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Ifinished the last blog in a hurry because the Germany match was beginning.Sorry.:lol:

And now.......BRAZIL will play.In the last blog I said the world cup began but to Brazil it begins today.The streets are decorated with Brazil's colors,people are so happy,so excited...its all so beautiful.

Today all schools in my city released the students early because of the Brazil's match.Yeah,soccer is THAT important in Brazil.

Brazil will play against North Korea,its not a big team but deserves respect and care.

It will begin in some minutes and I have to meet some friends in a pub so goodbye.

BRAZIL FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The world Cup Began!!!!

I finally had some time to write a blog.I've been studying like crazy for 3 months but I will have some free time now cause I will have a school break in two weeks so I will spend some time here again.But enough about study.

The world cup is so GREAT,I love it so much.Its better than olympics one million times!Unfortunately I can't watch the three games for day.The first and second are while i'm in school but I watch the third and it's great.

Good bye.I will watch Germany vs. Australia.

Brazil FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello folks,its been a while.It's Carnaval and I decided to take a break from studies during it.

To people who don't know what Carnaval is,I will explain:It is a Brazilian party.That's all.

I have no idea what is the meaning of the party or it purposes but it gives a five days holidays so who cares about the motives?

Now about the just two weeks I got more tired than for the entire last year.Really,I don't know if I will keep this until november.

Now back to carnaval:Every year at carnaval I go to a little city in my state but this year I won't because me and some friends decided to stay in the city this year just for not lose focus of the study,so I will stay in my city where carnaval is boring as hell.Since I'm talking about carnaval I will tell you guys a little about it.

Like I told before I don't know very well the meaning of the party and actually I think it don't have any meaning or if it has it was lost during the years and become a meaningless party that is the most celebrated party in Brazil just because it is fun,one thing is sure through:CARNAVAL IS GREAT TO BRAZILIAN ECONOMY!!!It brings people from all the world,even Madonna is here.Unfortunately the only cities that have some good carnaval parties are Rio de Janeiro,Sao Paulo and Salvador,the little Teresina(my city)is completely forgotten when it comes to carnaval.

There is two kind of Carnaval parties:

The boring one:

It consists in a lot of groups in a large street showing what they made in a entire year.It's boring but for some reason it is the most know outside Brazil.Madonna is there right now.


The funny one:

It's simple and funny.There is a truck,above the truck there is a band,the band sings,the truck keeps moving,you follow the truck while listening the band and then you will be happy,very simple.Ok the way I described it must look more boring than the other kind of carnaval but believe me this is fun.

While everyone is in other cities where carnaval is party I'm here in my city where carnaval WAS supposed to be a party.At least I'm playing my ps2 during the holidays.

Well,thats it.I will be here until wednesday and then its good bye again.

The most important year of my life

This is going to be a special blog to me so I decided to pick a music to be the soundtrack of this blog and since I'm very sad right now I chose a sad music:

Yeah,it is the most important year of my life because this will be the last year of school to me and after that will be university.I don't know how it is to you guys from United States and Europe but here in Brazil it is very hard,so in order to achieve my goal I will leave a lot of things that make me happy but also consume my time like play video games,internet,go to the soccer and tennis club at weekend,hang out with friends and...GameSpot.Yeah that's right I will leave Gamespot for now.It's been weeks since the idea of leave gs is in my head,at first I said:"I will study a lot this year.",then I figured out that to study I would have to leave gs and it was ok to me but after a while I noticed that would be no easy to leave gs and all the friends I have here then I began talk about enter in internet in the weekends and after enter internet in the middle of the week then yesterday when my sister was here in my house she heard that and asked me:"where is the decided boy I saw a few weeks ago?Do you reallythink with this kind of attitude you will be accepted in the more concurred course of the university?Grow up,you are 17 but think like 10,you think the university will accept you just because you want to enter there?You have to make the university accept you.I know it sound impossible leave all the things you like but it will be just for one year,and after that you will be free and in some years you will begin work and gain your own money and you will no more need ask mom or father for money,you will do whatever you want with your life.Do you still think it don't compensate leave some joy for a better future?".After that I got mad at her and leave but at night I couldn't sleep thinking at what she said and she was damn right.

My school will start tuesday so I will still here until tomorrow.I already put my old ps2 in his box(since I bought it in 2004 I never put it back in the box),said goodbye to the people of the soccer club and explained why and now the only thing left to do is leave gs but I will do it just tomorrow.

About the ps3 that I plan to buy...I will buy it just after the university test.I done some calculus about the money I got for the ps3:I began save money for it in september and I have already 80% of the total money,so after the test I will be with a lot more than what I need to get it since the test will be in november or december.

I hope no one leave GS while I'm away.

I think that's all.Thanks for read all this crap about me.I will leave you guys with some sigs that I've made in the last weeks.Please feel free to comment it and say how it is bad.:P

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

This year I will celebrate Christmas in my grandfather's house,it will be nice to see the family united again.Tomorrow I will probably not be in GS.

Once again Merry Christmas.

I still...ALIVE....

I know,I suddenly disappeared for one week.It was because my laptop just got crazy because viruses.My house pc was broken and I was kind "I don't care,I don't use it anymore,so it can stay broken there for all the eternity" but when my laptop got crazy I was kind "How I will use internet now?".

I send my laptop to repair and I was afraid it would return to me with Linux but thank god(and the cute girl of the store)I get it back with windows xp:).The only thing that is bothering me is some changes in the laptop,it is not working like before,but I will sure get used to it.

A lot of things happened here while I was off.Lots and lots of blogs(that I don't plan to read)were written.Some people changed their pics.And I just noticed that now I'm officer of a movie union...WTF!

I will make some blogs these days(yes,those blogs I told you guys in my last blog).

That's all...for now.


The two last weeks I was completely off,because I had tests,but thanks god it is all over.Now I will be active a lot here since my vacations started yesterday.You guys can expect a lot of blogs these following days cause a lot of things happened in this weeks.

I'm uncle!

Yeah,I'm uncle!

My sister gave birth to her first daughter tuesday,her name is Sofia(it is a greek word that means knowledge).But since I'm her uncle I'm thinking in call her Sofiazinha(little Sofia).:P

I saw the entire operation,it was not the normal method(I'm sorry but I don't know how is called the other method,I looked in internet,dictionary but I couldn't find,it's the method they open the belly to take off the baby),My sister husband almost fainted.

I can't remember the last time I saw the family united like that.It's not like the family members hate each other but they're a little...hmm...hmm...como se dice...hmm...I tried to find a another word but the truth is that my family members hate each other.Me and my sister(and now my nephew)are the ones between the two families(mother and father families).

Since I received the news my sister was pregnant,I was hoping it was a girl,because I want the first male in the new gen:twisted:,but I'm not thinking in become father in the next 15 years.

I wish I could told it to you guys before but it was a very busy week because of my nephew.My sis was in the hospital and it was me who stayed with her by the afternoon,because my mother and grandmother(both of them,my two grandmothers looked like old friends)stayed by the night and morning,by night I had to do the homework and by morning I had to go to school(school is always getting in my way).

I hope in some years I can play video game with her,the same way I played with my sis when we are kids.

Now let's talk about Football(soccer).

My team,the great Flamengo is the third place in brazilian premier league.See the list of G4(the four better teams in the league:

1.Sao Paulo FC 59 Points

2.Palmeiras FC 58 Points

3.Flamengo FC(WOO HOO) 57 Points

4.Atletico MG FC 56 Points

Why I'm talking about this?Because I'm too happy!Almost 20% of brazilian people are flamenguistas,it means it is the most loved team and the most hated team in Brazil.So when Flamengo was in 11th,everyone was making fun of us,but now when Flamengo is in G4 everyone says:"Just luck"."Just Luck" O CARALHO.Tomorrow when I arrive in school the first thing I will do is spit in the face of two guys in my class that always says to me:"The talk here is about G4,you better shut up".

Well that's all.

I'm Back

Well,I came just to say,tests time is over,so I'm back to GS but not fully,because this is the last month before vacations and I have to study now to be free at vacations(in Brazil people who get low grades are forced to study to a thing called "recuperation").My tests were good,I think I will recover the low grades I get until now.

This week I was not too much here in GS,I commented just in a few blogs and was almost nothing in unions,so sorry everyone.I will try to comment in everyone blog.

That's all.

Ahh...thanks to everyone for the congrats for my birthday and the best wishes to my tests.

That's all.

Today is my Birthday and I will be off for a while

Ok,October 24 is the day of my birthday.

Today I woke up 5am with my phone playing Anna Molly-Incubus(my favourite music),when I was ready to throw the phone in the wall I remembered it was my birthday and my sister likes to be the first person who give the congrats so like every year she call me by morning(every year she wake me a little more early)to give me congrats for one more year alive and all,and I was very happy.After that I sleep again but 7am it was my mother and my aunt(who is like a mother to me)who came to my room,after that my father,after that my grandfather family(grandmother,aunt,Bob(my aunt's dog who is like a member of the family)),and it goes for the entire morning.

Today I become 17,one more year and I will drive and buy alcoholic drinks,but that is not a big deal since I drink just in family parties where I don't need to buy and just when my mother is not around(but she always is around).

I know it's not right be anxious for gifts but I wonder if I will gain a PS3...I doubt,cause monday begins my test week,and my parents know if I gain something like that I will not study for the tests.

About the tests:I will be off of GS fow a while,just while I had tests,it will end thursday,it will be a full week.

Tonight my family will go to a restaurant to celebrate my birthday,it will be the last time to relax before the tests begins.

It's all.Goodbye

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