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My Dear Friend... I'll make sure she gets there!!

Hello people, it's been a while! Sorry I don't go on GS regularly anymore, I will try when things are straightened out.. The reason I made this blog is for a very important thing.

I have been trying win my dear friend tickets to a Kpop Concert. She's a real sweet person who doesn't ask for much, and she loves Kpop! So I decided to enter the contest for her. So far I have already entered two contests that have taken so much energy from me. I didn't win either contests. After finding out there would be a third contest, I just wanted to die. I realized though that I went this far and and so I'm seeing this through to the end.

For this contest, I created a video entry using storyboard animation which took me a few days to make. Who ever can get the most views on their entry wins.

This is where I ask all of you out there, to take moment and watch my video. I promise you, at the very least it's an entertaining 2 minutes. If you like it, please share it with others if you can! Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.

I have lost all my dignity and shame trying to win her those tickets. But it doesn't even matter to me anymore. OTL

PLEASE WATCH my video on Youtube and share :(


Wait, WAT? Where Am I? Oh yeah, SDCC 2011 and Tekken Blood Vengeance!


Hello, I'm pretty sure most of you don't remember me, but I'm back anyways. Yeah!

So what have I been doing lately? I just took a bit of time breathing fresh, outdoor air inside my house and finding love where love can't find me (also inside my house). If that didn't makes at least a bit of sense, then good. I don't think it should. But if it does, then you know exactly how I'm feeling. Yup.

Anyways, the reason I'm on here is because it wouldn't be right for me not to post anything Comic-Con related for this year. I've done in the past years so I might as well keep going with it. But instead of photo-spamming the hell out of this blog space, I'll simply link you my first teaser video I've made for this year's SDCC. There will be more to come, so check out my new Youtube account for all the things I will be doing from now on...

San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Cosplay N' Games Teaser

If you wouldn't mind "liking" my FB page, MartialBullet Productions, it'll definitely make it easier for me to make more videos and post more pictures! Yup, something for me to finally do. Oh, and one more thing...

I also went to the Tekken Blood Vengeance LA Live Premiere which was worth the drive up to LA. My thanks goes to Imari Yumiki (cosplayer) for letting me know about the event! I had a chance to meet with people involved in the making of the film as well as being able to play Tekken TT2! Oh and the movie itself was great. If you have prior knowledge to all the past Tekken games and consider yourself a fan, the film will most likely be enjoyable for you. (Lee Chaolan, that is all) If not, then the only value you will find are the gorgeous mo-capped CGI and spectacular fights. Probably the innuendo as well. I also have a video for it if you want to see what went down XD

Tekken Blood Vengeance LA Premiere Quick Look Video


So that's it for now, see ya'll later cowboys.

Remember Me? *Visor Flips Open* Japan Tyme and Indie Game Article on Radiangames

Hey guys! How ya'll doin'?

Sorry if I haven't been on Gamespot much, but things have been totally hectic for me. So what's been going on here at GS? I notice that I have a new rare GS Emblem, called the Remarkable Member! :shock:


Ironically, it's for those who frequently update their profile :P Though I guess I got this a while back during Comic-Con...

Anyways, I've been studying on all things Japan lately. I took a language course which I have been failing miserably, but I'm catching up slowly and trying to make use of what I'm learning. Maybe I'll try heading to a cosplay gathering in Japan :lol: After watching so many Japanese shows, I've also been contemplating about making a film based on tokusatsu series like Super Sentai. With just some equipment and help from a few people, hopefully something can materialize before December. I'd say the hardest part is getting the costumes >__>


Lastly, as mentioned previously that I became a contributing editor for Digital Hippos, I really haven't been doing much contributing T_T Here's one I did recently on Luke Schnedier of Radiangames. If you're into old-school esque, twitch based, indie games, you'll love what he's got. Best part? The games are as affordable as an XBL indie game can get. Got a buck to spare?


DH Developer Spotlight: Luke Schneider of Digital Hippos

So that's it for now, I'll see you guys later!

The Huge Comic-Con Blog - The Highlights, Photos and Things You Must Know


Now streamlined for less scrolling! Sort of...

Well, will you look at that? Another year, another Comic-Con. The past Cons have been quite exciting, and this year was no different. There were a boatload of announcements, reveals and previews... a bit of something for everyone. Was this the best one yet? Did any of you find something good out of it? Before you answer that, allow me to show you what I saw and maybe you'll be interested enough to come over here yourself!


I've always loved the toys and figurines Kotobukiya had at their booth, but I could never buy one myself. This year, I had some cash to burn and boy, do the flames smell ever so sweet. Before heading to SDCC, I had already pre-ordered the limited White Phoenix Statue online. At the booth, I was hoping to buy a Psylocke, but unfortunately it was sold out even before Preview Night was over. What?! Well to make up for it, I ended up buying a Kasumi and Scarlette Witch. No loss at all there. Each one with such fine craftsmanship. The best part? I ended up winning a Dark Phoenix in a trivia contest! Even though I know quite a bit about Marvel trivia, I felt like they gave it away too easily. In other words, they felt sorry for me standing there like a lost pup that they gave me the prize :P No, they're great.


And if that wasn't enough, Capcom had a blowout sale at the end of Sunday where they were selling a finely made Chun-Li bust. Yeah, a bust means her greatest asset is nowhere to be seen, but at 15 bucks, I just couldn't pass it up. I only regret not buying two!


Want to know some artists? Can't have Comic-Con without them! The only problem, I hardly saw ones that I knew. So here are some names I'm just going to throw out there: Greg Horn, Adam Hughes, Stjepan Sejic, Jim Lee and Nicole Brune.


Hughes living the life

Maybe you're in the mood for some crazy films. How about Alien vs. Ninja? Yes, Aliens vs. Ninja. Or maybe Mutant Girls? Another great pick would Detetective Story and serveral other great indie martial arts films from They've been in Comic-Con for some time and should get more attention!


Aliens vs. Ninjas x Super Spies


Mega64 needs you so bad. They want you, call them now.


By success, I mean people wanting to take as many photos of you as possible. While I did craft up some tri-goggles and bought an eyepatch (Can someone say Splinter Snake?), I wouldn't really count that as cosplaying. It was just something I wanted to do to get Kojima-san's reaction, which was quite positive actually! Too bad Konami staffers could only take the pictures and didn't even have the courtesy to upload mines. :?

So while my creation was a poor excuse for cosplay, here are some definite stunners that wowed the halls!


The worst cosplayer with the very best! Worst being me. I'm the guy in black. No, not one in shades. Oh, forget it.

- Photo belongs to Linda (Morrigan, left) who posted it on her fanpage


Next time, Splinter Snake will get his revenge on Konami. But for now, Lady Raiden gets the cake.


For a gloomy San Diego, Black Suit Spider-Man sure was fitting


Stark gets it with Bayonetta. No surprise there.


This is just getting sad... At least Cammy turns the other cheek *Ba Dum Dish*

*sound of crickets*


Being a Witchblade fan, I aprrove. Then again, I didn't know this was Witchblade 'till 'Lodi here said it.



Had enough of TF2 cosplayers? Well too bad.


As Keanu Reeves would say, "Whoa." Not even Hollywood gets this much action all at once. Michael C. Hall just strolling through Gaslamp? David Hasselhoff and his family in a mini parade through the streets? Insanity! And while I love seeing the actors, the stars come out to say hi and mingle with their fans (like me), I gotta say... tone it down a bit! Yeah, that's right. Me, the one who loves taking pictures with celebs says it's too much. Why? It can cause a lot of chaos in an event that's quite unruly already. Many of you may have heard of the face stabbing incident that went on in Hall H (preview hall). That argument was just over a seat that the attacker wanted, think what would happen if it was over an autograph or picture with a star.

Though with that being said, this was the biggest round up I've seen yet. Was I excited like a giddy school girl? You bet!




Salt? She seems pretty sweet to me... Yup, okay, that was lame.


This just in: Mark Christopher Lawrence to star in Pan's Labyrinth 2

A lot more were at Comic-Con like Olivia Wilde who I was close to taking a picture with. Unfortunately, publicists will always rush them. That's just how things are I guess.

On a further note, this may be my last time doing this. I might just chill and wander throughout the halls for future Comic-Cons. So unless they've got the cojones to pass through the exhibit (Jerry O'Connell and Daniel Day Kim did), I don't think I'll be brushing elbows with much star types in Comic-Con anymore. Well, we'll see.


  • Meet Michael C. Hall - NO
  • Take a Picture with Hideo Kojima while wearing Tri-goggles - Technically, YES (Konami was supposed to post the pictures on FB, but they failed. I still take the points, damn it!)
  • Take a picture with Alision Haislip wearing the same shirt as last year - NO (couldn't even wear the same shirt from last year)
  • Buy at least 3 statuettes from Kotobukiya - YES (Won a Dark Phoenix to boot, yeahhhhh!)
  • Take pictures with at least 20 different cosplayers - NO (not even half :()
  • Speak Japanese to at least 5 different Japanese people - Half Credit
  • Win a Capcom Tourney and annoy Seth like usual - Annoying Seth part - YES
  • Messed around with Mega64 - YES
  • A bag full of swag - YES
  • Meet Stan Lee - Not really, but it was great seeing him. Still - NO
  • Meet at least one celeb... and make them wear the tri-goggles - Met a lot, and made one guy (not a celeb, though) wear the goggles - That balances out I suppose! - YES

Success? Sure, why not.


  • Don't carry too many items. Even half a bag of swag can weigh you down and tire you out for the rest of the day. 2 bottles of water is heavier than you think.
  • Panels at Hall H are there for the hype, not the previews that get leaked minutes later on Youtube
  • No more baby strollers damn it.
  • Crowding has been an issue for some time, how about using a cowcatcher?
  • Even with Marriott, there needs to be more of an expansion if it's going to stay in San Diego.
  • TheGamespot and CNET booth is ALWAYS busy. Where can I get some love around here?
  • More swag please
  • Looking pathetic can probably win you a free figurine
  • The goggles really do nothing
  • Wearing a blazer to SDCC in the middle of summer is the smart thing to do

So with that, I'll leave you with some more photos. I'll create an extended blog (or more so, a Part 2) to show more segments and information on Comic-Con with a video! Keep track of it!


Forget Splinter Snake, it's Splinter Gears! *Arms break due to the weight*


@RyanM Oh so busy!


No gang signs, please. Oh wait, that says LA.... no gang signs, please


Okay, I'm pretty sure those are gang signs


I finally give in to the peace sign with Seth. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

swag and oods

Some of the swag, autographs, prizes and purchased items from SDCC

Comic-Con is Just a Few Days Away... What I've Got and a List of Things to Do

So it's that time of year again... where I go into a corner and cry myself to sleep realizing how pathetic my life is. But before I do that, I'll be attending San Diego Comic-Con International on the 22rd to 26th.


- Picture by Nerd_Man

There are quite a lot of interesting things such as the first preview of the Green Lantern film, Dexter Discussion panel, a bunch of new video games announced and demo-ed, and... well everything geek-centric with the center of it being comic books of course.

For the very first time, here's a little something I'll be bringing with me to the Con (the pic shows just an early build of the frame, the finished product is painted back with green lens and a head strap):


Paper mache? More like tape and cardboard abomination! The goggles du nating!

So what are my plans for those 4 days? I really don't know yet. Though what I've heard and seen from the schedules, I've made a rough list of "Things To Do". Many of these are pretty ridiculous and hard, but its for the funnies.

  • Meet Michael C. Hall (and the cast of Dexter -optional-) and try to get him to make a shout out for a few guys
  • Take a picture with Hideo Kojima while wearing my tri-goggles - Ultimate WIN! = 100 points + Speak to him in clear Japanese
  • Take picture with Alison Haislip wearing the same shirt as last year with her... while wearing tri-goggles.
  • Buy at least 3 statuettes from Kotobukiya - That's gonna hurt the wallet big time
  • Take pictures with at least 20 cosplayers... while wearing tri-goggles
  • Speak Japanese to 5 different Japanese people in the biz (That can include Kojima) Wearing tri-goggles is optional
  • Win a Capcom booth Tourney and then afterwards annoy Seth Killian like I usually do
  • Convince Mega64 to do a "Now Playing" prank in the hall. That, or just mess around with them. Where's Kieth Apicary when you need him?
  • A bag full of swag - It's a given
  • Meet Stan Lee and ask him what he thinks about my tri-goggles. Oh, and have him sign my book.
  • Meet at least one celeb... and make them wear the tri-goggles.

Hmm, maybe I should use the tri-goggles in more situations.

Though with such fun comes also the most frustating and tiring experience ever. Crowding, tight schedules, incompetent Elite staff (not all, though), rushing, limited resources... This is where the Feedback panel makes it's use. Many will be there, especially the KCCISD (Keep Comic-Con in San Diego). I'm actually supoporting the cause. Ironically, I now live in Orange County meaning if CC moves to Anaheim, it'll be closer to me. Anaheim's convention center is actually really sweet and very big, but it wouldn't be the same. Eventually, it will suffer the exact issues too. The Main Hall, Hall H, the usuals (of many decades too!) know the place around SDCC. Right now, while the pros outweigh the cons, it's pretty close. Hopefully an expansion is in the works. Maybe even holding another CC in another region at the same time? That's the smart thing to do.

Anyways, who else will be attending? Users or editors, it would be cool to see any of you guys there. I'm looking at YOU Lord_Daemon :P

If those following aren't attending, then just keep an eye on Gamespot (and my updating blog :P) for the latest pictures and videos.


The streets of Downtown may be empty now, but come by July 21, it's gonna be geek mecca

Downside of Digital Distribution: Distributor Expiration? Where's My UMK3?!

Recently watching the live action test trailer (multiple times) got me excited about Mortal Kombat again. That rushing feeling of yelling, "Get over here!!" when I'm actually just lassoing someone in Red Dead Redemption. So what's a person to do with such strong emotions at the moment? Play the theme song over and over again? Did that. Well, I thought I'd buy Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 on Xbox Live Arcade. That's when I found out something horrible... it was gone! What. The. ****.

Well apparently after Midway went kaput, due to certain publishing rights, it was taken off XBLA. Sigh. Now I may be forced to purchase the gimmick that is Mortal Kombat: Armageddon on the PS2 just for UMK3. The unlocks can't even be saved in that version. Is that really the reason of why it was taken off? I can't be sure, but is Mortal Kombat 2 still on PSN? Some have said it's still available. So can it be that managment on XBL took if off for some other reason?

A similar case happened with Double Dragon on XBL. When publisher Empire Interactive closed down, Double Dragon was taken off Live. Being a fan of the game, thankfully I bought it a while ago way before it got delisted. But a new problem arises. What if somehow it gets deleted? I will be upgrading to a 250 gb HDD later this year, and I've heard transfers weren't always so smooth with content corrupting and forcing others to download it in the marketplace again. Now this may be the paranoia talking, but I do have a history of doing some brainless things like deleting a Conan O'Brien Clip that's no longer available... ANYWHERE! For now, that is. But STILL!


What's it like now that you know you'll never be able to play this redrawn HD version? Huh, indifferent you say? Oh, okay.

Now the thought of Digitally distributed games/DLC strikes me with more fear than ever before. Okay, that's an exaggeration. It's a only a little bit of fear. Though even a little bit can go a long way in screwing with your purchase decisions. How should I or anyone else know some games would not be available later on? I like to wait for prices to go down and I don't want to be forced to buy every single one now. Does this mainly affect XBL users? Possibly on PSN and Wii? In any way, this is something that wouldn't be such a problem with hard copies. Even if a pubisher goes out of business, hard copies are still available and even when sold out, that's when a used copy can make it's use. On a similar subject, now I feel like I have to be one of those kind of people who wait for GOTY Editions with all the DLC packed in already. Content being corrupted or deleted has begun to give me shivers.

I still feel like DLC can do some great things with it's sheer convenience even though so many publishers are capitalizing on it (leaving our wallets empty) and the cracks with the whole publisher expiriation (or so they say) and.... wait, what was I saying again? Oh yes, screw DLC. SCREW IT!

*Waits for Earthworm Jim HD to complete download*