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Airsoft and Paintball Comparisons

I personally am a hardcore airsofter, but do you even know what that is?

Here's a link to a very useful Wikipedia page:

Many paintballers look down upon airsofters, there's two reasons for this. 1. A lack of understanding  and 2. EVERY AIRSOFT GUN PERFORMS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, (for instance, someone who has only experience with a $20 spring gun or mini won't really think of airsoft as incredibly painful) unlike paintball guns that all hurt about the same , airsoft guns are all very different. The pain could be as insignificant as a small sting, or as bad as you having a bb sized open wound in your leg because your friend with the $600 gas powered sniper rifle thought it would be funny to shoot you just for the hell of it. Big difference there...

Spring guns and low powered electrics= CRAPSOFT (hurt very little)

Multi-hundred dollar Automatic Electric Guns, "REAL" springers (high end shotguns, snipers), Gas BlowBack pistols and such=AIRSOFT (make you cry and bleed)

MY POINT: "Real" airsoft is played with high end guns, not what you see at WAL-MART or the local sporting goods store

I strongly suggest that if you are reading this you go to this link  (here it is again for your conveinience)

Airsoft is an intense, adrenaline-rich game that I am junkie of. Paintball used to be fun, but now it's all about this speedball arena crap that doesn't even make use of tactics or skill. Most people don't know that airsoft has been around for a hell of a lot longer, it just didn't become popular in the US until recently, before it was just an Asia and Europe thing. Airsoft is not played in a backyard (that's crapsoft) it's played in a indoor field, woods, recreated battlefield, or a cqb setting (S.W.A.T. kind of battle)

I even have an airsoft armory in my closet...


ICS M4A1 ($350  Full metal AEG)----My primary , HURTS LIKE NO OTHER!!! (18 shots per second @ 370 FPS w/ .2g (chronoed))

UTG AK-47 (My first AEG, $150)

UHC Super 9 V2 Sniper Rifle (not a true sniper but my first competitive gun, $80)

KWC SIGMA SW40F (CO2 pistol, semi-auto, $130)--Sidearm

Taurus PT92 Electric pistol ($30, prime example of useless WAL-MART crap, doesn't hurt more than a pinch from your sister)

UHC S&W M405 ($40 another useless crapsoft)---First gun

And all the broken cheap pistols and LPEG's, may they rest in peace...( value, $5 )

Hundreds of dollars of gear, Marine digital camo BDU, load bearing and tactical vests, holsters, more camo, military helmet replicas, camo covers for military helmet replicas, goggles, masks, gloves, combat boots, BDU hats, utility caps, boonies, scopes, red dot sights, night vision (eventually), the list goes on...

Thank god for my summer job to pay for it all...

As you can see, I'm crazy for airsoft

If you are, or would like to be airsoft crazy, let me know!

Why I put this on Gamespot I have no idea, hopefully there's someone out ther who'll benefit from it... I guess this is more for paintballers so that they can better understand Airsoft.

P.S. I wasn't trying to bash paintball in anyway, I was just stating a few thoughts of mine...

Please Realize...

Please realize that I am no longer an active member so please save your time and don't bother to send me messages. This is not the last you'll see of me though, I will probaly return around the realease of a new Fable or GTA game, I also might pop in for the hell of it every now and then.

Be seeing you all later


I'm not dead yet!!!

So I've been been gone for a couple months BUT I'M NOT DEAD!!! Today was my first day on GS in 2 months or so and I came back to find my inbox full of messages asking if I was dead or something. No, I'm not dead I've just been busy with much more important things (school, girlfriend, tuning my car, and of course, playing San Andreas...) SO PLEASE someone fill me in on what I've missed and tell me whether or not my union is dead. Also if anyone can tell me if it really is true that the 360 has a recall on it would be helpful as well. I've heard that they often crash for no reason.


What a nightmare!!!

AAAH!!! I've been off GS for about 2 weeks and everythings changed! Nothing makes sense! PLEASE, someone help me here and tell me what the hell a 'blog' is!!!

My b-day!

That's right tommorow's my b-day and I'm turning 16 baby!

And I am PACKED for this weekend!

  • Party to got to tonight
  • B-day tommorow
  • Get my license tommorow
  • B-day dinner with friends, then a movie, then my party
  • Friends' party on Sunday night, ( his parents are out of town this week.... :D )

The big 5 double 0

Happy 500th post to me!!!:D

(not like I really care, I'm just bored...)

This isn't much compared to those who pratically live on Gamespot, but I have a life so I win and you lose.:P

I'm creating a union - Interested?

Sometime soon I'll be creating a union but I have no idea what to dedicate it to. I was thinking Fable and Halo

but theres already TONS of unions about Halo and one (that I'm in:P) about Fable. Though it will probably be about

those two anyways. If you are at all interested leave a comment below.

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