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Good ol' times

Nostalgia, when I see this game...

I used to play it with my father, but suddenly he stopped playing after the SNES era, he didn't play anymore since the N64, now I know why...

The controls were the responsible, because they were complicated, and kept him away.

Now he plays Wii all day every day, because the controls are easy to use, now he wants to buy games! he's becoming an addict!


2 New games!

Today in the morning I received my order!

Two brand new games, Tetris DS and Metroid Hunters!

I'm becoming crazy playing too many games

  • Animal Crossing DS
  • Mario Kart DS
  • Castlevania DS
  • Meteos DS
  • Nintendogs DS
  • Mario 64 DS
  • Fire Emblem GC
  • RE4 GC

That's what happen when you buy games late, I'm having fun, and I want to play before classes start over, but I'm becoming crazy :?

I'm posting as ever since today

I thought I was losing interest in Gamespot for its new design, but I think I just had to get used to it.

Today I've been posting all day (I'm sick and I didn't go to college :P)

I think everything will be back to normality, between me and Gamespot :D

Finally I'm blaster Master!!!

I leveled up!!! :D

And it should have been time ago, but since Gamespot has been in reconstruction for sometime, I guess it was delayed.

But with all this new reconstruction, I think people still don't find the blogs, or the blogs are like hidden, and people don't visit them as frequently as before.

By the way, I have almost 10k posts :D :)

I needed the forums

I was kind of sad withouth the forums, I thank it's back online :D

Now I can talk about anything, I need my friends here. Of course I have friends in real life (a lot), but I need friends on internet too; and here they are :D

9k posts!!!

Another thousand posts, even when lately I've been posting very few posts.

I'm not happy for it, but this is not something that happens every day, so I wanted to remember it making an entry here :P

Rescue Ranger!

I leveled up! :)

Another level beaten, but I don't care anymore about levels, I just wanted to make an entry because of it. :?

Now it's a lot harder to level up, so I think the level from 20 to up, are more, something than before :shock: