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Money saving is hard these days. And ME2 for PS3?!

So i only really wanted to buy four games to save money through this year and the next. But things arent getting any easier. For example... LBP 2 Collecters Edition, Black Ops Prestige Edition, Mafia 2 collecters Edition, Fallout: New Vegas Collecters Edition, and what blew my mind and made my year... MASS EFFECT 2 IS COMING TO THE PS3 HECK YES! I loved the first one but my xbox died after so i switched to the light side of the force. Dumb joke hopefully people catch the reference other wise id feel too old. But anyway i played Dragon Age: Origins and it took a lot to like it. I thought the lack of voice went horribly with the overall progression of the game. And reading some of the things was interesting but it felt like the only way to actually be able to understand everything. So it looks like Bioware hit the nail on the Head with Dragon age 2. The destiny trailer looks beutiful. Thats all for now. Chieff out

And p.s.

Playstation Move =better in everyway thanKinect :P