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Top 10 Favorite games off all time part 1

10.Devil May Cry-It had excellent gameplay and sweet weapons. The boss battles were what really made this game for me. The storyline was amazing also, and having to battle a devil god thing is all the sweeter.

9.Resident Evil Outbreak-Though there were hardly any levels in this game, it still was very fun and challenging. Who wants a game that is unbelievably easy that you can just storm through in 3 hours.

8.Sonic for the sega dreamcast-This was by far my favorite game when I was a kid. It had sweet story line, and cool level designs with great characters and bosses. My favorite was the ending of course for sonic because of his Golden state and having to beat chaos.

7.Halo 2-I will just say know that halo 2 just did not do it for me as much as halo. But it did have a very addictive multiplayer that even to this day I still Play

6.Rainbow Six Vegas-My favorite online game right know (until Halo 3 that is). The greatest add on to the Rainbow six series would be more customization and the cover system. That helps out so much when your playing online.

Part 2 will be released within the end of the month, do to me not knowing how much fun halo 3 will be, even though its obvious, I will have to play to be sure.

On a different note, Achievements R Us is cancelled in a certian way. From now on, when I play a game, I will Give a Review on it and post whether or not you want to buy it for achievements or not., the fall of master chief?, the fall of master chief?

While watching one of the new videos recently realesed for halo 3, I saw at the end of the video a website, This site gives you a full tour of the battle of mambosa, the most epic battle in gaming history. Now once I reached the end, I saw A Brute commander, and in his hand... Master Chief. And what master chief was carrying in his left hand was a plasma grenade, armed and ready for explosion. Now, does this mean that the dimissal of master chief saved earth from total obliteration. We will find out 9.25.2007...

Achievemnts R Us, Delayed

ARU has been delayed do to me not being able to go out and rent TMNT for the 360. So sorry but I will try to rent it this coming week and have the guide in by Sunday the 23. Thank you and please except my apologies.

masta chieffs Most Anticipated Xbox 360 games

As I glanced at someones profile a hour or two ago I noticed that they had a blog for top 10 games they want on xbox 360. So I bring you... Masta Chieffs top ten most anticipated xbox 360 games

10.Thrillvile Off The Rails-Now I now I am a little old for something like this but hey, what could be more fun than catapulting someone off of a roller coster.

9.Enemy Territories: Quake Wars-Quake 4 was somewhat off a dissapointment but it still provided me with entertainment, and this game looks 10x better then Q4.

8.Fallout 3-Any bethesda made game (likeThe Elder Scrollsor fallout series) has my interest.

7.Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare-With such a creative multiplayer system, from what it sounds like with perks and abilities, aswell as customizable classes, this one will leave my wallet empty.

6.Brothers in Arms:Hells Highway-Its a wonder why COD went to Modern warfare when it did. I think they were afraid of what is yet to come.

5.Rock Band-Come on. How awesome would it be to play with someone from across the country on guitar, base, drums, or even making the beats on the mic.

4.GTA IV-Where to start. Oh what do I like about the new GTA. Lets see. EVERYTHING

3.Assassins Creed-I love acrobatics and climbing Stuff (swearing is naughty), so I would think that even if the combat is a little iffy and there were some bugs at E3 there is hope that this game could be 10 out of 10.

2.Mass Effect-First off the graphics are Freaking Amazing! FAN-FREAGIN TASTIC! The biotics and customizable characters and dialog are very detailed and weapons are awesome! Bioware has a GAME OF THE YEAR IN THEIR HANDS! although maybe #1 could be better. HE HE

And now, the moment of truth,the final countdown will reveal that masta chieffs#1 2007 Most Anticipated Xbox 360 game will be none other than

Viva Pinata Party animals. Just Kidding! And the winner is

Halo 3

With anticipated multiplayer, new weapons such as the Gravity Hammer, customizable levels... and as EGM Magazine said you can even tamper with gravity level, new vehicles like the Elephant, mongoose, etc., Halo 3 is my choice for the top 10

Thanks for reading my top 10. Feel free to tell me your feelings, and maybe what your top ten will be.

And dont forget this Thursday I will be starting a new Achievement blog Called "Achievements R Us."

Thanks again for reading and feel free to comment.

New Blogs starting Sep 14. and Sep 30.

New Blog: Achievements R Us-Episode 1-1 Easy Achievements of TMNT/Sep 14

New Blog:How to be a Halo Master: episode 1-1 custom characters/Sep 30

I will Be setting up a weekly blog about hints tips strategies and more on halo 3 starting september 30th. Now me being a acheivment Ho, I have also decided to start a Acheivements R Us guide for anyone wanting to achieve victory. I will give out the easy tips on how to get achievements, as well as the harder ones, and my strategy on how to get them. Cheers, for I am getting ready to get offline for the day.

Halo 3 Machinima

Now this will be a short blog but I just wanted to let you all know that i am going to be making a union for halo 3 machinima. Anyone interested just send me a freind request or just join the union when i am able to make it. thank you and have a good day.

1st Blog Post

I thought since this is my first blog I would just like to Give my opinion on The Game lineup and system rivalry.

First Off...

PS3 Now, the PS3 is a great system and come on, MGS4 who wouldnt want such a game? But here is the thing. There are not much games lined up for the PS3 at the moment and why would you spend 500 dollars for LAIR? Not worth it for such an expensive machine.

XBOX360 In my opinion the leader of the pack. Face it. The xbox 360 is on the ball, with a very nice line up of games like Halo3, Sept. 25 will be a nerds independence day, mass effect,any game from bioware deserves a shot, and assassins creed, i am a freerunning athlete so i find this very intreging.

WII Ok. Were to begin? OH, I know, how about the fact that the best game for the wii is wii sports. now i have a wii and a 360 (with live)so I know about the games. Zelda is an awesome game, dont get me wrong but seriously, what else is there? I hate FPS on the wii because you can so easily move the cursor off screen and go for a spin. If that doesnt annoy you than I dont know what will.