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House keeping/Bye Bye 360/WAR ROCK

not a lot to say really except that my 360 is now on its way to M$ for repair. Also my school work has suddenly become a lot harder after christmas which is a bummer, i have also just started my chemistary coursework which will be fun to do the experiments.

Also between the 11th-15th of februry i am away in a place called slapton in devon i think, for a geography trip to study rivers and the coast, its going to be a lot of fun and very wet.

Today i have done bit of housekeeping with my games, i have added on the games i have recently bought and got for christmas and added the games that i want including, BURNOUT: PARADISE ,which comes out in 2 days time AND I CANT WAIT, i love the burnout series and i cant wait to play it in an open world.

on a pc gamer note everyone that owns a pc download a game called WAR ROCK its a very good online fps shooter set in the mould of CoD4, you have you team deathmatch and a 1 hit kill mode.there is a good selection of maps split into obvious groups close combat, urban and battle, there are vehicles in it and be careful in capable hands these can turn a match. there are also 5 class's engineer,medic,sniper,assault and heavy trooper, their names give them away but i will explain the to you.

Engineer:can use special hand held weapons and can heal vehicles.

medic:same has engineer but heals people

sniper: obviously is the only class that uses a sniper rifle, also buy a decent pistol like the mpk5.

assault: the easiest class, choose from a wide range of guns, run in and shoot before you get shot.

heavy trooper: the vehicle destroying class, armed with rockets and vehicle mines.

you get exp and dinar (the money) to level up and to purchase newer and better weapons as a starter i would suggest the m4 or ak-47 for assault and the aug for sniper and the mpk5 for the second weapon slot for all class's.

so there we go hope to see you soon on war rock and burnout: paradise.

o and remember its all fun and games untill somone looses a bollock.

~master renagade over and out~

the end of a dynasty and the new year.

ok on the 22nd of december thats 3 days before christmas i get rrod on my 360. i have had it for 21 months and now it is sat in my room waiting to be sent in its coffin to be repaired or the better option microsoft sends me back a falcon model.

now we get to christmas, my main present was an 80gb ipod classic which i love. on the 360 front i didnt quite get what i was expecting i got assassins creed which i really wanted, the simpsons game i am a big fan of them and then my mum instead of buying me mass effect decides to buy everyone scene it i wouldnt of minded if someone else bought me mass effect but nope nothing. so my 360 haul is assassins creed, the simpsons game and scene it. not a great list. BUT i hit the after christmas sales and got lost planet and tabble tennis for a combined £20. i played the lost planet demo and enjoyed it and i like table tennis games but i was never going to pay full price for it so those two with my other games is going to be a nice bundle to play when my 360 comes back.

well its the 2nd today and i go back to school tomorrow revising hard for my exams i have a maths exam on the 9th a chemistary exam on the 10th and a geography exam on the 14th.

well i hope everyone had a great christmas and i wich you all a happy new year.

~master renagade over and out~

o and remember kids its all fun and games untill someone looses a bollock.

chrismas 2k7 (yes i am cool so i wrote 2k7)

well since its around 4 weeks till Christmas i have decided like last year to write a blog about what i am getting. i will hopefully be getting an oldschool 30gb video ipod. i also had to make a list of every 360 game i wanted i shortened it down to about 13 including new ones like mass effect and call of duty 4 and some oldies like 99 nights and enchanted arms.

i would like to know what everyone else is getting for Christmas as i am nosey like that.

promise to update sooner then i did last time.

~master renagade~

and don't forget its all fun and games until someone looses a bollock

back to school

well now chistmas and new year is over i am back to school. all my teachers are asking me wheres my homework or coursework and then i explain to them that i have a 360. imagine the face i get lol. school is ok i mean where is another place where you piss about with your friends for free and then the biggest punishment you get is to stay at home. fine by me i have a 360. screw you punishment system. just wondering when is everyone else back to school and where. also this friday i am going to madrid (spain) for 5 days with the school so now me and my mates can piss about in a foreign country. woohoo.

and remember its all fun and games untill someone looses a bollock.

near year and the aftermath of christmas

first things first HAPPY NEAR YEAR hope you all had a great night. i no its the second but i dont think anyone would of cared yesterday.

these last few days after christmas have been very good
new tv + 360 + new games = no sleep + a great time.

dead rising and saints row are 2 very good underrated games. the save system in dead rising isnt a bad thing its actually very good and saints row isnt just a cheap rip off of gta it is its own game with its own style and the side missions to earn money and respect are brilliant.

hope you have enjoyed this blog entry and there will be a new one next week.

and remember its all fun and games untill someone looses a bollock


i dont know about you but i cant wait till christmas why maybe because i am getting a 26" lcd hd ready tv. not bad for a 15 year old. i would like to know what everyone else is getting for christmas?

and remember kids its all fun and games untill someone looses a bollock.