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Microsoft Conference summary


  • New xbox 360 model available today
  • Updated gold membership giving free games
  • World of tanks coming to 360
  • Metal Gear solid
  • Max the curse of the brotherhood
  • Dark souls 2 gameplay
  • Ryse Gameplay interesting
  • New Killer Instinct   and will have classic arcade joystick available
  • Sunset Overdrive has the passion of overstrike (Insomniac)
  • Forza Motorsport Five
  • Minecraft xbox one edition
  • Quantum break gameplay
  • Project Spark new creativity toy, really impressive
  • Smart Glass Promotion
  • Partnership with twitch
  • More than 100 friends finally
  • Microsoft points becoming real currency
  • Crismson dragon- lol it failed to load the sound for the trailer.
  • Dead rising 3- cool
  • Witcher 3
  • Battlefield 4 second assault
  • Below- small indie title?
  • Black tusk studios making triple A game, no name given
  • Halo 5
  • Price $499
  • Titanfall Respawns game ( the guys that use to be part of infinity ward), some cool gameplay, jetpacks, robots, makes me kinda happy they dont have to make cod anymore lol

Feel a little pessimistic towards xbox one right now

So the new xbox was revealed yesterday and i went into watching the conference with excitement. When it was over, i was more angry and bored than excited to see whats to come. There are alot of problems i see going on with the new xbox and im not even referring to the kinect promotion (althoguht i think they spent way to much time on that). Lets lists the things i find to be a problem. Some are big, some are small, and some are personal tastes

No used games, a fee is required to play if you do have a used game (so dont expect to even borrow from a friend to try it) plus the fee is rumored to be as much as the games costs.

While the always online is confirmed to be not true, it still requires an internet connection at least once a day. this issue will vary based on how good/bad your current internet is.

No Backwards compatability of any kind, this i feel should be integrated for early models as a new gen console always starts with very few games. Perhaps at least let us play things we downloaded on our 360 hard drive onto our new xbox.

Xbox hard drive is non-replacable. Combine that with games that are required to be installed and im sure many will run out of space fairly quickly

No support of SD TVs

Rather than trying to compliment current devices, its trying to be all in one. This wont work as tv and cable networks can do you tv stuff better, computers can do your interent related stuff better, and things smart phones and tablets appear to be more efficient to use for the simpler things. 


Now I AM OPEN TO THE IDEA THAT IT CAN BE GOOD.  I just feel like these issues are going to cause problems amongst the gaming community. E3 appears to show promise with the 15 exclusives annouced and we dont even know things like price. I just hope microsoft knows what its doing.

Id like to play as the zombi in a zombie apocalypse story.

recently, zombi games seem to have been getting a bit of a re-emergence and spice up thanks to new perpsectives such as the walking dead and zombi u. Even if its the usual zombie apocalypse, the story and the gameplay have been recieving a few new interesting elements to it so it got me thinking of what they could do next with zombies. I couldve sworn that in some mythologies zombies need to eat brains to survive (and not just because thats how zombies are). Normally you play as one of the last 20 humans left on earth but i would like to see it from the other perspective. After all, what happens when there are no humans left for the zombi's to feed on? it becomes an apocalypse for the zombies themselves. It would become a survival game sort of, where you must hunt for humans to feed off of in order to survive and the difficulty would increase based on how many defenses they have. An average joe is an easy resource, but stumble upon a guy whos using milatary equipment and he could be a boss. Give it the zombi U type of life system too where you essentially get only 1 life. 


Just a thought/rant. Thanks for reading!


So its been a while since ive signed on here. I see some of my favorite bloggers are still around which is nice. Whats new on gamespot?

I think mirrors edge 2 should be developed for wii u (not exclusive)

So alot of rumors and statements have been said about mirrors edge 2, for the most part it seems its being developed at a slow pace and even been teased in a battlefield 3 dlc pack (you can find faits shoes on one of the buildings) and based on that tease its gauranteed for xbox 360 and ps3. However, i think it should also be developed for the wii u, not just because im a nintendo fan, but i think the gamepad could solve of of mirros edges biggest issues. Its quite clear that while the first game is fun, first person platforming still has a few issues to work out like how you have to look down at your feet in order to judge certian jumps. I feel the wii u's gamepad and the idea of getting multiple views is the way to fix this issue.

I just felt like saying that

Marios next big journey should be across time

As much i love mario, i do have to admit that the new super mario bros series is starting to bore me. They are fun games with good quality but they feel like the same game over and over again. This video i stumbled upon sums up most of my thoughts of how mario is starting to loose his touch.

If you dont want to watch the video, the gentlemen in this video is basically saying that "We are used to nintendo making us do the same things over and over again with mario but they always would present it to us in a way that made it feel new again....until recently" and for some reason they have decided to stop doing that with mario platformers latly. From my perspective i have a feeling nintendo is unsure where to take mario next as space is considered the final frontier and i believe their answer should be to take him through time.

Like with mario galaxy having many galaxies, this mario game could have many time zones while still keeping that nintendo feel. Like a prehistoric dinosaur level, a prehistoric caveman level, an ice age level, a midevil level, a war level (though toned to be friendly like saaaay toads vs kooopas firing bomb-ombs) and even a futuristic level if they want to do more galaxy like gameplay. I think with this level of flexibility, it could be really easy to come up with missions for stars (or other items to collect). You could climb to the top of the castle in the midevil level, you could help a caveman-toad build his wheel ( i could see chizeling with the WiiU gamepad touchscreen by tapping to work well with that), you could help unfreeze a mamoth like character in the ice age level and he could give you a star as thanks.

Now im not hating on nintendo entirly or saying they are lacking inovation (skyward sword for example feels very different and new compared to twilight princess and other m gives a completly different feeling from the prime seires) , its just weird to see nintendo stop innovating with mario in his MAIN GENRE.

Thank you for reading, feel free to post any thoughts in the comments

WTF happened with Nintendo yesterday?!

I am an angry Nintendo fan. Nintendo had the easiest chance to steal the show especially with a new system launching. Their plan and hype was to bring back hardcore gamers to the system. they showed off the new pro controller sunday that looked like a 360 controller giving the impression of hardcore games (shooters especially) and when the conference comes around what do they do? they just go back to showing casual games. (Im not including the 3ds titles in this rant because they have theiir own extra conference). Heres the thing, they HAVE good games coming out. Mass affect 3, Assassins creed3 , pikmin 3, rayman legends, zombiU, Darksiders 2 and that platinum games project (P-100 something) are all big titles that we want to see. Instead they spend an excessive amount of time showing Wii fit U, Sing, Just Dance 4,a lego game and 20 minutes on that nintendo land game. Now you can counter that with the fact that they showed off hardcore games at the conference like batman, mario, etc but they kept pushing those aside. Heres the final thing that shows they did not succeed. Nintendo confused the general public last year making them believe that the controller was A. The new console or B. Another accessory to the regular wii. Today or yesterday a big new channel CNN just did a report on the Wii U and they STILL think its just the controller being an add on. We all know that news show dont do good research on games but this still impacts the general publics view on nintendo. THe conference lied to the hype and failed. I hope the 3ds show cheers me up.

Sonic 4 shouldn't have been made.

Before you comment with anger (big sonic fans who are reading this) let me say what i mean by this.

Sonic 4 episodes 1 and 2 are not bad games, but even if they were the most amazing games ever they wouldnt earn that "4" in their title. Im simply saying these games should have been called something else and not sonic 4. Let me use another example, nintendo also brought mario back to his 2D roots when they made new super mario bros (DS and wii), do you really think either of those games could earn the title super mario bros 4? These sonic games feel like reboots rather than sequals by referencing the older genisis games rather than adding on to them for the most part. This might not be the best worded explination but i hope you understand the point i wish to get across

I got the PS Vita!

I picked up mine on launch day along with the game little deviants. I figured since every system these days have some kind of gimmick/feature on it that the best way to test it out is with a minigame collection. Let me just say that the vita is a beautiful piece of hardware. The OLED screen is beautiful, the rear touch panel is pretty cool, its built in hardware (like camera, sound system, touch screen, augmented reality capabilities) trumps the 3ds ( i still love my 3ds dont worry lol). The launch line-up is also much better than how the 3ds launched. It has exceeded my expectations and i have high hopes for its future

PS. The announcement of pokemon black 2 & white 2 is kinda cool but i wanna see how sequally it really is before i get excited. Right now i feel like its their way of making pokemon gray without actually calling it grey lol. Lets wait for more details.