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Symbolic Sentients of the beloved Dead Space franchise

Basically what the tite says im going to write an essay on Dead space and the entire series in general. I hope to have it completed by march as it will take a while to decipher the symbolism of DS 2 and the novel DS: Martyr, as well as the graphic novel due out December. I have fallen in love with the franchise of late and i am gettin back into it. Once i finish the essay ill post it up on GS. Later Spotters.

My gamerscore challenge and top 10s!

So I had to actually get a new gamertag because i couldnt recover my old one. Sad face. However that is okay. I now have a little over 3,000 gamerscore. My goal is by December 22nd, my birthday, i want to have 10,000 gamerscore. Now that is a rediculous and probably unrealistic task as I really do not get to play video games that much but if i go through call of duty 4 and Black ops that will give me atleast 1700 by the end of the month, as well as finishing my Oblivion achievements which will probably net me around 2,500 more score, propelling me to around 5,550 g-score. then i will need to finish the campaign for reach, beat limbo, beat gears 2, and get the rest of the achievements im going for for mass effect, which will add around 325 g.s., and i think when i finish all those games ill get around 425, so all in all hopefully by december 10th ill have an extra 750 in there which will bring me to a little over six grand. :/

Anyway, I also have three new top tens im considering which are:

Top ten symbolic games

Top ten greatest moments in video games

Top ten most influential multiplayer components

Thats all for now, peace out!

My shiney new xbox

Hey guys i just got a new xbox 360 slim and oh have i missed me old xbox bretheren. My gamertag is ShadowRafe. Hit me up B17CH35

Anyone getting Halo: Reach?

After watching some videos and some serious amount of reading i am fnally deciding to get back into the Halo universe. If you plan on buying the game leave me your gamertag and ill add you as soon as i get another xbox. (i bet you cant guess what happened to it! :P)

We the people...

We the people of the united url's of gamespot. I have come for an answer. Why the hell did Ken Kesey write One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? Anybody read it?

Anyway in all seriousness im extremely bored waiting for the live marathon of... Drum roll... PLAYSTATION MOVE. Yeah it is freakin beast not gonna lie. I want to play some noobs online in socom 4 and make them feel the pain. I also want some opinions on Two Worlds 2. Any body think this game will kick some Oblivion A$$. I think this sequel has potential. Also please remember to tell me if youre interested in a new union. I dont want to be the only leader. I just want to help it grow. It is an everything Union. I need a name as well. so..

Two Worlds 2

Move vs. Kinect

Union Ideas or Names

Why does One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest exist

Leave comments on any of the yellow phrases or just be random i dont care. Happy Blogging!


Money saving is hard these days. And ME2 for PS3?!

So i only really wanted to buy four games to save money through this year and the next. But things arent getting any easier. For example... LBP 2 Collecters Edition, Black Ops Prestige Edition, Mafia 2 collecters Edition, Fallout: New Vegas Collecters Edition, and what blew my mind and made my year... MASS EFFECT 2 IS COMING TO THE PS3 HECK YES! I loved the first one but my xbox died after so i switched to the light side of the force. Dumb joke hopefully people catch the reference other wise id feel too old. But anyway i played Dragon Age: Origins and it took a lot to like it. I thought the lack of voice went horribly with the overall progression of the game. And reading some of the things was interesting but it felt like the only way to actually be able to understand everything. So it looks like Bioware hit the nail on the Head with Dragon age 2. The destiny trailer looks beutiful. Thats all for now. Chieff out

And p.s.

Playstation Move =better in everyway thanKinect :P

Oh my gosh i cant Wait!

Okay this is short sweet and to the point. The mafia 2 demo comes out tomorrow. right now its 11:19 PM and i am bored out of my mind and i have to work in the morning and its my buddies birthday so i wont be able to play it till later. GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

Does anyone want to found a union to benifit Gamespot and help this community?

I use to love gamespot. I was on every single day after school. I talked to buddies id met on gamespot all the time. Now its all changed. My dream is to make a union that will get our veterans of gamespot to relove this site. I want to help this community grow to what it use to be. If anyone is interested, give me a shout on my blog. This is PS3 and XBOX360. I only play PS3 now but why should it mean i shouldnt hang with 360ers? Give me ideas, tell me if you want to be a coleader or officer, give me a name you like, i dont care but lets do this together.

Fallout 3 GOTY review plus impressions on other games.


May i just start off by saying had I never bought the GotY addition I would never have jumped back into the desolete wasteland one last time. Fallout 3 was an underwhelming game that lacked any good endings, and to me, felt as though it was thrown together in less then five seconds. I honestly loathed the game, but a buddy told me to repurchase the game with the expansion packs. May i just say that he was very right.


Out of all the expansion packs the one i found to be the least worth my time is point lookout. Despite finding some decent loot it lasted me about three hours and just felt like it was tacked on. The Pitt would be my first suggestion to start out. With new weapons such as the automatic axe, and a fun side mission that can easily sink in a couple hours of time it is more worth my time then the main game itself. Overall, looking past the pathetic excuses of DLC (POINT LOOKOUT, MOTHERSHIP ZETA), it is a worthwhile purchase even if you only have the main game. If you dont want to buy the game of the year addition, I would suggest you atleast buy THE PITT, OPERATION ANCHORAGE, and BROKEN STEEL.

Score: 7.3


I will say right now I am extremely disappointed by the overall story line in FALLOUT 3. Knowing bethesda (TES: MORROWIND/OBLIVION) I expected to see a great story line with some fun side missions to do during or after the game (which you cant play after you finish the game unless you purchase broken steel). Well, needless to say it was really underwhelming and its easy to blow through this game in a couple days. My main disappointment was the lack of interesting quests. I just couldnt have fun with it. It is not entirely bad, with some missions like entering another vault or the fight with liberty prime (definitly the best part of the main game). But other than that it was pretty pathetic.

Score: 5.5


Now again since i played OBLIVION i expected a vast number of weapons and clothing options. There is a decent amount of guns in the game. I will understand that its a post nuclear war game so weapons and clothes are few and far, but it still doesnt excuse the fact that it just lacks cool equipment. My personal favorite weapon is the lever action rifle which is only obtainable through point lookout. And the clothing options are limited to only a few armors and just a few clothing options, where as OBLIVION had vast amounts of both weapons and clothing/armour.

Score: 6.5


My personal favorite thing to do is just to walk through the games vast amount of destroyed and desolate Washington D.C. and random thrown around towns. They are all incredibly unique in there own way, such as rivet city, which was made out of an old destroyed aircraft carrier, or megaton, which was made around a nuclear bomb that failed to detonate. The landscape itself is just so cold and lonely it creates a unique atmosphere. People to trust are limited. My favorite companion is Dogmeat, your canine companion you save when you walk in on him fighting raiders. The overall artwork and landscape is what saves this game

Score: 8.6

Impressions: GUNPLAY and various GAME MECHANICS

score: The gunplay is laughably bad. its not so bad as to overly ruin the experiece but i hate a first person shooter where you cant aim down the iron sights. Really? V.A.T.S. on the other hand, is AMAZING. it stops time for you to aim at specific body parts on humans, super mutants, and whatever else you desire. When combined with the bloody mess perk, V.A.T.S. is a super fun way to watch a blood bath of body parts and eye balls thrown through the air in slow motion. Also, the dialogue in F3 is superb.One thing bethesda got right was the dialogue. It is always fun to meet new people and have conversations with them. I enjoyed spending hours just talking to new people.

Score: 6.0 (GUNPLAY)

Final Impressions: Despite some minor setbacks, such as a poor framerate when action spins up or the poor story and gunplay, the game makes up for it with the amazing cast of characters and world for you to explore. If you can get passed the bad, Fallout 3: Game of the Year is one of the best RPG titles out there, and a great title for this generation of gamers.


Duke Nukem must die

I have been following duke nukem: forever for... forever and well here is my two cents. THe duke franchise is so cleverly crafted from the raunchiest humor to the most intense of blood baths and fantastic bosses. Duke Nukem was made into an amazing game and in my opinion it being out of 3D REALMS hands is just satanic. I love the Duke franchise and would love to see more come out of it but i just truly believe that the franchise should just be put to rest instead of having some developer come to the franchise completely new and screw up one of my beloved series. What do you all think?