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I've been gone for... a LONG time.

And I've been doing absolutely nothing in that LONG time... How are you holding up? Because I'm a potato. I've been doing a ton of stuff on MC and Steam, lately. I've been using I've a lot in this blog. I've I've I've I've I've... I've been playing TF2 a lot. I think that it's really good, considering it's free. If you wanna add me as a friend on Steam, go ahead. I'm GoldenFalchion. Also, everyone is a Spy. EVERYONE: No Exceptions. I'm really just typing whatever comes to mind now. Man, I was reading earlier posts back when I used to go on GS all the time. Oh, the memories, and all that crap. Someone's annoying me on skype now. I should probably do something about that. Wait here...



It was my frinde trying to get me to watch a 20 min vid of a SpongeBob YTP. But it's a newer one, so It sucks. YTP's aren't how they used to be. I watched the first10 seconds, and it was all like, PINGASPINGAS SPAGHETTI MEATBALL. Umm, oh yeah, I was at a Pokemon Tournament a while ago. It was awesome. I did nice, but I sorta used a banned pokemon. I won by Crit once, and the other dude was pissed off. Fun times. I should really ramble on more often, like when I'm bored. But not like that vid, just when I'm bored. Anyway, I think I'm gonna stop this here, because I don't wanna make you read a whole essay in "chunk format" Hurr Durr. That would normally lead me off into some other kinda rant... A, "Mini-Rant", if you will. But I digress, I won't go into the mini-rant, just because it would take WAAAYYY too lang. Also, no giant typos were made, so I guess that's some sorta record for me.

Hi. I'm bored

I'm bored. I guess I might ramble on and on now. But then GlitchSpot is probably going to glitch and be glitchspot. I haven't been on here in forever. Probable because the glitches drove me away. Ummm what do I say. I remember when my cousin created the whole account for me. He also created an account for my brother and cousin. My other cousin saw it once and completely forgot about it. Kid I carus uprising is amazing. I think it's only second to MK7. But It's erally hard to compare since they are both completely different. I think I've rambled on enough for now.

I dont know what to say

Umm. I don't really feel like blogging, so I think I'll make it a short one. Merry Christmas. Going to Florida. Dubious prognosis of dubious things. Tobuscus is cool. Ambassador games rok!


I got minecraft pretty recently. But I really want to play multiplayer. I tried to create my own server, but it didn't work Help me!

Got Skyward Sword!

I got Skyward Sword. Don't spoil anything, but I think that I can take all hints and pieces of advice. I just got to the first place on the surface. I don't see why GS said it had bad controls. I got the game and the remote seperately, buy my mom found the bundle, so I'm going to give the game and remote that I got earlier to my cousin, and keep the bundle for myself. Don't expect a review though, but I might.

I felt like posting a blog,

So I did. Today I was on one of the more stranger sides of youtube. The crappy ytp part full of PINGAS! There are some really... Interesting videos there. My mom wanted to get an IPad for my daad, and I said that he wouldn't like it and he'd say no, but she's all like"But we're going to Florida, heneeds it." and stuff like that. He saw it and said no. Y SHE NO LISTEN TO ME! I SMART!We have a huge map of the U.S! Why would we need an IPad! Everybody knows that maps a waaayy more high-tech than IPads! It's common sense!

I is bored

I have nothing to do now, so I think I'll just blog. I think htat I probably won't do a blog everyday, but I will be blogging more often. I wonder how much a GameCube costs now. I bet that you could buy almost 10 GameCubes with the money it takes to buy a PS3. 10 whole GameCubes! I think that the GameCube deserves more love than that. Today in science my teacher was teaching about weathering. To help learn about abraison, she threw rocks like bowling balls! Hooray for bowling with rocks. I dislike spelling errors. I'm hungry.

-Mario "Disliks spelling errors"Fanatic

Super Mario 3D Land is ggrrrrrreeaaatt!

I'm at the end of world 7 already. Very fun game. I'm trying to be more active on GS again, yet I think that won't happen. My birthday is next saturday(11/19) so I think I might get Cave Story 3D. Nothing really hapening then. Might have dinner at some place. Other than that, I think nothing is really going on. I noticed that for an update on the 3ds, on the friend list, it says join game. I wonder what that is. I just remembered how great GS is when it's NOT GLITCHING OUT ON ME!!! Haha, there was this one lper doing a stream and he was reading a hate comment and than he said "Hey, try caps lock. I'm pretty sure your pinky finger hurts from holding down shift." I think I might try to post/blog daily, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen. I love my laptop. It feels great just to type on. I think I'm just blowing my load here on what to say, so I think I'll just stop here.

-Mario"Running out of things to say"Fanatic

I'm going to try to do one of those things at the end because I've seen maybe one or two people do that before. Just tell me if you think it's copying or stealing or anything that bothers you... If it pertains to anyone. Did I even say that right or something like that? Jeez, I really should stop now. Ooh, I figured out a way to end my blogs now. Let me try it out... Actually, I read it and it sounds totally bad. I'm just going to end it off here. Why do I keep doing that. I keep saying here, but I type hree. Ok, now i'm just stopping.

-Mario "Should really just stop now" Fanatic

Wow. Just Wow. GS Glitches!

I haven't been on GS in a while. I've been playing on my emulators. I got a couple streetpasses on my 3DS. Plants Vs. Zombies is really fun. I actually have Stinky collecting money right now while writing this. I think that I am running out of thnigs to say.