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Awesome new video by SuperGohan1.

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[video=ICBgnjGo5bwNvjXd]This video is made by SuperGohan1 as requested by me.It's a really amazing video that blends the animation and sound perfectly.Thanks SuperGohan1.Video's amazing.

Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel

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Who has ever drank some of the MD Gamer Fuel that is building hype for Halo3?

Personally,I think it is the greatest drink on Earth....well...except for coffee.:P

Xbox Gamer Tags

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Hey,if you've got an xbox360,gears of war,and a mic,tell me your gamer tags so I can play against you.If you play other games,tell what they are in the blog and I'll add you to my list.Thanks.

Games looking foward to?

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What games are you looking foward to?I'm looking foward to Jeanne D'Arc and DBZ:Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

PSP reccomendations?

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I got a psp a couple of months ago, and I was wondering if anyone knew any good games for it?

Broly Fight

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Even though the video's title doesn't match the ending, it still is a pretty good video.