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It cant be that bad... can it?

Recently i have been thinking about Metal Gear Solid 4. Kojima/Hideo (i think thats how they are spelt) said that The Metal Gear Solid Franchise will live on. But without Snake. Now unlike most people, i liked Raiden. But I dont know what MGS would be without Snake. That would be like stripping the game of what it is. I personally think that if MGS4 is snakes final mission than that is where they should end the series. Again I like Raiden but i couldnt see a whole entire game of just Raiden and not Snake having his back like in MGS2. What are your guys thoughts? Should they leave the franchise alone with MGS4, or keep going with the series?

My new series! Must SEE and COMMENT!

Hey, this is partly an update on my interactive blogging series and partly on 2 to 3 new series im going to try to develop. Please comment for the Interactive blogging section, so if you are just going to comment about that read the Interactive blogging section quick.

The Howl-this is going to be my new walkthrough series im planning on, i will do movie walkthroughs. I am going to do voice recording to so dont worry. And i am going to use a microphone to record my voice and a capture card so it is not gay I will also not try to be boring with the voice recording. Example: Go through the door (pause), take a left, there is the key. Thanks for watching. I got the name "the howl" because i like wolves. It also sounded catchy. I hope to have that started by mid July so i have time to perfect some games. I will for sure be doing a walkthrough on Resident evil 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, and probably Drakes Fortune.

Starting:Mid July

Cock it and Lock it-this will be my speedruns through games. Also hopefully done by mid july but it might be pushed out a little longer.

Starting:Quarter 3

Interactive Blogging-Interactive blogging is my way of allowing you guys on gamespot to interact with me. The previous blog before this in interactive blogging asked that you just say what your favorite video game was. I havent gotten enough of those yet. So please comment with your favorite game. If i get enough i will think of more fun things for you guys to do later on.

Later gamespotters

Interactive Blogging 1

Well, ive decided to have a little more fun with a blog for once, keep in mind i love to blog but i really want to get you guys to be in my blogs as well. This is my first interactive blog, so all i want you to do is say what your favorite video game is and then i will post it up next week and hopefully i will have one interactive blog a week. This seems like it wil be fun so i will do my best to make it fun.

Later gamespotters,

masta chieff

Drillbit Taylor and Indiana Jones:KotCS

I suppose I will start off with the movie i saw first. I saw Drillbit Taylor last Thursday and the New Indiana Jones movie last saturday.

Drillbit Taylor

When i first went to go see this movie i really had no desire to see it. I was going to wait to rent it once it came out on DVD. My friends talked me into it so i decided what the heck, i will give it a shot. This is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen. The acting in this movie is absolutely superb and Humor level is great. It does also have a great story line to.

Two nerdy kids are off to there first day of high school. They both show up to the bus wearing the same shirt so one of them goes to run home but has to run back to make the bus. Once they reach the highschool they immediately witness two bullies shove a kid in a locker. One of the nerds decides to stand up for the kid and tell the bullies to stop. This of course results in the bullies picking on them everyday. So in order to try to defeat the bullies they search for their own personal bodyguard. I dont want to go into the movie and ruin it so i will leave it to you to decide.

Grade: A

Main Character: Drillbit Taylor-Owen Wilson (Shanghai series, starsky and Hutch)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull-MINOR SPOILERS

I will say this now that i have never sat down and watched a full Indiana Jones movie until last weekend. I was never found those movies to be very interesting. KotCS changed my mind on how i view indiana jones from now on. The movie starts off in the desert where Indy is captured by Soviets and forced to help them. He of course uses his wit and skill in fights to evade them and escape to a desolate town. After about a couple minutes of searching he realizes that the town is filled with dummies and is going to be nuked. He then proceeds to hide in a refrigerator to hide from the explosion. The movie itself was pretty good but some parts of the movie didnt need to be made CGI. The plot itself is also rather strange with a good but again, strange twist. In the end if you are a fan or just starting the Indy series you will most likely like this attempt to bring the series back.

Grade: B+

Main Characters: Indiana Jones-Harrison Ford (star wars, fire wall), Mutt-Shia Labeouf (transformers, Disturbia)

The most powerful game alive!

I have seen some incredible games in my day but none have come to standards of a new game coming out soon. Its a little something called Alone in the Dark.

The engine in this game is absolutely freakin incredible. The creators really decided that they were going to make this a special game. Now for those of you who are not keeping tabs with AITD here is what stands out in my eyes. The customization. You can combine items in seconds all in real time with no inventory screens. Another thing is the make shift fire system. You can take a flamable item such as a chair and stick it in a fire it will light giving you a make shift torch. How awesome is that. and you can also take some gasoline in a bottle, stab it with a knife, and hold it in your hand while the gasoline pours out, then once you get to your destination you can light the gasoline trail on fire.

I dont know about you guys but this just might possibly be my choice of 2008 game of the year.

this is my current GOTY list...

Metal Gear Solid 4

Little Big Planet



Devil May Cry 4

Alone in the Dark

Halo Wars

This is a great year for gaming, and i hope to see good things out of these games.

Later gamespotters.

My Rating System for all things.

Games- 10 scale

Example: 7 out of 10

Music- 5 scale

Example: 2 out of 5

Movies- Grade scale

Example: B+

Books- Grade Scale

Example: B+

Just want people to get a feel for all my rating systems. And also if you guys/ladies could take a look at my previous blog and help me by commenting that would be awesome.


masta chieff

I need suggestions for my PS3! Please help with comments

Right now i dont currently have a PS3, i am working on it so, i should have it by the end of June. It is not because i cant afford it, but because their is a special going on at gamestop (not gamespot) where some games are 50% off so I will be getting a few titles.

As of now I know i will be getting GTA IV. I might get Uncharted depending on its reviews, but i think i will get it. I will also probably be getting NBA Live 08. And of course i will get MGS 4. I cant wait for that one! Little Big Planet, and HOME are also ones i want, but those are a while away.

Other than that i honestly dont know what i want to get. Please give me suggestions.


masta chieff

pissed off at gamespot

i actually had my top 5 number five series game competely finished and i inserted a picture using the tree thing, and guess what, it erased everything, way to go gamespot, you dumbasses