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Got me an Xbox..

So I got an Xbox for Christmas, and so far I have these games..

Amped $10 used...6.5/10 
Carve $10 new...7.7/10
Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil $32 used...9.1/10
ESPN NFL 2K5 $12 used...9.6/10
Forza Motorsport free with system..7.8/10
From Russia With Love $40 new...8.6/10
Fuzion Frenzy free with system...8.1/10
Halo 2 $30 used...9.0/10
High Rollers Casino $15 new...2.5/10
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin $15 new..8.3/10
Links 2004 $11 used..6.6/10
LOTR: Return of the King $15 new..8.0/10
NBA Inside Drive 2003 $10 used...6.5/10
NCAA March Madness 2004 $5 used...8.5/10
NHL 06 $30 new...8.7/10
Ninja Gaiden Black $30 used...8.7/10
Outlaw Golf 2 $10 new...7.5/10
Pariah $10 new...8.2/10
Roadkill $12 used..7.0/10
Robotech: Invasion..$5 new..7.3/10
Starsky & Hutch $10 used..6.2/10
Top Spin $12 used...8.5/10
Unreal II: The Awakening $5 new...7.6/10

Fight Night 2004

I just picked up Fight Night 2004 for it for $15 new. I'd already played it before and knew that was a really enjoyable game..and getting to beat up random pixelated characters is always fun too.

Even though there's a new version out, I think it was worth it for the low price.

My early rating: 9.1/10

Aggressive Inline + Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

Almost two months without a new game.:O

I went to rent Athens 2004 (give me a break, I'm a button masher), but it wasn't there so I took a trip over to EB and found Aggressive Inline for $7 used on PS2.

I remembered that it got a high rating from GameSpot (8.8) and an even higher rating from IGN (9.4). I've only played it for about half an hour, but so far it seems really difficult, but fun at the same time.

My early rating: 8.3/10

But even before that, I picked up Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 for $40 new on PS2. I was worried when I bought it because it was supposed to be easy, and I partly agree with that. The tournaments are extremely easy, but the Legends Tour offers some challenge. I've put about four or five hours into it so far, winning a couple tournaments and working on the first section of the Legends Tour.

My early rating: 9.0/10

So I came out with:

Aggressive Inline - $7 used
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 - $40 new

New franchise with the Chargers

I decided to start a new franchise with the Chargers, on All-Pro, injuries maxed (to make it difficult and unpredictable).

Before the season started, I traded Nate Keading (ovr: 67) and a 1st and 4th round picks to Baltimore for Matt Stover (ovr: 92) and 2 lower picks.

Game #1 vs. Houston W 26-6 - The first half of this game was loaded with punting, with the first score being a Tomlinson touchdown just after the 2 minute warning. Tomlinson added two more touchdowns (over 120 rushing yards), and Stover was 1/3 on field goals. Someone also got a safety just before the end of the first half to make it 9-0. Rivers was pretty ineffective, but my receivers are horrible anyway. No huge long-lasting injuries, but Godfrey did get a light injury.

I then traded my punter Scrifes (ovr. 65) and a couple picks to St. Louis for Sean Landeta (ovr. 90) and a couple lower picks.

Game #2 vs. NY Jets W 32-7 - Easy game for some reason, Matt Stover hit 6/7 field goals. We're way too ineffective in the redzone, as no one can catch the ball. One of my 50 some ovr receivers made a beautiful catch in the endzone once though, but couldn't catch anything else. Tomlinson added his 4th TD of the season. Kevin Dyson (ovr. 82) broke his hand, and he's the only receiver that can do anything, but he's coming back for next week.

Game #3 vs. Denver W 20-14 - My biggest win of the season was costly. Ladainian Tomlinson (ovr. 97) broke his leg, and he's out for the rest of the season. No playoffs, no nothing. It was tied 7-7 at halftime, and both teams scored once after before I added two field goals in the last 3 minutes to win.

I had to do something quick, so I traded Chatman (ovr. 65), and two early picks to Miami for Ricky Williams (ovr. 90). I'll use him as trade bait come draft time, when Tomlinson is healthy again.

My goals were to win more than three games, improved offensive rushing, and make top 25, and I'm on way to two of them. I dunno how I'm gonna improve on my already great rushing from last year.

I also signed Vonnie Holliday (ovr. 77) to a 6 year 22.5 million dollar contract so I could have someone worthwhile on my D-line. He was my only choice, and I had to give him a huge bonus to come, so now my cap is only like +3 million. Oh well.

Just got Tony Hawk Underground

The original for PS2, $16 used.

It's pretty fun, and I like it more than the previous THPS's because it actually has a story.

The vehicle missions are terrible though.

I've had it less than 24 hours and I've already beaten 99/129 missions.

My early score: 8.9/10

Picked up The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Bought it for PS2...$21 used.

It's a pretty sweet game, GTA-esque (although to a smaller scale), and it's THE SIMPSONS!

Right now I'm on the third level with Lisa..about 23% done the game..and it's pretty sweet so far.

My early score: 8.8/10


Thoughts on my three new games.

In the past week or so, I decided I needed some new games so..

SOCOM II - Finally picked it up for $20 (new)..not the greatest game in the world but it's pretty damn fun online. I probably won't ever get around to playing the single-player, but it's worth it just for online. Problem is, I suck and everyone has already had it and mastered it over a couple of years. And it sucks up way too much of my memory card.
GS Rating - 8.5
My Rating - 8.7

Mad Maestro - Now personally I strongly dislike classical music, but the game was only $10 (used), and I enjoy rhythm games, so I thought I'd give it a try. Althought the graphics are strange and the character voices are extremely annoying, it's a fun game. I played it for the first time last night, and it hurt my thumb after only three levels, since the same button is used pretty much the whole time. The story is pretty odd with some random fairy telling me to go play music (using my "musical powers") to make everyone happy. The game is pretty difficult though, which makes it more fun.
GS Rating - 6.3
My Rating - 8.0

Amplitude - As a fan of rhythm games, there was no way I couldn't pick this game up for $10 new. I strongly suggest this game to anyone, as I think it is one of the funnest games on PS2. It's not only challenging, but also graphically strong and sounds awesome. The soundtrack is great, with popular bands like Blink-182, P.O.D., Garbage and Weezer, to go along with some good but less popular music from bands like The Symbion Project, BT, and Freezepop. This is one of my favourite games on PS2, and I recommend it to all, especially at $10.
GS Rating - 8.8
My Rating - 9.5

I'm hoping to pick up Frequency (the prequel to Amplitude), Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004, and FIFA 2004 soon.

I was also looking at Manhunt and Galerians: Ash, although the latter got a pretty bad rating.

Thoughts, or any other suggestions?

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