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Guess whos Bizack!!!!!!

Yup,if you haven't noticed I haven't been on Gamespot for......SEVEN FRIGGEN DAYS!!!!!....I repeat SEVEN FRIGGEN DAYS!!!!! I've had to use Gamefaqs which is'nt so bad by the way.

It actually loads forums alot faster, But don't worry I'm still gonna continue using GS but just not as much. Especially snce my PC is still acting up. But if you want to talk you can e-mai; me. But plz none of that union stuff

Cool Level 12

I did'nt even notice that I had gotten to level twelve. Well by now you should know what I do when I get up another lvl, so I won't bother explaining :D.

Surprised no one noticed.....

That I was'nt on the PC for a LONG time. Sorry if you've been sending me messages, and i'm just getting back to them now :P. It's just that my PC is being really retarded.

I've tried to do everything to it and it just keeps on F-ing up. And if anyone wants to know when the next tourny is, well, I dont even know myself :P.

But I do have an Idea thanks to my main man Fierce (He knows who he is :lol: ). But if anyone else has a few Ideas for the Tornements, share them please :) and thank you :D

BTW, I am now Convivial

I am no longer neighborly (I guess its becuase i have over 20 friends) and i am now CONVIVIAL. I've never even heard that word before XD but who cares. Oh yeah, what comes after Convivial? is it popular 8D
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