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Look back January, February, March PT I I

It's ok to kill an unarmed black kid if you are in Florida

You want steal an an election? Go to Florida. Duh

You want to kill your baby and get away with it? Go to Florida

You make hundreds of bogus 911 calls, stalk people, be caught speeding, driving drunk, and kill a kid who was only carrying a bag of skittles and still get away it?

Yeah go to Florida.

Yeah Florida. I wonder why this state gets such a bad rap? So glad I don't live there. Lowlifes.

Look back January, February, March PT I Julian Assange, Conspiracy Theorist

The long 60 Minutes segment on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange from last night (1/30/11) is definitely worth a look. But this set up from correspondent Steve Kroft was certainly odd:

Julian Assange is not your average journalist or publisher, and some have argued that he is not really a journalist at all. He is an anti-establishment ideologue with conspiratorial views. He believes large government institutions use secrecy to suppress the truth and he distrusts the mainstream media for playing along.

Assange believes the government keeps important secrets? And that mainstream media play along? That is kooky.

Assange: "The statements by the Vice President Biden saying, for instance that I was a high-tech terrorist. Sarah Palin calling to our organization to be dealt with like the Taliban, and be hunted down. There's calls either for my assassination or the assassination of my staff or for us to be kidnapped and renditioned back to the United States to be executed."

Kroft: "Well as you know, we have a First Amendment and people can say whatever they want, including politicians. I don't think that many people in the United States took seriously the idea that you were a terrorist."

Lmao so in Kroft's view death threats are fine as long as they are covered by the First Amendment?

Equally inept journalism was the last comment took seriously idea that he was perceived as a terrorist by right wing nut jobs.

Terrible job as always Steve Kroft-media puppet and dummy.

When people talk about being threatened with death, one doesn't usually respond by pointing to the First Amendment–because death threats are not protected by the First Amendment. And people don't take what Biden and Palin say seriously? Why is every Facebook post by Palin treated as news, then?

Look back on September, October, November, December Pt Two

Ron Paul's racist history,0,4021954.story

"The criminals who terrorized our cities — in riots and on every non-riot day — are not exclusively young black males, but they largely are." Another passage from the article tries to explain how the tumult finally ended, saying, "Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks three days after rioting began."

Wow just wow.

I actually liked Ron Paul. Of course I only knew what I saw on TV which was only a little slice of what everybody saw. He was against the war in Iraq, he seemed different from all the other war mongering, racist Republicans (George W. Bush, Rick Perry) we all have to come expect.

However, as with most politicians they carry a secret past. In the case of Ron Paul, it wasn't infidelity. Hell I think if this racist had to do things all over again, he'd kill to be known as a womanizer than a racist, and he is a racist.

Sad, sad pathetic old man and as we have seen in this pathetic country, there's plenty more were that came from.

Look back on September, October, November, December Pt One

Occupy Movement- Great in general to see so many people stand up against the facist and corrupt rich powers (that includes Democrats, Republicans, and Wall Streetby the way how that bailing all these rich cowards work for this country?)that be of this pathetic country.

The cops pepper spraying have shown themselves to be the agitators, not the peace makers they false claimed they were.

You know they are full of crap when an 84 year old woman gets pepper sprayed

or an Iraqi war veteran whose pretty much paralyzed to begin with gets severely beat by the thugs that are supposed to protect the citizens of this pathetic country we live in.

What a pathetic country the USA has turned into especially this last decade.

Look back on April, May, June, July, August Pt Two

Elisabeth Sladen (1 February 1946[ – 19 April 2011) aka Sarah Jane Smith, so beautiful and talented.

I liked Elizabeth as Sarah Jane Smith probably one of the more memorable companions from Doctor Who. Of course Elizabeth did other roles, but she'll always be Sarah Jane Smith.

Look back on April, May, June, July, August Pt One

Wow this has been a crappy year for the NBA with lockout season. Anyhow, this past summer Shaquille O'Neal retired. Granted Shaq's last couple of years weren't always the best, but he dominated the Nba like nobody else in the near twenty year history he was there since 1992. He and the Lakers definitely have a special relationship. Wherever Shaq went, regardless of whether they won a title or not, he did make the team better. He came up short with the Magic, but Lakers was the team where he got the rings. After Lakers, he got one more with the Heat, but that was it. Lakers dynasty include Shaquille O'Neal as well as the Nba dynasty.


Rupert Murdoch Hacking Scandal

Hack any good stories lately? Lmao I was never surprised. This is the same piece of crap that owns another piece of trash network (Foxnews) that fabricates, lies about the news.

Of course this was common knowledge for a long time. The News of the World has done some of the dirtiest things ever in publication.

Even as far back as the mid 80s, Murdoch's reputation was as pathetic as it is now.

The hit TV and cult classic "Spitting Image" often depicted Murdoch and News of the World as the lowlifes they really are.

Teen Wolf remake

I dug it. I liked the 80s movie with Michael J. Fox. It was what it was. A comedy

The new version totally took in an unexpected, more dangerous, and entertaining direction. It was meant to be more horror than comedy and succeeded at that.

Not too mention some pretty girls

Look back on January, February, March Pt Four

Man shot dead for eating popcorn during 'Black Swan'

What a crazy loony and of course he had a gun. Remember it's gun kill people, not people kill people.

In Blabbering idiot news:

Huckabee: Poverty Will Fall If Single Parents Just Get Married

Lmao Poor Mike Huckabee he couldn't stop being a joke if you paid him.

Look back on January, February, March Pt Three

Arnold Schwarzenegger's failure as Governor as California

Not too surprising to believe really.

First 1) He was a Republican

2) He was good friends with Bush. A recipe for disaster.

Total failures and biggest losers that ever lived. One damaged a state, the other damaged a whole nation for their selfish ends.EPIC Failures. This article pretty much sums his failures like Bush, Arnold was a ignorant, pathetic, little man, and scum

Yeah Hasta la Vista failure

"In his headier and hunkier days, Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke boldly about how "failure is not an option." This kind of bravado worked well in the gym–and in a remarkable career that saw an inarticulate Austrian body-builder rise to the apex of Hollywood and California politics.

But Schwarzenegger's soon-to-be-ended seven-year reign as California's governor can be best described in just that one simple world: failure."

Look back on January, February, March Pt Two

Martin Luther King Jr. was a surfer? Who knew?

Lmao just when you think you've seen everything, you haven't. When I read this article earlier in the year, I wasn't totally shocked. I was appalled sure, but not shocked. Nothing is sacred, nothing.

Article pretty much summed up this garbage very well:

"We don't make this stuff up folks. An Orange County surf shop actually thought it would be clever to have a "20% Off All Black Products" sale to commemorate the life of Martin Luther King Jr., whose federal holiday was Monday.

Some genius at Thalia Surf Shop in otherwise hippy-dippy Laguna Beach put two and two together and came up with the idea of a black-products sale, which was supposed to run through Wednesday, according to our sister publication OC Weekly.

Bad taste? Yeah. We can't even begin to fathom the backlash a brown-products sale -- for say Ugg boots -- would create on Cesar Chavez Day.

You see, the fact that surfers often aren't exactly Rhodes Scholars finds a way to reassert itself every few years. (Ironically, the whitest of SoCal sports started in Polynesia and should be rightly be claimed by Asians)."