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Minecraft. I normally despise tool-set games like The Sims or anything that makes me have to "build" the game I wanna play, but it's something I play with my girlfriend whenever we wanna just unwind from the day and have a little fun creating homes and stuff.

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@medafaded: It's a cross between Borderlands, Halo, Mass Effect, and an MMO, with a little Call of Duty thrown into the multiplayer. But it still feels like its own game and no other console shooter has ever felt this in-depth, open, or social before.

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Surprised this didn't happen sooner. As much as people go on about Steam being so great, there's a lot they desperately need to improve on.

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@jimmy_russell: I will have to disagree with you, because games I've played 10 years ago like Metroid Prime or even Jak & Daxter I still remember their plots and whatnot. Hell, I still remember the plot to Wind Waker, and I haven't picked that game up in God knows how long. It depends on how much importance you put into the story then, if you don't see it as something to be remembered, but I always put story as equal to gameplay for any game I play.

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@_Judas_ said:

@torenojohn7: Game reviews are a tricky topic. Alot of people, many on this site, reads game reviews as holy gospel and the final word. Most of em' are only interested in the score... Personally, I see reviews as a guide-line, take it into consideration and see if it is correct.

Games like "Army of Two" (the series) have often recieved low to medium score, but I've still bought them and had lots of fun with all games.

"Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City" got an abysmal rating, but I kept my pre-order up, got it and loved it!

I will admit, however, that I did cancel my pre-order of RE6 after all the hype and the poor score it got... I will say that I was heavily disappointed by the demo, aswell, so it wasn't solely based on the review. I honestly don't know what the criterias for a "good score" is for each site. Is it the fun-factor? Is it the graphics? Does a game get +2 points if it is an indie or have 8-bit graphics? I take my reviewing seriously, you can check out my reviews, but I am warning you: they are long and boring...atleast most of 'em. I have lots more to say, but I'm gonna stop here...

Game journalism makes this young (?) medium seem more mature, if that makes sense. I want the gaming industry to be up there on-par with literature and movies. I want games to be studied, I want games to be created, taught and accepted into the media culture. I must admit that I care about games! And I don't like to see my culture, my industry tainted by cheap and fake people!

As our industry climbs it's way up the mountain of acceptence, all these stupid, greedy vultures come flying and pecking at our fingers causing us to drop back down. Now we have to start anew, and it sucks, because we've lost alot of credibility from the fall... will we ever make the climb?

This sounded really good in my head. Did it make any sense?

@Jacanuk : I agree with you. WE, the community can write equally good reviews. Don't you agree? I've played a lot of games in my life... a lot of games. I have acquired a certain taste, it's true, but I am still capable of delievering a well-written review. Even better if I got paid to do it. You can do it too. We all can.

^ Everything this guy has said. I, too, agree games should be on-par with literature and film, because that way more people can respect the medium the way us gamers respect and enjoy it. While games are there on a cultural level, it doesn't necessarily "feel" that way, if it makes sense. The only time games, gaming, or gamers are ever on the mainstream news is if something terrible has happened like a school shooting, and I feel that more positive journalism can change that for the better. Yes, we have our own gaming news and websites, but it's still too broadly focused and biased towards games, and doesn't exactly help getting more games to more people.

Does the current news about Zoe Quinn and Phil Fish suck balls? Yes, it does, but it doesn't change the fact that this is still a great medium to be a part of, even if the maturity on either side still needs a bit of work.

As for reviews, anyone with basic writing skills can write a review. Hell, I write reviews of games if you care to stroll on by my user page (totally not a shameless plug XD). It takes a truly passionate person to write a review that can mean something to someone. Though I do agree that they should be taken as guidelines for purchase rather than the final say on a game's overall quality. For instance, games like Metro: Last Light got great reviews last year. Did I personally enjoy it? No. But I did try it because of the good press alone, so that's something. Same deal with Beyond: Two Souls, though the effect was the opposite with that game (middling reviews for what I thought was a great game). Journalism is a benefit to any entertainment medium, so long as it's as accurate as possible, or provides opinions as guidelines rather than as a final say.

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For a game to be classic to me, it has to have stayed in my head well after either the credits roll or the final score flashes onscreen, or has been out so long that its impact is still felt to this day, like Pong or Super Mario Bros. as two examples of the latter. The former can come from either a great gameplay experience like Mega Man X, a wonderful story that I happened to partake in or control through gameplay mechanics (whether they're "good" or not is irrelevant as long as they do what they're supposed to do in context) like in BioShock or BioShock Infinite, or just have something that impacted my life or point of view in some way or another. As an example of the last bit, The Last of Us, my personal favorite game, not only impressed me by how well it was made (my opinion obviously), but it also cemented my feelings towards someday being a father, that no matter what mistakes are made, your children should always come first no matter what. Now does that mean these are classics to everyone? No, of course not. It's too subjective to consider any game a classic or otherwise, but these are all just my personal opinion on the subject.

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@udubdawgz1: lol hey we all have games we miss out on during our gaming lives. I know I've missed quite a few games over the years, and I only began with Super Mario World.

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@udubdawgz1: The Gamecube Metroid games are about 10 - 12 bucks used on Amazon, so there's a good deal there--though that's the used price, but Amazon usually sells great quality used items, in my experience. Metroid Prime is one of my favorite games ever, and Metroid Prime 2 is a great game as well. Haven't played 3 yet, but now that I have a Wii I can try it.

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I hope this translates to another Metroid game soon, as that's one of Nintendo's most mature franchises. I can see that happening, but I doubt it will come true.

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And so the major releases for this November are now these:

Assassin's Creed Rogue

Assassin's Creed Unity

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Far Cry 4

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

LittleBigPlanet 3

Pokemon Alpha Ruby/Omega Sapphire

Pro Evolution Soccer 15

That is one crowded November in terms of gaming. It's almost overwhelming.