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Nintendo Wii

ok i just bought a nintendo wii in may 2008 and already i think this console is great fun! ok maybe the graphics for wii sports are a bit childish but c'mon who cares. There was a time when gaming was about having fun but now all i see is ooo graphic this memory that, you know people saying oooo ps3 and xbox 360 has totally better graphics than the wii but thats not true and even if it was true owell. Gaming is about having fun unless your a gamer who only plays cause you have no friends and a life but seriously gaming is about having fun and nintendo have done this just fine, maybe sometimes its a bit silly the graphics but still its making you play the console. When the wii came out people where like hahaha what a stupid console but its just not! This console has been making gamers coming back for more and more, these gamers are a range of age from around 5+ to well old age! (no offence)

So if your a gamer looking for fun not just graphics and your not a lonely person (even if you are) go and get the console what are you waiting for? just like to mention that the graphics for you hard core gamers on the wii are getting better as you can tell so this maybe another reason to get the wii!

sooo See you on the WII!!!!....................If you want my wii friend code track me and ill track you then you can get friend code on my gamespot space.

Tried the new avp game?

C'mon if you have a psp go then buy the game you can get it quit cheap now i only bought it 2 days ago and i think its good, thing is its quit easy even a noob at games could complete it. I think it's easy but still fun.