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2011 GOTY (in my opinion)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Great story, fun gameplay in which you can take multiple paths, fantastic music, and one of the few games that don't constantly hold your hand.

Why do I despise Gamespot?

Look at their Alone in the Dark ( 2008 ), Lost Planet 2, and Condemned 2: Bloodshot reviews and how can you not say "Really unprofessional Gamespot".

Thoughts on BF3 fanboys

The MOST annoying COD haters in the gaming industry. I honestly don't understand why the majority of these people go to MW3 vids and bash MW3 while saying "BF3 is gonna destroy COD!". Let me tell ya something BF3 fanboys, BF3 is not out yet, it can suck, its nothing new, its another military shooter like COD, its over hyped, and your not even fans of Battlefield. You little kids think its cool to bash MW3 yet you go out and buy it at day one and BF3 doesn't sell nearly as well as MW3 so I wonder "why?" Because you're not fans, you're mere sheep. If you're still confused, here's the difference between a fan and fanboy.

Fan: Someone who likes a franchise a lot but can also enjoy another franchise (even COD) and doesn't think their franchise or game is god.

Fanboy/girl: Someone who wants to waste time by bashing another franchise because they happen to love a certain franchise too much to the point where its just ridiculous and often say if a franchise does not have their favorite series name, it automatically is garbage or a rip off yet it isn't. Or a fanboy/girl just happens to be a kid or a insecure adult who pretends to hate a franchise they love because they want too look good or be with the mainstream crowd.

Thoughts on Skyrim

From what I've seen. It looks to surpass Oblivion in every way by making a deeper combat system, improved art design, better graphics, and overall, its looks amazing, breathtaking and much, much, much, more.

DNF media hating

IGN, Gamespot, Gameinformer etc. Those reviews for DNF are total piles of garbage and I didn't even play the game. Not only biased, it was a unfair review which more or less destroys any chance of ever taking your reviews seriously (Not that I never cared for them to begin with ever since the Lost Planet 2 and Alone in the Dark reviews). I'll just watch your reviews to get a good laugh the next time.

MW3 hype

Wow.... People getting fired up for a new COD? Do me and yourself a favor, shut your mouth and focus on another game that doesn't create drama like COD. Seriously, what else is there to talk about this game?

Rebbecca Black

My God. I wished people could just shut their mouths about her, both the fans and haters. I hoped people would've learned their lesson about Justin Bieber in the past, but it seems that people never understand there will be always worse.

My intentions

I'm here to discuss about games or bashing Gamespot's biased reviews such as Halo 3, GTA 4, or when they give praise to a game because it's a big franchise like Call Of Duty or it's on the 360. I also review games once in a while so I can give my thoughts on what I feel about them. I do not mean to start flame wars or troll on people in Gamespot, if you feel that way, sorry but I'm not here to make everyone happy.