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Takin' a short vacation

I'm gonna go on a short wacation to Sweden from this Friday 'till next weeks Monday an i ain't got a laptop so i won't be in during those days. Just thought i'd let ya all know.

Finally got my hands on BT2...

Finally i got my hands on BT2. One of my friends got it for christmas and allowed me to borrow it ( i let him borrow my newest game, wich i also got for christmas, wich i'm already through) since he was almost completely through it.
All i can say is, yeehaa BT2 Rocks!!

The Finals, the final fight.

The results are comin in, too bad that i can't capture the fight with Fraps or any video-camera:
Round 1: Goin all out, it seems, since they're giving eachother quite a beating, but in the end SSJ4 Goku's "High Speed Rush" gave the final blow in this round.
Round 2: SSJ2 Vegeta extracts his vengeance after the 1st here, hardly taking any hits and punishing SSJ4 Goku untill his "Big Bang Attack" took Goku down-for-the-count in this round.
Round 3: Very even, very even indeed, lots o punches, "High Speed Rush"es an "Galick Gun"s, but it was an "Super Explosive Wave" from SSJ4 Goku that did it eventually.
Round 4: Both guys goin to their limits, giving it everything that they've got, but it ended with an "Galick Gun".
See now why i wanted to have 5 rounds here? to make sure there's no "Settlement rounds"
Round 5: Fighting it all out, but in the end after, as it seemed, a wery long round, it evded with an Final Flash from SSJ2 Vegeta
SSJ 2 Vegeta: 3, SSJ 4 Goku: 2
SSJ2 Vegeta (XxgAmEr6655) wins the tournament!
Personally, i wanna thank you all for showin interest for the tournament (hmm, if i get tenkaichi 2 i wonder if i'll make an 10 or 12-man tournament...)

Just making the rules clear...

Here are the rules for the finals: Cell Games Arena (i chose that one myself, thought it would fit the finals)and fight-to-the-finish (since ring-out only matters in the World Martial Arts Arena).
The Filans will be done tomorrow, "be there".

The Finals : Special Condtions

Her, you can post for any special condition that you would like to have on the finals, for example "no ring-out victory", Cell games arena", "Win by finisher" (super-finisher might take a long time to get, i'd rather not have to have that stipulation) an stuff like that.
But be sure, the World Martial Arts arena will not be used.