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We the people...

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We the people of the united url's of gamespot. I have come for an answer. Why the hell did Ken Kesey write One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? Anybody read it?

Anyway in all seriousness im extremely bored waiting for the live marathon of... Drum roll... PLAYSTATION MOVE. Yeah it is freakin beast not gonna lie. I want to play some noobs online in socom 4 and make them feel the pain. I also want some opinions on Two Worlds 2. Any body think this game will kick some Oblivion A$$. I think this sequel has potential. Also please remember to tell me if youre interested in a new union. I dont want to be the only leader. I just want to help it grow. It is an everything Union. I need a name as well. so..

Two Worlds 2

Move vs. Kinect

Union Ideas or Names

Why does One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest exist

Leave comments on any of the yellow phrases or just be random i dont care. Happy Blogging!