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@Essian: It does have matchmaking for Strikes and PvP, and you could make the argument that all of the characters you find across various maps are a part of the matchmaking process. It's the weekly nightfall strikes and the raids that don't have matchmaking, as they've said they want you to work with people you know well in order to take those down.

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I didn't care much for it. The story felt a little too nuts even by Batman standards. Everything just rolls right back to the Joker when it shouldn't have. The gameplay was fun and all, but it didn't really add anything. And also, the multiplayer was just not fun

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Just...damn. This is insane.

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@mdbuchman: It's both. And you can also get lucky in Crucible matches as well.

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@mdk12345: Like what you like and ignore the haters. That's my advice to you.

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@watchdogsrules: I'll get the expansions, definitely. Don't worry about the haters. They seem to be a minority across the forums.

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@Archangel3371: I'd give it an 8/10 as well, at least in its current state. I actually like having to read about the world through the grimoire cards. If there were a way to implement that system into the game itself like Dark Souls did with its lore, I think it'd be better. As it stands, the (current) story is merely a prelude of what's to come over time. I believe they'll add more as the weeks and months go on.

I'm also gonna do something else: I'm refraining from reviewing the game until I see what kind of content they're gonna bring to the game over the next 2 months. I feel that will be the most appropriate way of analyzing the game's staying power and ability to evolve off constructive criticism.

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Always liked RPGs, action/adventure, puzzle, platformer, and hack-n-slash the most.

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Didn't care much for Ghosts, and I feel Destiny is being reviewed before it's supposed to be.

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I loved both games, so no, I don't consider either to be a flop.