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The Life of an SEO Reseller

I woke up at about 1:30 P.M., it was a bit later than what I was hoping for, but what can I expect? I've been up all night partying with some friend at my apartment. Well, anyway, I got to work at 2:45 P.M., I've filled out a few report forms and had a little chat with my fellow SEO Resellers. If you're wondering what an SEO Reseller is, you're not alone. Let me explain from the very beginning of my life as an seo reseller.

Search Engine Optimization, or better known to many as SEO, is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site or a web page from search engines via un-paid search results. I'm embarrased to say that the first time I've heard of this I could hardly care less, until 4 years ago. I was working for a small company who is all about life**** Outdoor life****that is. They've covered everything from mountain biking to fishing, with a complete array of products for each outdoor activity. I've handled most of the database part in the company. One day, we were called into the meeting room to talk about a certain topic, can you guess what topic that was? It was SEO. I was ignorant about it at that time, and would loved to have been absent or somewhere else, rather than being lectured on something that doesn't even concern me.

We only have one SEO specialist in our company. An undergraduate that was newly trained in SEO. So the SEO seminar went on. I was amazed at how much SEO played a part in sales as I watched merchandise fly in and out of the store because of online traffic. Whether it was in terms of ROI (Return on Investments), or ROAS (Return On Advertising Spending), SEO was a reliable catalyst. That was when my journey towards SEM began.

2010 marked the first decade of the new millennium. It also marked the year when my eyes will be opened to another new trade, SEO Reselling. Little to my knowledge at that time, companies, like the one I'm in now, have been providing assistance to other SEO Companies. Increasing productivity with quality white hat work is the name of the game. There was one thing that I thought about at that time. Being an SEO Reseller is undoubtedly ingenious.

Search Engine Optimization has now become the major backbone in advertising and marketing campaigns for large and small companies. It has paved the way for the success of entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas. Since the local market has looked into the internet as a superhighway of opportunities and information, I can't help but smile, because I've made the right choice of not being absent at that seminar.

To Judge a Book

One Monday afternoon, I was parked outside at one of my kids' school. I was just lazily thinking about my past years when I was still a part of the educational system. Then suddenly, I began to recall saying something to a friend about a certain student's hairstyle. Then, my friend began scolding me. He gave me a 3 minute litany on how his mother always reminded him never to judge a person by his outward appearance. This much more known as "Never Judge a Book by Its Cover." But what does this really mean? I know what you're thinking, why am I digging deeper into something as simple as the most important concept of all, aside from the Golden Rule? It's because things that are simple, are often deemed that way because people haven't really thought about it that much. Sounds vague? Well, allow me to paint a much clearer picture. Try to recall your high school years. Have you set yourself in that era now? If yes, good... then we can start. Think back on who are your schoolmates. Don't just limit yourself to the members of your class, or your clique. Think in the entirety of your school. Now, try to picture out the students. What are they doing? By chance, have you recalled any well-built student? Is he part of the jocks group or is he a bookworm? Or how about recalling the most beautiful and popular girl in your school? I'd bet she's either a cheerleader or voted Miss Popular. You can come back to reality now. Here's the punchline. We live in a world that admonishes judging others, and yet clearly, at the very foundation of our youth, we are subconsciously taught that for 13 years within the confines of the educational system. We were all judged by teachers, school administrators, the educational sector, and most especially our peers. For the fun of it, in our graduation album, we have the category of "Least Likely/Most Likely to Achieve." In our society, movies have always shown the segregation of personalities in schools. Stereotypes have to be born out of something, and that something would be the twisted reality that we've experienced while growing up.