the game defeat the objective, making it a more moving work of art as opposed to simply a game.

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I'd say for me it's been about 50-50, maybe 60-40 new to used. I buy lots of sports games new, along with AAA titles (Uncharted, God of War, Bioshock, etc.), but I get a lot of titles that are a little less heralded used to try out, or older games where the used prices are dirt cheap.

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I sell my games when I'm not going to play them anymore (hey, radical idea -- why not reach a Pareto optimal solution by letting someone who values the game at $30 have it when I now value it at $0), so I've always benefitted from the used-games market. I also buy perhaps 1/3 of my games on the used game market, although nowadays I'm pretty happy to pre-order the AAA titles I want, play them through, and then sell them on eBay.

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I might phrase this another way, which games would you pay full price for.

I actually shell out the full $60 for Madden and FIFA year in and year out, because even if they make only marginal improvements, I still manage to get dozens if not hundreds of hours of entertainment out of those titles. Of course, I'll typically sell them on eBay for like $30, so really I'm only paying $30 net for the amount I play.

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Wait a year and it'll be $150 because the new PS4 is coming out this holiday season.

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this has just become milking at this point. the series was wrapped up with GOW3.... there was absolutely no reason to make a prequel game.Geminon
I think I agree with this to a certain extent . . . on the other hand, compared to series like COD or Halo, we've still got a while to go before God of War gets old.
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Are you playing on the hardest difficulty setting? I also found the GOW series to be relatively pain free on ordinary difficulties (minus some aggravating boss battles).

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Nope, the cutscenes are identical (apart from Geth/Quarian as you mentioned). It simply changes the ending, and the endings are barely different to begin with.


yea i watched the endings on ign, sure glad i didn't waste anymore time on the multiplayer

also thanks guys

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I think there are lots of exclusives that make it worth it -- I got the PS3 when it dropped to $299 and have absolutely loved it. That being said, we might only be a year or so away from the next gen, and E3's right around the corner, so it might be worth waiting a month and seeing if the console drops to $199.
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LOL we have to kowtow to Ubisoft to get them to release an advertisement? Amazing.