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In the beginning, I created this kinda crappy blog. Then I said, "Let there be words!" And it happened.

ABOUT ME (kinda')

Right now, I am pretty much always busy failing at doing homework for STUPID school. BUT, on my "extra" time I am pretty busy doing my online Algebra1 math and chatting online with a friend. Oh yeah and by the way, this is the Cascade Sound marching band which I am in:

So ya there you go.


Anyways, the instrument I play in marching band is the Marching Baritone/Euphonium. I normally play the Trombone in Honors Wind Symphony, where I am 2nd Trombone, only because our director, Mr. Staley, puts grade before skill, otherwise I would be 1st Trombone. I am a talented Trombonist with a great ear, decent tone, excellent rhythm, and I excel at sightreading. Here is my most recent Solo Ensemble recording: