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marioandpauline Blog

Pauline in Mario sluggers

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Now Nintendo should puit her in Mario Sluggers (baseball) for the Wii. People really want her in Mario games mostly her fans YAY! but others too! dont you think there should be more nicer characters than more babay clones? and other boaring characters!. They will bring her back in the near fucher (spelling) :)

Pauline for Mario Kart Wii

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Nintendo comfirmed Pauline to be in Mario Kart Wii but all pauline fans hopes were bought to an end when they did not confirm her.

Pauline would be a middle weight character with a dark anglaina jolioe kind of voice (sexy...) and her style for karts and bikes would be glamouras style! it would be nice to see pauline in mario kart. here are reasons.

1. Nintendo comfirmed rosalina

2. they have allready done a 3d model of pauline so it would be sa peice of cake to include her

3. she could make her way into more mario games like this. once someone shows themself they are likeley to stay!

mabey there was too many characters.. oh well... Hopefully now we can only hope and pray that she will be in the upcoming super mario sluggers (baseball) for the Wii!

and as for me, I will hope and pray too!

What do you think of mario and pauline?

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:D hiya! my name is Hannah! and im a big fan of mario and pauline! I know everything todo with mario and I have tones of fan stuff! I have a sister called Kate who likes peach! :| I think paulines hot!