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South-Africa 2010 Fifa World Cup Finals Draw(Soccer/Football) RESULTS!!

I have just found out the results of the Fifa world cup finals Draw, in this draw they picked out teams which qualified, they picked these teams out of 4 pots which made up 8 groups.

Here are the results:D

Group A Group B

South-Africa Argentina

Mexico Nigeria

Uruguay Korea Republic

France Greece

Group C Group D

England Germany

USA Australia

Algeria Serbia

Slovenia Ghana

Group E Group F

Netherlands Italy

Denmark Paraguay

Japan New Zealand

Cameroon Slovakia

Group G Group H

Brazil Spain

Korea DPR Switzerland

Cote d'Ivorie(Ivory Coast) Honduras

Portugal Chile

I got these results from the official Fifa website, so anyway it looks like England vs. USA at some point,

i as i am English want england to win, We have a solid Defense, a solid Midfield and a solid Attack:P Yes COME ON ENGLAND!!8)

But of course i am not the only person who has a opinion and my opinion is not the most important either so who do you wanna win?:| please tell me your opinion

(No offense intended in this blog, Please keep comments nice)

Level 14 Apparently Im the Ring King and 20th blog

Yes im level 14 whoo how exciting AND 20TH BLOG WHOOO!!!, yea anyways i havent had much to blog about lately sooo.. yea Oh im getting a X-box Elite for Christmas yea dunno if you alreadly knew that but there you go i just told you,

anyone like my new banner?

umm.. thats about it soo bye

i know this blog wasn't very energetic but i wil do better next time once i get my X-box

so yea BYE:D

BomberMan Blitz and getting X-Box!!!

Hi, been a long time since I blogged so I'm going to blog now, If thats Ok with you "checks" Oh ok:| but I'm going to carrry on anyway :twisted: well well well.... what to blog about well I downloaded Bomberman Blitz from DSiWare It's great but evan better if you play it online, it a great game and only 500 points:shock:, I would definitely recommend it I will post my FriendCode on the site ASAP:D BUT JUST NOT NOW8)

I am also going to get a X-Box soon (once i get enough money:x) My mum said she would pay half and i would have to play half, But why a X-Box you ask? well because all my friends have one and ever at my school has one too:o I am going to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare2 and Fifa 10 with it



until next time bye:D

and also the "X" on my keyboard isnt working as well IT IS STIFF:cry:

Its HALLOWEEN!! Ahhhhhh!!! :D And all Thats Going on....

BOO! yea i know your scared:P

WOW! its HALLOWEEN :| and a few halloween Themed thing's have been released on......

Wii Shopping Channel(WiiWare)

  • Ghost Mansion Party
  • LIT

Virtual Console

  • Zombies - Super Nintendo

DSi Shopping Channel(DSiWare)

  • Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ


Also released is a pack of halloween themed wallpapers for SCRIBBLENAUTS This pack contains six halloween wallpapers, to download this pack visit Scribblenauts gamespace on gamespot Then scroll down to "LATEST GAMESPOT UPDATE".

Thats all for now.....


got scribblenauts day before release date!! (UK release)

Yes thats right, i got scribblenauts early i dont know why but GAME just sent it to me today when the release date is tomorrow !!!

well i pre-ordered it in August, i waited for ages!!!

well so far it's good i've mainly been trying to unlock all the theme's on the title screen:D

i have also pre-ordered M&L BIS CANT WAIT FOR IT TO GET HERE!!!

sooooo please comment and....

remember to

well you know what to do.....


new DSiware Releases :O

hi, WOW:o i haven't wrote a blog in ages so here goes.....

i was recently on the nintendo website(UK version) and there was a number of DSiware(which is not yet released) that caught my eye on the upcoming games section

these are the games(DSiware)...... I will also write a little bit about each game

Mighty Flip Champs: welllll everyone know's what MIGHTY FLIP CHAMPS is, it looks amazing!:D

Bomberman Blitz: well....... A bomberman game with lots of courses and all the ****c power-ups, but with this game you can play online through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Reflection: game in which you play with the character on the top screen but there is a reflection of that character on the bottom screen, on the bottom screen there is different dangers and events that happen so you have to dodge the dangers on the top screen and the bottom. I know that probably diddnt make much sense, it's kinda hard to explain it

UNO: well UNO but there are different modes to play, and.... You can play online with up to 4 people HUHH! :o

and other's but they arent that interesting...

And now the Release Dates.....

Mighty Flip Champs: TBD

Bomberman Blitz: 23/10/09

Reflection: TBD

UNO: October 2009

for more information and other games visit and look at the games section then click on the Nintendo DSiware tab :D

and Always Remember


As All Time Greatest Game Hero:P

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days So Close Yet so Far! & New Emblem-Yay!!


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Right to start, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is out in a shop in my local shopping centre(i dunno if its a mistake in the shop's catalogue :?) but anyway i recently got a paper round(i have to deliver my local paper to cartain houses) a alright job SOMETIMES:| but anyway i have earned so far £24.96 (cause i aint been doing it long, only been doing it for couple of weeks) and the game is £29.39 so i asked my mum for that extra money which i will pay her back when i get the money guess what she said NO!! ohhhhh annoying not that she never buys me stuff cause to be honest she always does:P but never DS games except birthdays etc. anywayy i guess im going to have to wait for another week oh NO the agony

oh! and the shops name is ARGOS!

New Emblem!!!

YES!! a new emblem for submitting my bracket for all time greatest hero!! looks pretty cool pretty coool8)

yeah so thats about it please comment and always remember


for all time greatest hero:D

New sig & Blog Header

hi, Just a VERRYYYY!! short blog to tell you basicaly what it says in the title

"new sig & blog header"

My new blog header as you can see above, and my forum sig is basically the same but with white background and the title "marioMAN827"

Soooo thats about it tell me what you think about my new blog header

and umm.... errrrrr umm


September-December, Months for ME to buy DS games :)

Hi, for ME the months leading up to Christmas:lol:

are some big months for ME to buy the big DS releases below is a list of some of them games:

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story


Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games


Professor Layton and Pandora's Box

so thats about it please comment on what games you would like to get and what you think of my list of games

Thankyou and......