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Update about my gamer's activities

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All right, it's been a while since I last update this journal.
Well, actually, it's been months, but oh well.
These past months I played a little Pokèmon Black and White. I didn't really like those games.
I mean, I like Pokèmon games, but B&W are sooo boooriiing! (big yawn)
And is it just me, or does the graphical compartment suck? Because, it's crappy, when compared to older titles.
Then I played Trinity Universe which I bought years ago and never played before.
I didn't like it very much. But the idea of the animated characters during dialogues is good.
I played Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2. I love that game! And Atelier Meruru, both from NIS America.
They're really good games.
I managed to get my hands on Tales of Graces f (yes, finally!). I'm about to start my third playthrough.
I also played Mass Effect 2 and 3. Only, the ending for the third installment sucks.
I'm thrilled about playing FFX HD this summer and XIII-3 later on.
Right now I'm playing Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. It's a brutal game. I need to grind a lot. 

Trinity Universe

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I've just finished playing Kanata's story in Trinity Universe.
I'll post a review sooner or later.
I don't think I'll give Rizelea's story a try for now, though.
Anyway, look forward to the review.

Atelier Meruru mini review

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Consider this a kind of teaser for the full review, which I'll be writing when I have a little more time.

It's kinda sad that Meruru will be the last game in the Arland series. I really loved the Arland series.

Meruru fixes many of the issues that came up with both Rorona and Totori.

The synthesis system is not as plain and simple, so it gives a new twist to synthetizing.

The battle system is similar to that of Totori in many ways but it adds some spice to it.

Visually the game is superior to both Rorona and Totori, though such a graphics is what one would expect on the ps2 generation games.

The story is lots of fun, with characters coming back from both Rorona and Totori for the gran finale.

Latest DLC for FFXIII-2: a random hard-core FF-fan rant

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So, I bought Lightning's DLC and Snow's DLC.

Now, am I the only one who's bugged by the fact that these latest DLC rather than adding content the story, are more like an all-out fighting bloodfest?

I haven't beaten Caius in Light's DLC yet so I don't know how (or if) a new twist is added to the plot after the fight.

But I don't like SE transforming an RPG into a Street Fighter-like game. :evil:

Random post

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Uhm. Yeah. I was thinking it's time to update my blog.

But nothing clever comes to mind. Too tired.

Have you ever read William Gibson?

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He's considered the father of cyberpunk.
I started to read his books when I was fifteen and the web was still in it's 1.0 stage of development.
Twelve years after, it feels to me as though what he anticipated in his books has started to come to pass.

His newest books, those of the Blue Ant cicle, are set no more in a distant future, but in our present.
I've read both Pattern Recognition and Spook Country. Now I'm waiting for Zero History to be published in my country too.
I may import it from the UK if it takes too long to be translated. After all, English is my second language.

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