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grate deals in summer

This summer gamestop is having a set of grate deals and some you will not see in the commercals, theas are not wimpey discounts for exaple: gta vice city is 50% off, and rainbow six vegas two is ten dollers. And that isint evan the start of it. i just thought evryone mite want to know.

Star Trek games

from what i have seen, only fans love these games. Although i am a fan i have been disappointed, but there are two games that are underestimated: star trek the next generation for game boy, and star trek conquest. Both are very good and fun. and conquest may look turn based but it works both ways, you can also control all the ships yourself. So if you want a good star trek game get these and there cheap

grand theft auto 4, how can you not like it?

This is the best gta in the series and i think it has very little flaws. What gta is grate at is making free rome fun, good side missions never get old and that is what gta does. The graphics could have ben a bit better but still very good, and same with online multyplayer, the whol city as a multyplayer map. Still lots of cars and stuff to have fun using. I want to see if other people object to it being the best gta, or even being a good game at all.